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Microsoft Word is one of the most common applications used to perform writing and formatting related tasks. It is one of the easiest tools to learn and use and comes with the tools that are simple yet very efficient. Basic knowledge of MS Office products such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel is expected out of every job applicant irrespective of the job they do. To test a candidate’s proficiency in these applications, recruiters make use of various computer-based online tests.

Microsoft Word test is widely used by recruiters to evaluate a job applicant’s ability to use MS Word tools. It is not only used to test basic skills, but also to assess the knowledge of that are important for creating extensive and data-rich documents and reports.

Importance of Microsoft Word in the Workplace

In today’s modern workplace, it would be difficult to do even basic writing tasks using the pen and paper method. The most important benefit of using an MS Word document is that it gives users the freedom to perform a variety of simple and complex writing tasks efficiently.

This standard business software has helped replace towering stacks of files and saved space in office rooms. It has also simplified the task of finding a specific word or sentence in a document, thus saving the time and effort spent on manually searching through paper files.

Some of the basic uses of a Word document are:

  • Create and save documents on a computer/mobile
  • Effortlessly modify or edit those documents at a later stage
  • Add design elements such as pictures, word art, etc. for an interesting presentation
  • Include tables, charts, and graphs to display data in a visually pleasing way
  • Check and correct spelling and grammar by the click of a button
  • Find and replace words in a document easily
  • Track the edits made to a document and view them later using track changes option
  • Protect a document using a password option
  • Compare two documents of a similar nature to identify any updates
  • Set any global language while working on the Word document

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions

Proficiency in MS Word is often assessed in the pre-hiring stage itself. Recruiters prefer to use the Microsoft Word test before a face to face interaction and further evaluate the candidate on other job-related skills. Employing Microsoft Word test will help decision makers to quickly evaluate the skills of a candidate against a number of hiring parameters. This test makes it easier to filter knowledgeable candidates from a vast pool of job seekers.

MeritTrac’s online aptitude platforms offer MS Word tests with auto evaluation options so recruiters can check a candidate’s assessment results quickly. This type of automated tool is particularly beneficial during mass hiring processes where recruitment and talent management are often tedious time-consuming tasks. Organisations can benefit from Microsoft Word test as they help filter out unsuitable candidates at the pre-hiring stage and thus reduce attrition rates and cost spent on hiring.

MeritTrac Platform for MS Word Online Test

Pariksha and SmartTest are the popular platforms offered by MeritTrac for MS Word Test. These test platforms often feature a range of question types to help recruiters hire the right employee for their organisation.


Recruiters use Pariksha to create, schedule and administer MS Word tests. Some of the top features of this online examination software are

  • Online access and smart features
  • Enables device-agnostic test-taking experience
  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms
  • Delivers tests on web-enabled devices
  • Efficiently filters candidates with desirable traits
  • Remote invigilation options
  • Analytics and reporting feature for quick results tabulation and report generation

Smart Test

SmartTest is a talent assessment software that works in three simple steps: catalogue section, candidate mapping, and test delivery. Some of the top features of SmartTest are:

  • Smooth and secure assessment and test delivery
  • Plug and play on multiple devices and platforms
  • Customisable/tailor-made test catalogues
  • Performance benchmarking with candidate assessment analytics
  •  Effective time management with the use of digital tools


1. What is Microsoft Word Test?

A. Microsoft Word is a universally-used and versatile application for writing and formatting documents. Knowledge of MS Word is essential for job roles like creative writing, content writing, data entry, sales and marketing, and also administration related tasks. This makes it imperative for recruiters to assess a candidate’s knowledge of the documents and its functions with the help of an MS Word Online Test.

2. Why is Microsoft Word Test used for recruiting and training?

A. Microsoft Word test helps with the recruitment of candidates with the skills necessary for consistent productivity and efficiency at work. This test also helps employers to check the MS Word proficiency of its existing employees and develop training programs to bridge any skills gaps.

3. What are the questions used in a Microsoft Word Test?

A. The Microsoft Word test may contain multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, or true or false questions. The questions usually pertain to the use of language and text formatting tools or interpretation of editorial markups. They can also include questions based on challenges that may come up as you work on a Word document. Some of the questions in Microsoft Word test are complex and are used to evaluate critical competencies and skills of experienced candidates. A candidate’s score in the test can determine if they will be able to perform well in the job if selected.

4. What are the salient features of MeritTrac’s assessment test?

A. MeritTrac is a scientifically designed assessment platform with over 360 validated tests used to evaluate more than 40 million candidates worldwide. The key features of MeritTrac’s assessment platforms are.

  • Generates fast and accurate test results
  • Provides report tabulations with detailed analytics
  • Supports multiple devices and platforms 
  •  Design and define assessments
  •  Set exam schedules and administer tests online