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What are aptitude tests and how are they used in recruitment?

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What are aptitude tests and how are they used in recruitment?

Date: 20/10/2021 | Category: General

What are aptitude tests?

Today organizations expect to achieve optimal output by relying on the cooperation of resources who work mostly from home rather than from the office. With such dynamic changes in work cultures, where employee supervision is not always possible, hiring high quality resources become imperative to the success of a company.

To make hiring a foolproof process, recruiters conduct in depth analysis of candidate’s capabilities using online aptitude tests. Industries and service sectors such as manufacturing, banking and accounting, computer programming and even air traffic control make use of online aptitude test platforms to analyse job specific knowledge and skills of candidates. It also makes it easy for team leaders, managers and other key decision makers to focus entirely on analyzing a candidate’s project specific skills, observation and thinking skills and ability to provide timely solutions.

Types of aptitude tests

  • Numerical reasoning tests: Candidates answer basic math questions, advanced arithmetic knowledge, statistics, numerical word problems, and more. The test helps to find candidates with the intelligence required to make quick numeric calculations and to use mathematical tools.
  • Verbal Reasoning tests: Analyze a candidate’s ability to interpret written information, understand the concepts, and also communicate accordingly. The test also determines the ability to spell words, use grammar and punctuation, vocabulary, and verbal logic of the candidate.
  • Logical reasoning tests: Logical reasoning is important while performing research, analysing data, planning, strategizing and much more. Puzzles, order and ranking, coding decoding etc., are some of the common question types in Logical reasoning tests.
  • Quantitative aptitude tests: Recruiters can measure a candidate’s logical and analytical skills using this test. The test includes questions from various categories like basic or advanced arithmetic knowledge, word problems, numerical reasoning, numerical logic etc.
  • Spatial Aptitude tests: The test is used to analyse a candidate’s ability to assess visual entities such as two-dimensional or three-dimensional shapes, visualise change in shapes, spot similarities between visual concepts, or mentally assemble and disassemble objects to find solutions. This test is used while recruiting for industries like construction technology, mechanical engineering, architecture and design etc.

How aptitude tests can aid recruitment

Aptitude tests have emerged to be one of the most effective recruitment tools that enable organizations to identify candidate skills and talents. As the pandemic has changed the way companies operate, hiring decisions based on candidates’ resumes or phone screening will not provide accurate insights. This is why more and more companies are leaning toward online aptitude platforms, to administer tests and get instant results. This allows organizations to hire quality resources even while operating remotely. Today there are a few sophisticated and customizable aptitude test platforms that are highly popular among recruiters. These platforms allow scheduling of multiple tests during various stages of hiring and empower stakeholders to make informed hiring decisions.

Advantages of pre-employment aptitude tests

A bad hire can have long term consequences that might disrupt the harmony of a team especially while working remotely. Recruiters must be empowered to find highly suitable job candidates even before the interview process begins. This is why pre-employment assessments are crucial now more than ever. With pre-employment aptitude tests, recruiters can:

  • Save time spend on tedious offline assessment process.
  • Assess multiple candidates present at different locations.
  • Get accurate result generation with in-depth reports to analyse performance score.

Candidates do not have to be physically present in an interview centre; they can take up the test remotely from their place of convenience. Aptitude test platforms come with proctoring solutions to increase security and avoid malpractice.

How can MeritTrac help with aptitude tests and assessments?

MeritTrac’s aptitude tests and assessments assist in quickly identifying the right candidates who possess the skills required for the job role. The website offers over 360 validated tests that have been increasingly used by MNCs, Governments agencies and even SMEs during the pandemic to assess candidates worldwide. Pariksha and SmartTest, MeritTrac’s aptitude test platforms, provide recruiters with the option to create, schedule, and deliver aptitude tests. You can also administer the test content developed by our expert R&D teams using proven methodologies. The results of the test are generated and tabulated automatically facilitating quick decision making.


Organizations are rapidly moving away from traditional methods of hiring and relying more on online recruitment methods for quick and effective hiring. Online aptitude test can help you focus on different hiring parameters such as cognitive ability, communication skills, domain skills and even personality skills. They are the go to option for recruiters who want to avoid mis-hires, and save time, money and effort. To know more about MeritTrac’s general aptitude test services including Numerical, Spatial, Logical, Verbal, Error Checking, and Quantitative tests, visit>>