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What is email marketing and why do you need employees with email marketing skills?

Emails are one of the most vital modes of communication between a brand and its customers. The first step of lead conversion in the sales funnel involves sending an email to the customer. But email marketing campaigns must be very well worded in order to get the maximum number of responses from leads.

Besides the content of the email, email marketers need to be able to categorize their contacts effectively, create mailing lists and create a mailing schedule.

So, when companies hire employees for their marketing and sales teams it is very important to run an email marketing assessment test on the interested candidate. This kind of email simulation test will let the recruiters know which employees have the necessary digital campaign building skills needed to be successful sales/marketing reps for the brand.

How does an email simulation test help build a skilled workforce?

Pre-employment aptitude tests have now become very common and popular in the corporate world. These tests help employers understand the skill set of each candidate so that they can short-list only those candidates who fit into the culture and operational framework of their particular organization. Once new employees are recruited these pre-hiring skills tests also act as an indicator for team leaders to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their new hires.

In case of email marketing, an email simulation test helps to identify if candidates have the capacity to build and run successful email campaigns on their own. All candidates who are eligible for a position may have similar qualifications, but actual skill set and experience varies, so this email marketing assessment test is a very important indicator for recruiters.

Areas covered in online email marketing skill test questions

  • Strategic thinking and communication skills

    marketing and sales reps need to be able to understand the broader organizational strategy and then build effective campaigns which they can effectively communicate to customers

  • List management and segmentation

    sales/marketing reps need to divide the contact database of the organization into various mailing lists according to different interest matrixes

  • Analytics and Testing

    email marketers have to rely heavily on data analytics to improve their strategy and test out various automation tools to increase productivity

  • Email design and visuals

    email marketers also need to have a basic idea about designing so that they can give their email templates an attractive aesthetic

MeritTrac platform for Email Marketing assessment test

But setting up an email simulation test for pre-hire candidates is not easy for most companies. They cannot spare manpower to work on designing and organizing tests. Rejected candidates may raise questions about biasness of test conductors.

A more convenient and time-saving method for most companies is to use platforms like MeritTrac to conduct their pre-hiring testing. Candidates can be tested on various aspects related to the job vacancy, results will be given out almost instantly and the company does not have to deal with any added legal liability for the screening process.

Advantages of using MeritTrac

MeritTrac online test software can be used to fast-track the hiring process so that operational gaps can be resolved quickly and effectively. The hired employees will also thrive in an environment which is in line with their interests and skills.

MeritTrac online test software can be used for various kinds of pre-hire aptitude testing like programming aptitude tests, email marketing tests, etc.



1. What is an email marketing skill test?

A. Email marketing skill test is an online pre-hire screening process provided by MeritTrac that companies can use to hire competent email marketers for their sales/marketing teams.

2. How are email marketing skills tests useful for hiring?

A. This test looks beyond academic qualifications to identify candidates who will be the most productive in a particular company’s work environment.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac email marketing skill test MCQ questions?

A. The test covers various skills necessary for email marketers like email designing, communication skills, analytics and segmentation.

4. Who can take up the email marketing skills test?

A. Anyone trained in marketing or sales or professionals with experience designing email marketing campaigns can perform well on this test.