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The field of education is undergoing several changes, as many of the traditional practices are being transformed with advancements in technology. A few of them include the way examinations are conducted and how candidates practise for them. Computers and the Internet have played a major role in bringing about this change. Online examinations are a boon for many of the examination bodies that conduct large scale examinations. Preparation and practice for these online mock examinations can help candidates perform well in the competitive exams.

Numerous exams are being conducted all over the country to decide on admissions to some of the premier institutions. One of them is the JEE or the Joint Entrance Examination that is conducted for students who wish to apply for admission to various engineering colleges in India. It is conducted in two phases, namely JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced.

The JEE-Main replaces the AIEEE that was earlier conducted by CBSE. Candidates who clear the JEE Main are eligible for appearing in the JEE Advanced exam. Students who get the top ranks in the advanced examination can apply for admission to the premier engineering colleges in India such as National Institutes of Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology, and other centrally funded technical institutes. The Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology and Indian Institute of Science also use the JEE Advanced scores as the basis for admission.

In order to get admission to one of the premier institutions of engineering in India, one needs to clear the JEE Mains, which has questions of high difficulty levels. Therefore, it requires hard work, preparation and practises from a student’s end to clear this competitive exam.

Improve Students’ Performance with Online Mock Tests

The saying goes, ‘Practise makes perfect’ and it is an absolute truth, especially while preparing for competitive exams. Coming to JEE Mains, apart from studying and understanding the concepts, practising and solving questions is very important. The more practise, the better performance in the exam!

JEE main mock test software offers plenty of mock test papers for the aspirants to attempt. As the students work on a higher number of mock tests, they will find it easier to take up the JEE Mains. The other benefits are:

  • Mock tests can be based on previous years’ question papers and therefore give a fair idea of the type, pattern and level of difficulty of the questions that the candidates will face.
  • Students get a fair idea about the weightage given to each topic and focus their time and effort on more important topics.
  • By attempting the test papers provided by the JEE main mock test software, the students can also gauge their strengths, weaknesses and their level of preparation.
  • By practising multiple questions, the students can definitely manage their time during the exam.
  • The solved papers are a great help for students as they thoroughly explain the concept applied and the method to solve each question.
  • The JEE main mock test software helps recreate the actual JEE Main exam-like setting. It helps students time themselves and apply their learning and conceptual understanding.
  • Last but not least, JEE main mock tests give students the confidence to take up the JEE Main exams confidently and improves their chances of clearing it.

MeritTrac Solution for Online Mock Tests

MeritTrac helps institutions make students completely exam ready with our whole lot of simulated tests. Test Prep and Pariksha are two of MeritTrac’s solutions that are perfect for administering JEE mock tests. 

Test Prep:

  • Has the provision to create and upload assessment-focussed content based on learning objectives or learning gaps.
  • Offers students the flexibility to take up the tests at their own convenient time and place.
  • A real life-simulated environment and instant feedback helps students improve their performance.
  • A project-based delivery model, Test Prep is aligned with the standards of various test examination bodies and helps students achieve assured success.


  • A hybrid scientific assessment platform for seamless delivery of tests
  • Simplifies secures and accelerates assessment delivery through online access and other smart features.
  • Integrates easily with other tools enabling a great test-taking experience and seamless information exchange.
  • Authoring, designing, scheduling, and delivering tests is a breeze for test administrators.
  • Superior analytics and reporting features enable rapid result tabulation and generation.



1. Will I need to install any software to use MeritTrac’s assessment platform?

A. MeritTrac’s online assessment platforms are designed to work on both Windows and Linux. Plus, we also offer plug-and-play option. So, you don’t need any special software to use the tools. It can be accessed from any device that has network connectivity using the login credentials.

2. Do you have remote proctoring option?

A. Yes, we provide remote proctoring as a part of our exam management services. We can record the tests being taken to check if there are any malpractices. On the other hand, we can also disable switch tab option and other functions that will prevent test-takers from browsing the web to find answers for the questions. We will also keep track of the time taken to complete the test, which will also ensure that there are no malpractices happening during the test.

3. How will a typical report look like?

A. Once the answers have been digitally evaluated, a report will be generated. A typical report will have the following sections

  • Introduction
  • Guidelines to interpret the report
  • Random response index
  • Result table
  • Detailed description of each dimension with improvement insights

The reports can also be customised as per your specific requirements. Talk to us if you want us to add any other sections to the reports generated after the JEE mock tests.

4. For how long will the students be able to access the results?

A. The students can go back to their login anytime and access the results and feedback of each and every mock test that they have taken.