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Cascading Style Sheet or CSS can be defined as simple design language that is used to design the layout and the look of a web page. CSS properties and selectors are used for a wide range of functions, from controlling the colour of the text and space between words to organising text around images or inserting sections in a web page. Web designers prefer to use CSS as there are many benefits in using this language. It saves design time as designers can create CSS code for a web page and use it for multiple HTML pages. Similarly, global changes can be implemented with minimum hassle. The biggest advantage of using CSS is that it is compatible with multiple devices. 

The numerous applications of CSS include creating frameworks and layouts for eCommerce websites, maintaining websites, designing social media websites and handling image files. CSS is also used to create flash animation and effects on web pages. In short, CSS plays a vital role in website designing. 

A CSS programmer needs to have in-depth knowledge of the commands and properties of CSS code. He/she should also be creative and innovative. Plus, the coder should be able to understand a client’s requirements and translate it into appealing web design. So, you need to evaluate all this aptitude and abilities when you recruiting CSS coders for your organisation. Traditional recruitment procedures that rely only on CSS interview questions may not help you find the right hires. Leverage technology and scientific-based tests to evaluate the skills and abilities of a candidate. Apart from the CSS interview questions, you can also make use of online assessments to improve your hiring accuracy.

CSS Interview Questions

1. Choose the selector that selects the element, which is the default from a set of similar elements?

  1. :%
  2. :default
  3. :disabled
  4. None of the above

Ans: b. :default

2. Identify the selector that selects elements, which don’t match with the selector(s)?

  1. :not(s)
  2. :!(s)
  3. :nth-child (s)
  4. None of the above

Ans: a. :not(s)

3. Which CSS selector needs to be used to define style of a unique element?

  1. Id
  2. class
  3. text
  4. name

Ans: a. Id

4. Which CSS property can be used to wrap a block of text around an image?

  1. wrap
  2. push
  3. align
  4. float

Ans: d. float

5. Choose the property that needs to be used to create a red dotted border around an image?

  1. border-colour
  2. border-style
  3. border-line
  4. border-decoration

Ans: b. border-style

6. What value will you use to show an arrow as a cursor?

  1. arr
  2. pointer
  3. arrow
  4. default

Ans: d. default

7. Choose the property that is used to add or remove space between words in a sentence?

  1. text-align
  2. text-indent
  3. text-transform
  4. text-decoration

Ans: b. text-indent

8. Which property will you choose to change the top border style?

  1. :border-top-style
  2. :border-left-style
  3. :border-bottom-style
  4. :border-right-style

Ans: a. border-top-style

9. Which property will you use to create a responsive image?

  1. max-width
  2. float
  3. margin-right
  4. All of the above

Ans: d. All of the above

10. Choose the property that one needs to use to define the number of times an animation needs to be played?

  1. Scale-iteration-count
  2. animation-iteration-count
  3. transition-iteration-count
  4. All of the above

Ans: b. animation-iteration-count

Online Assessments to Evaluate Domain Knowledge of Programmers

As explained above, online assessments will greatly help improve your hiring accuracy when coupled with CSS interview questions. CSS assessment tests can either be objective type or project-based. Objective type questions such as multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, identify the error or find the output will help evaluate a candidate’s expertise in the domain. Subjective questions will only give you a broader picture of a candidate’s knowledge. Objective questions, on the other hand, focus on core concepts and details. So, the results of these tests will give you a clear picture of the abilities and capabilities of a candidate. Apart from domain-based tests, you can also administer behavioural, personality, and cognitive skill tests online to determine a candidate’s job and cultural fit. 

When it comes to project-based tests, you can use test case scenarios or real-time situations to access a candidate’s knowledge and expertise. These tests will assess a candidate’s ability to apply coding knowledge in a real-time situation. So, these tests will give you more accurate results compared to CSS interview questions. Apart from assessing a candidate’s domain expertise, online assessments also remove human bias and prejudice from the hiring process.

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions

MeritTrac’s assessment solutions can be customised according to the job role and requirements. Our online assessment platforms allow recruiters to screen thousands of candidates simultaneously. Even if the recruiter doesn’t have any technical knowledge, he/she can effectively use the platform to administer the test. Candidates can take up the assessment online or in specific test centres. After the test is completed, the platform automatically evaluates the answers and gives you the results and analytics. Based on the results, recruiters can select qualified candidates for the next round of interviews. Our assessment solutions also prove useful for lateral recruitment. You can ask the candidate to take up the online test from anywhere. Candidates who clear the screening test can come in for a F2F interview with the hiring manager where they can be assessed with CSS interview questions and real-time coding tests

Apart from hiring, MeritTrac assessment solutions can also be used for upskilling your workforce. You can administer these tests to evaluate the skills of employees and identify learning gaps. HR can also use these tests to identify the right candidates for internal transfers.

MeritTrac Platform for CSS Programming  Assessment

CodeTrac is a performance assessment platform that is specifically designed to administer coding tests. This performance-based assessment platform has a full-stack software development capacity and is benchmarked to industry standards. This platform can be used to administer objective as well as project-based tests. The salient features of the CodeTrac assessment platform include unified assessment platform to compile, build and test stages and uniform coding structure for standardised submissions. It also has an auto evaluation feature that quickly evaluates the answers and gives you the results with analytics. The extensive programming library in this coding platform has a wide range of programming languages.