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Personality tests are techniques designed to measure someone’s personality. They are used to diagnose psychological problems as well as to screen candidates for college and employment.

Online assessments for personality map tests have become the norm especially to judge a candidate before offering him/her an appointment letter. There are two types of personality tests that are mostly used by companies: self-report inventories and projective tests.

Building Skilled Workforce with Personality Map Test

Companies can focus on finding an in-depth understanding of the personality traits for their tenured employees. Since these tests cost money, it is better to allow newcomers to set into their current roles and perform. Once they complete one year in the organization, they can take this online assessment for a personality map test.

The organization should have a tie-up with a reputed partner like MeritTrac to conduct these tests and the employees should have the aptitude for personality map tests.

Characteristics of the Personality Map Test

  • Guardians- They do the right thing as per convention.
  • Rationals- They are result-oriented people and they are ready to bend the rules to an extent to achieve the required results.
  • Idealists- They follow the rulebook to the core and do a job accordingly.
  • Artisans- They explore possibilities and look for the best way to get a job done.

How Personality Map Test benefit Organizations?

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory (MMPI), 16 Personality Test, Myers- Briggs Type Indicator, NEO Personality Inventory are some of the most popular personality tests which the organizations conduct in the current times.

These are some of the common benefits of the Personality Map Test benefits for Organizations-

  • Helps to understand the candidate better- Objective personality assessments help employers identify the required personality traits of potential candidates. For example, if the recruitment is for a combat position in any of the defense services, the candidate should be a go-getter and not afraid to venture into unknown terrains.
  • Makes the recruitment process fast.
  • Eliminates human biases against or in favor of a candidate.
  • Spots the dark personality traits easily and helps the recruitment team to decide whether they want to go for the technical rounds for that prospective employee.
  • Personality Map Tests are cost-effective as they save the efforts and costs for wrong hiring.

MeritTrac platform for Personality Map Test

The MeritTrac platform can help companies to customize the personality map test questions and answers for their respective organizations.

MeritTrac Advantage

We at MeritTrac help the companies to assess the performance of their existing staff through cognitive assessments, communication assessments, domain assessments, behavioral assessments, psychometric tests, aptitude tests, English proficiency tests, online mock tests, etc. They can gauge the personality traits and professional competencies of their employees by viewing the results of these tests. There are multiple pre-employment assessment tests available to judge the potential candidates too.

Self-assurance stress management, learning agility, initiative-taking, collaboration, and inclusion, etc. are some of the personality traits which can be gauged by personality tests.



1. What is a Personality Map Test?

A. Personality Map Test is an online or offline test taken on paper to assess the basic characteristics of an individual and categorize them as guardians, rationals, idealists or artisans.

2. How Personality Map Test is useful for hiring?

A. Right candidate fitment can be done more proficiently with the help of Personality Map Tests.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac Personality Map MCQ tests?

A. MeritTrac can design Personality Map MCQ tests for an organization based on the kind of employees they are looking for. MeritTrac can screen the right kind of candidates for the open positions and save time for the talent acquisition team of the client organization.