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Workforce Development Assessment

Enables organisations to assess the skill-gaps in employees

Training Needs Assessment

Building the Workforce of the Future

A skilled, engaged and motivated workforce lies at the core of smooth business operations and long term competitive success. This puts the focus not only on hiring the best-fit talent with the right domain knowledge, skills and behavioral traits, but also on aligning employees’ career aspirations and skills with organizational goals. Assessments play a critical role in helping organizations understand employees' cognitive and behavioral abilities in order to create relevant workforce development programs.

MeritTrac’s rich suite of holistically designed assessment solutions spanning domain knowledge, work skills, and cognitive and behavioral abilities, enable organizations to build comprehensive understanding of their employees’ job fit and career aspirations. The assessment results provide critical inputs to HR leaders, helping them design effective career development programs.

Why Workforce Development Assessment Solutions

Reduction in attrition
Improvement in employee engagement
Faster turnaround time

Streamline training and development

Identify employee training needs by leveraging assessments across cognitive, domain, communication and behavioral categories, and customize training programs based on outcomes

Enable employee succession planning

Use MeritTrac’s scientific and reliable training needs assessments to build competencies for effective performance management and succession planning

Identify high

Leverage MeritTrac’s proven suite of training needs assessments to identify high potential candidates

Enable better team engagement

Harness assessment insights to build a highly engaged, focused and productive workforce

Why MeritTrac

More than 270 employees
Assisted over 400 clients
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI L3 Certified

How it works

Identify candidates’ cognitive capability

Our cognitive assessment tests are designed to measure employees’ skills, motivation and effectiveness, as well as their ability to adapt to the company’s culture and contribute to its success.

Assess candidate job fit

Map employees’ strengths, needs and experience to job and work environment requirements through relevant assessment solutions and platforms.

Develop career development programs

Identify, understand and expand your employees’ career options by assessing their personalities, interests and values.