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English proficiency assessment test is must from the perspective of education and career. Professionals are expected to communicate effectively in English language, even though they may not be using it in their everyday life. Most of the reputed organizations look for ways to stay competitive by hiring and retaining eligible talents through English assessment test. Without a workforce that has the skills to communicate and execute jobs well, it will become challenging to achieve and sustain growth and move forward year after year.

In response to these challenges, organisations are giving more attention to improving the English communication skills of existing employees by using online English test and hiring only well-qualified employees with the help of expert-curated online English assessment for verbal communications and written English proficiency test.

An English language assessment test is essentially a set of questions a candidate has to respond to be hired by the company. The English proficiency test by MeritTrac may contain multiple choice questions, multiple answer questions, fill in the blanks, audio/video questions, true or false questions, etc. The recruiters get an incredibly detailed results at the end of the online English proficiency test to help them identify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. 

The results of these English language skills assessment tests make a critical difference in who gets hired and who fails to make the cut. Online English proficiency test by MeritTrac can help the recruiters assess & hire diverse talents without any kind of bias.

Importance of Communication Skills in a Work Environment

In today’s workplace, employees are expected to do as much as they can while working at the office, including communicating with peers, managers, clients, vendors and other stakeholders. Communication skills affect every area of work life.

A recruiter has to assess many parameters, including communication skills before deeming a candidate fit for a job. However, all these skills cannot be evaluated in traditional assessment methods. The real difference between the limited skills exhibited during an interview and the skills exhibited while working on a real-time task come to light only later.

If you are facing challenges in this area, you need to have a comprehensive English assessment test strategy to break through such seemingly minor but significant bottlenecks to avoid fallbacks on the path to growth and recruit candidates with good linguistic and communication skills.

What do English Proficiency Test Measure?

English assessment tests have been designed to measure the proficiency level of the candidates in English language. The main skill parameters of any foreign language proficiency include grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Not every English test is designed to measure all these skills.

Some recruiters prefer English skill assessment test which is focused on business English and covers the following:

1) Writing mails, business letters, reports, proposals, presentation slides

2) speaking with clients, communicating with colleagues, giving verbal presentations, attending meetings or seminars, and having social conversations

3) Reading written instructions, project documents, manuals, office documents

4) Receiving verbal instructions and attending international seminars or conferences.

MeritTrac’s English proficiency level test enables business organisations to assess the English proficiency of their employees and make informed decisions on recruitment of best-fit candidates, benchmarking as well as workforce development.

Applications of English Communication Assessment

New technologies that aid recruitment emerge every day. As this happens, it's essential for recruiters to adapt to changes or advancements that can help you stay ahead in the search for the right-fit candidate. Online aptitude tests and English assessment tests are powerful tools that can give you a competitive edge in the hunt for talent. These scientifically driven yet affordable online platforms have made it easier for employers to hire candidates with excellent communication skill sets.

These language assessment tests can be used to evaluate a candidate’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The skills that you evaluate, depend on the job profile for which you are recruiting. If you are assessing candidates for sales, marketing or customer service profiles, then they should have very good speaking and listening skills. While writing skills do play a vital role, your key indicators here are proficiency in speaking and listening. On the other hand, if you are looking for candidates for profiles that require report writing, document management and a lot of written communication, you need to evaluate their expertise in the English language and grammar. Choose the right proficiency test to identify the right candidate for the job profile.

MeritTrac’s English skill assessment test also helps educational institutions in assessing their candidates easily and precisely, and provides them quick results. The English written communication skills test results are aligned with the international standards for describing the language ability. Whether it is for admissions, course placement or progress measurement, testing the English language levels of students is an important activity for higher institutions and pathway providers.

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MeritTrac Platforms for English Communication Assessment

Most English assessment tests provide insight into how candidates think, react and communicate in different situations, which is central to successfully hiring candidates with excellent English language skills. MeritTrac is a scientifically designed platform that has delivered 5.5 million communication assessments to around 400 clients worldwide. It employs over 360 validated tests for assessment and generates fast, accurate and equated test results. These assessments and tests aim to simplify and speed up the process of finding right-fit employees with good English communication skills. The performance score on these tests helps employers to filter out candidates who do not struggle with English communication. Many online test platforms are offering English proficiency tests to simplify the process for recruiters. 

Pariksha is a testing platform that provides administrators with the option to author, design, schedule and delivers English Communication tests online.

  • Easily filtering of relevant right-fit candidates
  • Highlights competencies in candidates
  • Provides easy monitoring through online remote invigilation
  • Delivers tests on web-enabled smartphones
  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms

SmartTest is an assessment platform with assessment catalogues that you can choose and customise based on your recruitment needs. The features include:

  • Create your own competency-based automated assessments
  • Plug and play feature on multiple devices and platforms
  • Performance benchmarking with candidate assessment analytics
  • Secure assessment delivery and smooth test delivery

SpeechTrac is an automated spoken English assessment platform to test a candidate’s speech fluency, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills.

  • Evaluates candidates' communication skills against 40 phonemes
  • Patented Carnegie Speech engine and pinpointing technology helps to identify errors in reading and impromptu speech
  • Analyses skill gaps and administer training programs
  • Enables remote testing
  • Improve cost efficiency of your recruitment process

Written English communication assessment suite facilitates remote language screening in voice and non-voice modes and provides accurate automated spoken English evaluation. It also tests for grammar, content, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation.

MeritTrac Advantage

All our assessment tests are designed by subject matter experts based on the skill sets that companies look for in their candidates. With 18 years of experience and adoption of the best technological solutions, MeritTrac helps you effectively evaluate candidates to build a skilled workforce. You can use our scientifically designed platforms help you assess and evaluate hundreds of candidates at the same time.

The other top features of our assessment platform are:

  • Bias-Free test results
  • Mobile ready with Plug and play option
  • Detailed analytics
  • Customisable test catalogues
  • Detailed analytics
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 Certified


1. What is an English Communication Assessment Test?

English Communication Assessment test is used by recruiters to evaluate a potential employee or an existing employee’s ability to understand and logically communicate ideas, thoughts, and issues in the English language. The test results are also used to analyse the improvement in an employee’s skills through various levels of training.

2. Why are English Communication Assessment Tests Used for Recruiting and Training?

English Communication Assessment tests are a must need for filtering out the right candidate with good English communication skills.

3. What are the Communication Assessment Tests used in recruitment?

Some of the communication tests used by recruiters are the Written English test (WET), Listening comprehension test, Verbal ability – English test, Advance verbal ability and assessment for industry-specific products and more. The results of these tests make it easy to filter candidates who excel in various criteria.

4. What are the skills that can be assessed using a communication assessment test?

The assessment tests can help evaluate a candidate’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. These tests also help a recruiter gauge a candidate’s language skills including sentence formation, pronunciation, use of idioms and phrases, use of industry-specific vocabulary, grammar and more.