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Leadership is a vital function of management, which helps in maximising efficiency by achieving challenging organisational goals, taking fast and decisive actions when needed, outperforming the competition and inspiring others to perform their best. Great leaders also devise unique ways for their staff to work together in harmony and achieve all the set goals efficiently. MeritTrac’s leadership Psychometric Test is specially crafted to help identify the competencies that a leader is expected to possess. A recruiter can analyse how well the candidate may fit in particular leadership roles and hire only the right-fit.

Cognitive Skills and Leadership

In the present competitive world, companies require leaders who are willing to take risks, inspire their team and make new strategic partnerships to address the global challenges. In these endeavours, true leaders need to possess the following cognitive skills:


As a leader, the candidate must be able to explain their views clearly and succinctly to their employees. They must be skillful in all forms of communication, including one-on-one, departmental and full-staff conversations, and communication through phone, email or social media.

Draw Inferences from Patterns of Events

A tactful leader is capable of drawing inferences by observing the patterns of events. By using data, identifying patterns and resolving issues in this way, can result in saving a lot of time and money for the organisation.

Brainstorm Solutions

Brainstorming involves coming up with a list of many possible solutions to a problem without stopping to analyse which one is more precise. Brainstorming often helps leaders to arrive at unique solutions. This is usually accomplished by involving the team and encouraging them to come up with new and creative ideas.

Analyse Problems and Evaluate Options

Anyone can tackle a standard problem by applying a standard solution, but deciding which of the possible solutions is most applicable in a particular situation requires an analytical mind and rational thinking abilities.

Focus on a Task

Staying focused on a goal without easily getting distracted is a great skill a leader must possess. For some people, focused attention means attending to only one task at a time. Some may get better results by juggling a number of related tasks. Whatever may be the case, a leader should be able to focus and work efficiently until the task or tasks get completed.

Embrace Change

In the time of rapid technological and economic change, a leader needs to embrace all kinds of challenges in order to open doors to new opportunities. This also puts to test the leader’s rational thinking abilities, quick thinking, stress management and risk-taking tendencies, a balance of which is essential for both growth and success.

Need for Psychometric Tests in Leadership / Middle Management Hiring

Psychometric assessments have become more important in such times when the job roles in the modern business environment have become increasingly specialised. Leadership psychometric tests help to identify admirable leadership qualities and are a reliable indicator of a candidate’s job performance capabilities. These tests also come in handy to measure the skills of existing employees and enable you to re-skill the workforce as per the changing needs of the industry.

MeritTrac’s innovative technology-driven assessments can not only help in your recruitment drive but also enable you to manage your workforce development strategies efficiently. From cognitive and behavioural assessments to domain assessments, MeritTrac can help you in assessing and filtering the most relevant candidates for the job openings. Our tests are objective and impersonal, which make the recruitment process bias-free and effective.

Applications of Psychometric Tests

  • Fresher and lateral hiring for candidates with many years of work experience
  • Intelligent hiring decisions across banking, IT, BPO, eCommerce, etc.
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Organisational Planning

MeritTrac Platforms for Leadership Psychometric Tests

Recruiters can use MeritTrac’s leadership psychometric test to assess the potential of their current workforce and the candidates applying for jobs. MeritTrac offers end-to-end leadership psychometric assessment solutions, right from designing the Leadership Psychometric Tests, to administering it and generating the reports. With our inclusive platforms, your recruitment process will be effective and quick.


This hybrid assessment platform has a scientific design that creates and delivers Leadership Psychometric Tests.

The unique features of this platform are as follows:

  • Can be used on cloud, on-premise or hybrid models and even on Smart devices
  • Plug and play options available
  • Supports both Linux and Windows
  • Easily integrates with any existing system
  • Rapid results and report generation


Built with more than 10,000 assessments spanning areas in different domains, SmartTest is a great platform for choosing the right candidates. The tests can be customised, and with its plug-and-play feature, you can use it on any device. The precise and secure assessment delivery lets the employers make informed decisions without any personal bias.

The unique features of thisassessment platform are as follows:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Tailor-made test catalogues
  • Simplified test delivery
  • Assured security
  • Reduced time



1. What are psychometric tests?

A. Psychometric tests are used by recruiters to objectively measure the candidates’ cognitive skills, attitude, personality and knowledge. These tests are increasingly adapted in the recruitment procedures and are now widely used in industries ranging from finance and banking to police services and even the armed forces.

2. What are the different types of psychometric tests?

A. There are various types of psychometric tests catering to different cognitive capabilities and varying employer priorities. The most common tests are verbal reasoning tests, situational judgement tests, numerical reasoning tests, diagrammatic reasoning tests, personality tests and leadership psychometric tests.

3. How can leadership psychometric test help in workforce development?

A. Leadership psychometric test can be used during internal hiring of new roles or to plan and design customised training programs.

4. What are the advantages of using MeritTrac’s leadership psychometric tests?

A. MeritTrac’s leadership psychometric tests are designed by subject matter experts and experienced practitioners. These tests can be customised as per your recruitment needs. The reports and analytics derived from the leadership psychometric test results will give you a clear picture of the abilities of the candidate, thus, making your hiring process precise and convenient.