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What is Blue Collar Recruitment Assessment?

Jobs that demand manual labor are referred to as blue-collar. Agriculture, construction, maintenance, mining, and manufacturing are among fields where blue-collar employees are employed. Candidates are put through tests and examinations, also known as Blue collar recruitment assessment, to determine their suitability. This process of hiring is known as blue-collar recruitment.

Some of the methods to hire Blue Collar Workers in India

  • Referrals

    Employee referrals, followed by a Blue collar recruitment assessment, are one of the most effective strategies to employ blue-collar workers. Referral hired workers are most likely to stay in the company for a longer time. They are backed by recommendations, and one of them being on the longevity of their tenures.

  • Interns

    Millennials seem to be developing an interest in blue-collar jobs lately. Many recent high school graduates work as interns in companies. Following an online blue collar exam, these interns can be offered specialized training and integrated into the organization. This type of hiring is a popular way to induct blue-collar workers.

  • Promote blue-collar jobs

    Organizations can help individuals understand the high demand of these jobs. Even though there is manual labor and exhaustion involved, there are many rewarding blue-collar jobs. Although different from STEM jobs, medicine or law or IT jobs, blue-collar jobs have a niche and career trajectory of their own.

  • Tailor the evaluation process

    Blue-collar workers can be hired by using unique online assessment tests such as an online blue collar exam from MeritTrac. Using the ones by MeritTrac is an example of using an online proctored exam to assess a blue-collar candidate. An organization can understand many aspects of the candidate via this assessment.

    MeritTrac's online blue collar exam, for example, can be used to employ blue collar workers. This online proctored exam provided by MeritTrac, allows an organization to learn about numerous qualities of a candidate.

  • Hire veterans

    Experienced professionals are retiring, bored, or searching for a new challenge. Veterans can be hired by organizations to fill open roles. They can deploy a customized veterans recruitment program in addition to the usual recruitment process for blue collar workers. This will help them to create a balanced resource pool by combining veterans and novices.

Tips for Blue Collar Workers recruiting

  • Market analysis

    An organization may not be able to find ready-made blue-collar workers on the market. Additionally, the organization should be willing to spend on training and development. Such a market analysis is required to determine the market for blue collar employees and the local skill sets.

  • Understand your targets

    There are several forums and online forums where you may post adverts for blue-collar personnel requirements. Job boards, websites, flyers, and bulletin boards are just a few of the various job advertising objectives. Before investing in advertising and recruitment, an employer must evaluate the intended advertising medium and the prospective blue-collar demographic it will attract.

  • Choose ad media that suits your target

    There are many ways to reach blue-collar workers. Emails, bulletin boards, SMSes, television ads, radio broadcasts, referrals, and training camps are some of the ways to spread the word on jobs. Choose the form of advertising medium that has the most traction.

Why do organizations need a Blue Collar Recruitment Test?

Companies use Blue Collar Recruitment Assessments, online exam software or behavioral tests online to assess the suitability of the candidate for the blue-collar job role.

MeritTrac platform for Blue Collar Recruitment Test

MetricTrac platform is a unique, scientific, data-science enriched, and AI driven assessment platform. This makes it easy for organizations to tailor customized blue collar recruitment tests.

Advantages of using MeritTrac

MetricTrac has solutions ranging from online assessment tests , workforce development assessment , to psychometric tests , and behavioral tests . It is a modern way to hire personnel so that the organization can induct a pool of high-quality blue-collar workers.



1. What is Blue-Collar Hiring?

A. It is the process of employing blue-collar employees for manual labor tasks that need a great deal of hands-on practical application of learnt knowledge.

2. How do I Recruit Blue Collar Workers?

A. Ad boards, referrals, assessment tests etc., are some of the mediums that could be used to ease the process of recruitment.

3. Why is the Blue Collar Test Important for the Recruiting Process?

A. A blue collar test assesses if the candidate is the right fit for the job.