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Employee Engagement Assessment Test:

An employee engagement assessment test measures the level of emotional and mental proximity that employees have towards their organization. The greater the proximity, the greater an employee's degree of involvement with his or her company. Highly engaged personnel tend to have higher levels of productivity and have an inventive mentality. An employee engagement assessment will outperform his colleague/ competitors. He/ She will have better job performance and productivity. Employee engagement guarantees higher revenue for the organization and a higher degree of well-being for employees

Benefits of Employee Engagement Assessment Test

  • Non-cumbersome

    An online employee engagement assessment test via online employee engagement exam software estimates the level of engagement that an employee has via questions, situational analysis, feedback, and periodic reviews. The data collected is online, secure, confidential, and analyze-able. It is far more efficient than traditional techniques of assessing employee engagement.

  • Comprehensive

    Traditional methods of employee engagement are not comprehensive. They do not cover the various dimensions of employee engagement. But online artificial-intelligence and data-science backed assessments, provide complete insights into an employee’s current state of proximity. It helps organizations create strategies based on accurate data.

  • Benchmarking

    Satisfaction and fulfillment levels are highly subjective. But online assessments can help create various benchmarking criteria. Employees can be categorized into such benchmarks. Such innovative benchmarking methods can only be derived from modern assessment methods delivered via online employee engagement exam software. It helps organizations do a comparative analysis, and find ways to move to the next success criteria levels.

  • Red flags

    In an online assessment that is scientifically created, it is easy to get the truth out. Even though an employee might manipulate answers to questions, there could be several other ways an assessment could find out the actual inner mindset of an employee. This type of assessment using a sophisticated employee engagement assessment tool helps organizations identify employees with poor morale.

  • Cost-effective

    Online employee engagement tests or surveys are easy to distribute. They do not have much time constraints to complete. They can be made fun and informative. Such flexibility can only be had with online employee engagement assessments. Therefore, they are a cost-effective way to assess the true employee engagement sentiment in an organization.

What are some of the data points that are measured in an Employee Engagement Assessment?

  • Analyze strengths

    Employee engagement assessments using employee engagement assessment questions and answers can gauge the strengths and areas of improvement of an employee. Using this data point, an organization can devise ways to help the employee improve upon their strengths and work on their improvement areas. Using a strengths analysis, engineering aptitude analysis, or a comprehensive online assessment tool, is a good way to get such data.

  • Analyze trust

    It is difficult to get an estimate of how much employees trust an organization. The data can be driven by hear-say, lack of information, and lack of analysis. An organization can tailor an online employee engagement assessment in a way so as to provide all information first. Then employees can make an informed decision on how much trust they want to vest in the organization.

  • Analyze perceptions

    Employees are often driven by perceptions. An employee engagement assessment test helps in determining how much good and bad information an employee has. It helps an organization to be more transparent in their communication, have regular all-hands meetings, and elicit regular feedback.

MeritTrac platform for Employee Engagement Assessment Test

MeritTrac employee engagement assessment test uses a holistic approach to test employee engagement. MeritTrac has a comprehensive assessment solution suite that can be leveraged in a myriad of ways for the various assessment needs of an organization.

Advantages of using MeritTrac



1. What is the Employee Engagement Assessment Test?

A. An employee engagement test helps organizations determine the level of engagement employees have with the organization.

2. Why is the Employee Engagement Assessment Test important for the hiring process?

A. An employee’s level of engagement and their orientation towards organization related matters is tested.

3. What are the three C's of employee engagement?

A. Career, competence, and care are the 3 C’s of employee engagement.