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When a company sets out to hire, the recruiters aim to select the best candidates who have the right combination of professional qualification as well as suitable personality traits. Professional qualifications can be verified by checking the degrees held by the candidate. Work experience may be checked out by contacting the references the candidates provide or from their previous employers. But the character of a person is something that needs time and acquaintance to discover. And then there are certain dark personality traits of a person, such as self-obsession, temperamental behaviour, opportunism, impulsiveness, and insensitivity that may be hidden even from close associates. Unfortunately, corporate recruiters don’t have that kind of time and liberty, and faltering may prove to be an expensive affair for the organisation.

This is where psychometric tests come in handy. Psychometric tests can help find out the personality characteristics and other behavioural traits of a candidate. As cultural fitment and job role-personality match are considered important while hiring, knowing about a candidate’s personality makes a lot of sense. There are several scientific psychometric tests online in India that are reliable and can prove to be powerful tools for recruiters to confidently base their hiring decisions.

Advantages of using Psychometric Tests in Recruitment

Following are some of the sure shot advantages for corporate recruiters using psychometric tests in India:

  • Insight to Interviewers: Psychometric tests reveal relevant information about the personality and behavioural traits of the candidates such as teamwork capabilities, handling work pressure, problem-solving abilities and more. Further, the results of these tests also present the strengths and weaknesses of candidates to the recruiters and interviewers and help them make a completely satisfactory selection.
  • Inability to fake the exam: Psychometric tests have evolved to a level where it is almost impossible for the candidate to notice any pattern in the nature and type of questions. Any attempt to fake the answers can be easily detected. Hence, recruiters can reliably base their decisions on the outcome of the psychometric test.
  • Time-saving: The results of the psychometric tests can help weed out the candidates who are not suitable for the company and/or role. It can help recruiters focus their time and attention on the relevant candidates.
  • A perfect guide for the recruiter: The psychometric test results guide the recruiter to make the right choice of candidates irrespective of their own qualifications, experiences, personality traits and personal biases. In fact, in the scenario of two or more potential candidates, psychometric test results can act as an effective tiebreaker. They actually help take the guesswork and gut feeling out of the recruitment process to a large extent.

The aforementioned benefits of using psychometric tests justify their use during hiring and recruitment. It is important to go with reputed and trustworthy psychometric test providers in India, so the results are reliable, and the outcome is desirable. 

Applications of Psychometric Tests

Recruitment is a time and effort intensive processes and has great significance for the organisation. Therefore, it makes sense to properly invest in the necessary tools and resources to make the entire process deliver the desired outcome.

Psychometric tests online in India is one such investment that can pay handsome returns in terms of quality hires. MeritTrac is one of the reputed and experienced psychometric test companies in India that can help the organisations in this task.

Be it campus recruitment or lateral hiring, psychometric tests help select candidates with suitable personality traits such as diligence, openness to learning, problem-solving, coping with stress, team spirit, leadership qualities and more.

MeritTrac Platforms for Psychometric Tests

MeritTrac offers assessment platforms for workforce development and recruitment assessment. The platforms help in designing the appropriate test based on the company and job role requirements and takes care of the complete exam administration. MeritTrac offers highly adaptive platforms in order to deliver the assessment tests. Easy setup and use are the hallmarks of our assessment platforms that will simplify your training and/or recruitment process.


Pariksha is an innovative assessment platform designed for recruiters and L&D teams. The platform allows creation, designing, scheduling, testing, and delivering results. The platform is:

  • Adaptive and cloud ready
  • Mobile ready
  • Multiplatform
  • Plug and Play


This simple and reliable platform is designed for efficient delivery of assessments. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy for the candidates to take up the test and the in-built analytics allows recruiters to make informed decisions. The plug-and-play feature of this platform enables you to access the platform on any device. It features test catalogues that can be tailored according to the unique hiring and workforce development requirements of any company and job profile.



1. What are Psychometric Tests?

A. Psychometric tests are a set of assessments that can help quantify the behaviour, intelligence, cognitive abilities, and personality characteristics of a person, allowing trainers and recruiters to get a clearer idea of the skills, abilities, and capabilities of candidates.

2. Why are Psychometric Tests Used in India for Recruiting and Training?

A. The impersonal and objective nature of these tests makes them a reliable, unbiased, quick and easy choice to base hiring decisions. These tests make recruitment smooth and efficient and save time, effort and money.

3. What is the advantage of psychometric tests in India?

A. Corporates use psychometric tests online in India to do the first-level screening and shortlist candidates who are suitable for the job role.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac Psychometric Assessments?

A. Our assessment tests are designed by experienced psychometricians, statisticians and subject-matter experts. The tests are based on advanced technology to deliver reliable results and analytics.

5. Why should organisations use psychometric tests in India?

A. Research shows that the use of psychometric assessment tests helps select candidates of integrity, reduces attrition and improves employee engagement. Also, standardised tests enable faster recruitment.