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Motivation Inventory Assessment Test is an assessment to discover what inspires a person to take a particular action, make a decision, or choose one thing over the other. The companies use these pieces of information to extract the best performance from an employee and inspire them to continue working with the company for a long.

Building Skilled Workforce with Motivation Inventory Assessment Test

Employee motivation and employee engagement are directly proportional to the top line of the company. Simon Sinek always emphasizes in his motivational videos the importance of employee satisfaction and how it impacts the clients and community at large. Research shows that businesses with highly motivated employees record a 21% increase in business profitability.

Online motivation inventory assessment test is one of the best ways to assess the motivation level of employees in an organization. It also helps the human resources teams to predict the attrition percentage and what they need to do to stop high-performing employees from going to the competitors.

Types of Motivation Inventory Assessment

  • Employee motivation assessment
  • Student motivation assessment
  • Leadership motivation assessment

How Motivation Inventory Test benefit Organizations?

Online motivation inventory assessment tests can benefit the organization in many ways. It can be conducted as a pre-employment as well as post-employment test, however, it is more relevant to the latter group.

  • Talent Acquisition: Identifies the best-fit applicant for a given role, based on his/her motivation level.
  • Employee Engagement: Helps understand the link between Individual Motivation and Employee Engagement and assign relevant tasks to the employees. For example, if an employee enjoys interacting with customers, and is given a job of creating reports on excel spreadsheets, he/she will feel demotivated and think about leaving the workforce soon.
  • Redeployment: In situations when redeployment is necessary, employees can be sent to departments where their interest lies.
  • Creates winning project teams.
  • Training and Development: The employees who are keen to get trained on a particular skill set and join that team should be encouraged to make use of the training programs available to them.
  • Team Building: Motivated employees create great teams and they normally have a mix of skillsets.
  • Employee Progression: Motivated employees look for bigger and better challenges and work hard to get promoted.
  • Identify High Potential Candidates: Many times during interviews, employees hide their potential if they are desperate to get a job. For example, many software engineers take up sales or customer service jobs if they were unable to find suitable employment in their field. If the company allows them to move to the IT team, or the helpdesk teams, they can make use of their B. Tech degrees and will remain loyal to the company for many years.

MeritTrac platform for Motivation Inventory Assessment Test

MeritTrac can design a relevant online motivation inventory assessment test and help the organization to identify the gap between motivated employees and demotivated ones.

Some of the examples of motivation inventory aptitude questions and answers are as follows:

  1. How likely are you to recommend our organization to your friends?
    • Very likely
    • Somewhat likely
    • Neither likely nor unlikely
    • Unlikely
    • Very unlikely
  2. How would you describe your experience in this organization?
    • Excellent
    • Average
    • Poor
  3. Do you think your skills are well-utilized in the business?
    • yes
    • No
    • Not Sure
  4. How long do you intend to stay with the organization?
    • 0-1 year
    • 1-2 years
    • 2-4 years
    • More than 4 years
  5. How can the organization increase your workplace motivation?
    • By offering training programs
    • By offering higher education programs partially or fully paid by the company
    • By giving an opportunity to work from home
    • By offering free transport facilities
    • By offering more types of cuisines in the cafeteria
    • By offering more recreational activities like a basketball court, pool tables, etc.

MeritTrac Advantage

MeritTrac is India’s leading testing and assessment service, provider. Our leadership team comprises experienced professionals from diverse fields who are passionate about steering the company to greater heights by leveraging innovation.

We have mastered the art of employee evaluation since our inception in the year 2000. Our JS interview questions are extremely relevant in the IT industry and we keep on upgrading our question bank based on the changes in the technological world. Contact our team to discuss all the needs your company has and we will give you a competitive quote and an exemplary service.



1. What is Motivation Inventory Assessment Test?

A. Motivation Inventory Assessment Test is more to do with evaluating an individual’s interests, desires, motivations, and preferences, beyond the motivation of high salary and other perks and benefits which a company can provide to an employee.

2. How Motivation Integrity Assessment Test is useful for hiring?

A. Motivation Inventory Assessment Test is used by the HR workforce to find specific candidates and to match the best-fit candidates to the right roles.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac Motivation Integrity Assessment MCQ tests?

A. MeritTrac Motivation Integrity Assessment MCQ tests can help organizations to find the right candidates for the right roles based on their aptitude, and not only on the basis of their educational qualifications and previous experience.