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The field of computer science encompasses the study of computers and computational systems. It deals mostly with software and hardware systems including their theory, design, development and application. A computer science aptitude test is a scientifically validated assessment that is designed to measure a candidate’s aptitude for working in this domain. Rather than testing a candidate’s knowledge or experience, it tests the person’s innate ability to learn and work on software systems. 

An aptitude test for computer engineering helps predict the candidate’s performance on the job. Therefore, this test is useful both for the candidate applying for an open position as well as for recruiters and hiring managers.

Basic Computer Science Aptitude Test for Engineers

  1. What is the purpose of a compiler?
  2. What is the difference between a stack and a queue data structure?
  3. Explain the difference between a static and dynamic programming language.
  4. What is the Big-O notation used for in computer science?
  5. What is a binary tree and what are some common operations performed on it?
  6. How does a hash table work and what are its advantages?
  7. What is object-oriented programming and what are some of its key concepts?
  8. What is a database and what are some common types of databases?
  9. What is a network protocol and give an example of one?
  10. Explain the difference between a server-side and client-side programming language.

Knowledge Evaluated in Computer Science Aptitude Tests

An aptitude test assesses an individual’s skill or ability, inclination and strengths and weaknesses to determine their success in a particular field. Following are some of the topics covered in a computer science aptitude test conducted in a corporate sector scenario:

  • Computer fundamentals: Tests the knowledge of the basic information about computers, how it works and its uses. The tests generally covers internet, computer hardware, operating systems, MS Office, email and other basic concepts that one needs to know in order to work with computer systems.
  • Programming language: Aptitude test assesses the proficiency of candidates in programming languages like C, C++, Java and more. It can be used to evaluate the knowledge and expertise of candidates applying for positions such as a software engineer, software developer or computer programmer.
  • Database systems: Covers the basic DBMS concepts, architecture, SQL queries, ER model, functional dependencies, normalisation, relational models and more. These aptitude tests can help in recruiting database managers, database architects and database administrators.
  • Automation systems: These aptitude tests assess on the use of computers in automating processes or procedures to perform them with minimal human intervention. First level filtering of candidates for Machine Learning expert, automation engineer and AI engineer job profiles can be done using this test.
  • Language processors: The topic covers the software program that processes the program code of a second or later generation programming languages into machine code. FORTRAN and COBOL are examples of program languages that use language processors. This aptitude test can be used to for recruitment of software programming job profiles.

Applications of Computer Science Aptitude Tests

By conducting a computer science aptitude test, hiring managers and recruiters can get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates who apply to IT job positions in the company. These aptitude tests help them make an informed and reliable hiring decision, which makes the recruitment process efficient and cost-effective. When hiring in huge numbers such as campus hiring or walk-ins, an aptitude test for computer engineering helps recruiters quickly select suitable candidates from the lot. It helps them focus their time and attention where it matters and will deliver desirable results. Choosing the right hire for a position improves employee engagement and therefore results in better productivity and profit.

A computer science aptitude test also proves useful in workforce development. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s workforce, the learning and development (L&D) department can design a suitable computer training program to fill the gap. It helps employees progress in their career and in turn they contribute towards the success and growth of the company.

MeritTrac Platforms for Computer Science Aptitude Tests

Our aim at MeritTrac is to make hiring and recruitment a breezy yet fruitful affair. All our efforts are centred on the same. We offer end-to-end assessment solutions that take care of almost every task associated with the entire recruitment process. Right from designing, administering and proctoring the test to analysing the performance and reporting the results to help the recruiters make an informed and confident decision, everything is taken care of. Our aptitude test for computer engineering is tailored to suit specific client requirements and for every job role and position.

CodeTrac is our performance-based coding platform that offers real-time feedback to help recruiters assess candidates’ coding capabilities. The full-stack software development capability of the platform allows recruiters to use this platform to administer any of the computer science aptitude skills described above. The platform also allows recruiters to benchmark the candidates’ performance and hire the right talent reliably and confidently.



1. What is a computer science aptitude test?

A. A scientifically validated assessment, the computer science aptitude test helps recruiters and IT companies measure a candidates’ ability to work with computers.

2. What areas of knowledge are assessed in a computer science aptitude test?

A. Computer fundamentals, software and hardware, programming language, language processors, database systems and automation systems are some of the knowledge areas that are assessed in these tests.

3. How does a computer science aptitude test benefit the recruitment process?

A. By administering this test during campus recruitment or lateral hiring, recruiters can quickly segregate the candidates with the required skill sets from the unsuitable ones. Thus, the test improves the quality of hiring.

4. In what other ways is the aptitude test for computer engineering useful for recruiters and IT companies?

A. Conducting online assessments helps in bringing down the time, effort and cost of recruitment while raising the hiring quality.

5. How does MeritTrac’s CodeTrac assessment platform help recruiters and hiring managers?

A. CodeTrac is a unified assessment platform that allows for a full-stack software development assessment. Candidates can be assessed on their programming skills right from building, compiling and testing stages with project-based testing rather than standalone programs. This platform has an extensive programming language library. The auto-evaluation feature delivers quick and reliable results allowing recruiters to take swift hiring decisions and fill up open positions rapidly with job-fit candidates.