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In the present age of digitalization, it is imperative for organizations to keep up with the digital changes and demands. A Digital Readiness Assessment Test is taken to analyze the digital maturity of the employees and how ready they are to face the digital transformation. It further exemplifies the capability of an organization to compete in the digitally driven industry.

Building Skilled Workforce with Digital Readiness Assessment Test

The prime game-changers of an organization lie within its workforce. First, however, the workforce needs to be updated with digital advancements. The Digital Readiness Assessment Test enables an organization to create a dynamic workforce crafted with the best of digital talents. This test identifies the digital competencies of the employees and henceforth commences the retention within an organization.

Challenges in Achieving the Digital Readiness Assessment Test

With remarkable innovations come challenges that need attention. A few of them are:

Understanding of the Broad Scope

For any organization, going digital is a significant step. Often, the employees start witnessing issues to proceed forward with the changes. Thus, it becomes a great challenge for organizations to understand the unforeseen problems of designing the test.

Human-Centric Business Strategy

An organization, when going digital, focuses on technical implementation. However, creating a business strategy that focuses on training employees is essential. At times organizations lose track of their purpose behind designing such tests and shift their focus to the business. Hence, it is essential to consider the best interests of your workforce while coming up with a business strategy.

Culture of Experimentation

Digital transformation is all about taking risks. Unfortunately, that’s where the challenge arises – organizations are still struggling to experiment with different aspects of a digital readiness test.

Step-By-Step Process to Implement the Digital Readiness Assessment Test

To conduct a successful online digital readiness assessment, certain factors require consideration. Take a look:

Create a Digital Transformation Strategy

Before entering into the digital facet, create a digital transformation strategy to get a clarity of objectives and vision

Create a competency framework

A systematized competency framework enable the organization and its employees to attain the new skills and current digital trends

Assess your Workforce

An online digital readiness assessment tool will help the company to assess the capabilities of its workforce and the substantial gaps

Evaluate the level of digital readiness

The digital readiness test is an excellent tool to promote training and development for employees to work upon their gaps

Measure the ROI

With the ongoing digital facet, measuring the ROI is a significant task. That’s where the companies will keep working upon their digital transformation strategies

MeritTrac platform for Digital Readiness Assessment Test

MeritTrac platform is an excellent choice wherein the online digital readiness assessment test is conducted with zero errors.

The accuracy in results enables superior hiring to the top corporate clientele. Also, MeritTrac assesses the primary skills, including industry-relevant skills, coding skills, and cognitive skills.

Its verbal ability test is another exceptional test that enables an improved assessment and effective hiring.

MeritTrac Advantage

MeritTrac is an ideal platform for conducting Digital Readiness Assessment Test, as it helps you identify the perfect fit for your organization.

Along with digital readiness, we administer the behavioral assessment in psychology to assist you in recruiting better and performance-driven employees. Our expertise in the corporate and government sectors makes us an ideal choice for the organizations seeking the readiness assessment tests. Also, we work with educational institutions where several other categories of the tests are taken care of.

In addition, we hold a strong clientele of the leading corporations in different industries like IT, Pharmacy, Manufacturing, Automobiles, and more.



1. What is the Digital Readiness Assessment Test?

A. A Digital Readiness Assessment Test is a tool that assesses the employees based on their skills, knowledge, and behavior if they are ready to adapt to the transforming digital culture.

2. How is the Digital Readiness Assessment Test useful for hiring?

A. An online digital readiness assessment test identifies an employee’s competencies to adapt to the changes followed by the mandatory skills required in accordance with the digital trends. The assessment lets an employer know if an employee is a fit or not.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac Digital Readiness Assessment MCQ Tests?

A. Our customized online test for digital readiness comes up with the best of the MCQs wherein the corporate sector highly relies upon us for our excellent analyses and results. These tests will keep getting transformed according to the digital changes.