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Mechanical engineers work in industries that design and build mechanical equipment or parts. Mechanical engineers are employed in a vast variety of industries including, but not limited to transport, power generation, water supply.

In order to be a qualified mechanical engineer one needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from any recognized university. But just theoretical knowledge is not enough for productivity among mechanical engineers. They need to be able to utilize their theoretical knowledge in practical situations in order to create cost-effective yet quality controlled solutions.

A mechanical engineering aptitude test is a great way to find out the industry readiness of trained mechanical engineers.

How do companies use Mechanical Engineering Online Test to build their workforce?

The mechanical engineering objective questions online test can be used by different companies as a screening method to hire the most competent candidates. Pre-hire tests are very popular nowadays in the business world so that companies can pin-point the most effective new hires. These new recruits not only satisfy the eligibility criteria for the job vacancy, they also provide their own problem solving practical skills in order to bag the job.

When companies use pre-hire aptitude tests it also removes all kinds of biases from the selection process and makes it very scientific.

Mechanical engineering tests help to identify if a candidate has the skills to lead a team and contribute to operations in a particular industry and within a particular organizational setup.

Different kinds of mechanical engineering tests

  • SHL Verify Mechanical Comprehension Test
  • Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude
  • Barron’s Test of Mechanical Aptitude

Each of these tests find the different reasoning abilities of mechanical engineers.

Skills covered in Mechanical Engineering Test questions and answers

  • Technical skills

    The tests have a section that assess the basic theoretical knowledge of candidates

  • Problem solving ability

    The tests also have multiple questions on the application of technical knowledge to solve various problems that may appear in day to day operations

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

    The ability to communicate effectively and build rapport with team mates is an essential quality that determines candidates’ selection and productivity in the new workforce

Mechanical Engineering Tests from MeritTrac

MeritTrac platform provides online examination software that can be used for various kinds of pre-ire corporate screening. Mechanical engineering MCQ with answers, personality psychometric test, relationship manager skills, etc and many more types of tests are available.

Companies prefer using MeritTrac for their hiring process because they remove the legal responsibility of the company. No candidate can later claim any partiality in the selection process. MeritTrac tests also give out the answers and test scores immediately allowing companies to fast-track the entire hiring and on-boarding process.

Advantage of using MeritTrac Mechanical Engineering Aptitude Test

The MeritTrac mechanical engineering test saves time and manpower for companies. The process is quick and transparent and companies also get to customize the tests to better fit into the requirements of their organization.

Moreover, once the selection process is completed, the test data from pre-hire tests can be used to identify the skill set of new recruits so that they can be placed in the most appropriate positions.



1. What do you mean by mechanical engineering test?

A. MeritTrac conducts mechanical engineering tests as a method of pre-employment selection of eligible candidates to find the ones best suited for particular vacancies.

2. Is the mechanical engineering test useful for hiring employees?

A. The test can be used as a kind of screening method for interested candidates against any job vacancy. Candidates with practical experience and personal skills are identified for recruitment.

3. What aspects do the mechanical engineering test MCQ questions cover?

A. Candidates are tested on technical skills, problem solving skills as well as communication and interpersonal relationship building ability.

4. Why do employers use mechanical reasoning tests?

A. There are various mechanical engineering tests to assess different reasoning abilities. These tests are used by employers to find employees best suited for their organization.