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General introduction to Integrity Assessment Test

Integrity is a personality trait that ideally should be present in every individual and employee. The world would be a better place to live in if every individual is honest, and does his/her job properly without anyone supervising it.

However, unfortunately, this quality is diminishing fast from humankind and in today’s world, individuals are not afraid of committing sins and crimes. It is a huge loss to the brand image of a company if their name comes on the list of any kind of fraudulent activities. The clients sue service providers for millions of dollars when they get to know that their data was compromised by any employee from the vendor site.

The compliance team is always vigilant and they have been safeguarding the company and client’s data the quality teams keep conducting audits and reviews to ensure that the employees do not misuse the data. There are employees who misuse the customer’s credit card information, bank account information which they have access to for resolving queries and completing other tasks.

Hence, now the companies have started with the pre-employment assessments for potential employees and existing employees. It is known as COEBC (Code of ethical business conduct) in most companies and the employees have to take this test once every year. They have to follow the guidelines laid by the compliance team while working within the company premises and outside.

Building Skilled Workforce with Integrity Assessment Test

Since March 2020, when the world was gripped with the deadly Coronavirus, most businesses had to facilitate ways to enable their employees to work from home. It is all the more important for the organizations to ensure that the employees complete their work with integrity and do not misuse the company or client data.

The companies have started rolling out online integrity assessment tests for the employees and it is mandatory for each employee to clear that test.

How Are Integrity Tests Different from Personality Tests?

Personality tests typically measure the personality traits of an employee and their efficiency related to work behavior, interpersonal skills, team spirit, and satisfaction with different aspects of work.

Employment integrity test questions might include scenarios like-

  • Explain a scenario when you had shared your password with your colleague because his password was locked and the invoices had to be processed.
  • A customer threatens to give a bad customer satisfaction score which is very important for your monthly incentives. Which coupon/waiver will you send the customer to pacify him/her?
  • The customer is unable to make the bill payment due to financial hardships and offers to help you with a job interview in his company in the US. He requests to adjust his bill. How will you proceed with this request?

Benefits of Online Integrity Assessment Tests

  • Predicting job performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Takes into account gender and race factors

MeritTrac platform for online Integrity Assessment Test

If you partner with MeritTrac, we will help your organization to use integrity test online software to gauge the integrity levels of your employees. There will be other safety aspects of this software which will track the websites accessed by the employee during the working hours, disabling the right-click feature for critical processes where the employees have access to customer’s financial details.

The software will be able to alert the security teams if any employee is found copying the credit card details or bank account details on an excel sheet or word pad. Even the time spent on such a screen where the customer’s personally identifiable information and financial details are stored, and if the time period is more than the average time taken to process that transaction, the security teams will be alerted.

These are some of the preventive measures which the company can take with the help of technology to prevent any kind of fraudulent activities performed by the employee.

MeritTrac Advantage

We at MeritTrac have been offering various testing and assessment options to the corporate to help them hire the right resources for their esteemed organizations. Conducting pre-employment assessments and online integrity assessment tests are a part of that complete hiring process.



1. What is Integrity Assessment Test?

A. An integrity assessment test verifies the integrity level of an employee and checks his/her ability to resist any temptation for misusing the company/client data for personal benefits.

2. How Integrity Assessment Test is useful for hiring?

A. Integrity assessment tests focus on the honesty and fairness quotient of a potential employee. These tests ensure that unethical people are not hired in the workforce.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac Integrity Assessment MCQ tests?

A. MeritTrac Integrity Assessment MCQ tests can gauge the integrity levels of the employee based on the answers given in the test. If an employee is capable in giving false answers and dupe the system, and later takes up unethical means to complete the work, which cannot be detected through these tests.