Importance of Communication Skills Assessment for Success in the Workplace

Importance of Communication Skills Assessment

Importance of Communication Skills Assessment for Success in the Workplace

Date: 26/10/2017 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: General

At the core of every successful organization is an effective workforce whose communication skills are at par with global industry standards. Employees these days are expected to understand business needs, and interact both internally and externally in a manner that is representative of the ethos of their organization. This shift in expectations at the workplace alludes to the fact that organizations are currently looking beyond good profiles. Today, Recruitment Managers are scouting for talent that possess behavioral, logical and communication-linked proficiency, all of which are key ingredients in the modern workplace.

In a time when global boundaries are blurring and technology is paving the path for continual conversation at an international level, a workforce with the ability of keeping up with counterparts across the world is more vital than ever before. Globalization and constantly evolving technology also bring with them the expectation that employees are meant to speak English at a near native level. Here is when the issues of communication, namely grammar, pronunciation, rate of speech, sentence construction etc., crop up in a country like India with non-native English speakers. When a hold over one’s language and general business vocabulary creates a make or break situation for so many, a filtering system at the recruitment level and employee training within organizations becomes imperative.

Whether it is spoken or written, knowledge of English at an advanced level is valued by recruiters and managers alike. Companies are perpetually on the lookout for talent that thrives in their work environment, has the ability to work cohesively in teams, can contribute positively to projects and can maintain good interpersonal relationships with clients, both within India and internationally.

It is obvious, however, that this expectation for a communication skill set is only going to increase in the near future, becoming more widespread than it is at the moment. Although the expected level of English varies depending on the position the person is being hired for, how will companies effectively test applicants to ensure that they possess the suitable skills required in the current job market? How will they strike the right balance between finding talent that has capabilities across behavior, logic, language and interpersonal skills?

The answer is simple! Technology based communication skills assessments are a well-accepted tool for filtering the right candidate for the right job. These automated communication assessment tests are developed by experts, facilitating remote test taking and a high level of accuracy, without the risk of malpractice, thanks to voice based biometrics. These job skills assessment tests also help you outline the English communication skills you require. For example, candidates can be tested on their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and fluency using a performance assessment that gives employers a clear understanding with regards to the candidate’s abilities. Organizations can now reduce the time spent on redundant, face-to-face interviews by focusing only on those who have the right skill sets. Other benefits include lesser human intervention, reduced cost to the company and most importantly, an intelligent skill gap analysis that helps employers provide the right type of training to existing employees.

With a digital future looming upon us, now is the time to make decisions and invest in intelligent solutions developed by pure play assessment services companies, that will intrinsically bring about a paradigm shift in the level of skilled talent an organization acquires and retains in its workforce.

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