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HR Executive Assessment Test:

A HR executive assessment exam or HR interview test is used to determine if a candidate is a suitable match for the position of an HR executive. Companies have different requirements for this field of work. Some companies seek a human resources partner who can assist management make these decisions. Others are looking for a good recruiting agent.

What are the three main aspects of a candidate discovered in a HR Executive Assessment Test?

  • Being a mediator between management and employees A HR executive is often the mediator or liaison between the employees and the management. An assessment test understands how the HR personnel can handle various types of situations. This type of situational analysis via an online HR executive assessment exam or psychometric assessment test is required to understand the issue resolution methodology applied. The HR executive should be able to strike a fine balance between fulfilling employee expectations versus adhering to management protocols, and budget constraints.
  • Effectively managing recruitment processes An online HR executive assessment exam estimates the time taken, effort applied, strategies employed, and measures implemented for a recruitment process. A recruitment process is often a complex and cumbersome process. A HR executive should have good techniques to perform a recruitment lifecycle. From identification, pre-offer discussions, to offer approvals, offer negotiations and onboarding, a HR executive’s skills in this entire chain of activities is tested.
  • Developing measurable and scalable HR strategies A Human resources professional is required to develop HR strategies that let employees and the management work effectively with each other and amongst each other. It is the onus of the HR to create flat or leveled hierarchies in the organization. A HR online assessment test helps an organization understand the level of knowledge and skills a HR executive has in such areas.

What are the skills checked in a candidate in a HR assessment test?

  • Communication

    A HR executive should be an effective communicator. It is impossible to be effective at work unless an individual possesses this skill. The HR online assessment test checks the communication skills of the HR executive.

  • Presentation

    A HR executive is required to present reports to the management. Presentation abilities are required to deliver information at events and organization-wide meet-ups. Therefore, the HR executive jobs assessment exam assesses the presentation skills of a HR executive.

  • Active Listening

    Unlike passive listening, active listening is the ability to listen to information, process it simultaneously, and apply it by recalling it later. It is a valuable skill that a HR executive should possess. It not only saves time but makes the HR personnel resourceful and efficient.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Conflicts of various types could arise in an organization. This assessment gauges the HR personnel’s thought process in resolving such situations. Based on the HR assessment questions and answers corroborated, an organization can determine if this HR executive could be a good fit.

  • Relationship Building

    Throughout a HR executive’s career with an organization, they need to build relationships. Both with the internal stakeholders, and the external ones as well. This online aptitude test for freshers or experienced, helps a company understand the level of relationship building skill a HR executive possesses.

MeritTrac platform for HR executive assessment test

MeritTrac online assessment platform is a comprehensive solution that has tailor-able out-of-the-box assessment modules. Using these solutions, it is possible to check the cognitive, communication, domain, and behavioral abilities of a HR executive.

Advantages of using MeritTrac

  • Online proctored tests
  • One suite of solutions for a range of assessments
  • Cross –integration of data from multiple assessments



1. What is an HR assessment?

A. An HR assessment determines if a HR executive is fit for the role in a company.

2. Why is HR executive assessment essential for recruiting?

A. The HR executive assessment checks various parameters to determine if the HR executive can fulfill the company’s recruitment needs.

3. How is the HR aptitude test useful for hiring?

A. HR aptitude test checks if the HR has the personality, knowledge, skills, and various other role-related skills to perform at the job.