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The success of a business lies in the quality of its workforce and the efficiency of its recruitment system. Recruitment processes traditionally involve the use of pen and paper assessments, but these are becoming less and less popular as companies move toward eco-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Today, organisations are increasingly conducting their business online, which underpins the importance of computer knowledge in modern jobs. Today's forward-thinking organisations prefer to hire employees who are computer literate and are fully equipped to deal with evolving business circumstances. There are a few basic technical and computer-related skills that recruiters focus on while hiring for any job role.

Basic Computer Skills Required for all Job Profiles

Job aspirants with good computer knowledge are preferred over others as they do not need training and guidance on administrative and other work-related tasks like filling in time-sheet, sending an email, locating a file etc. Such candidates have more efficient workdays and can easily adapt to changes in the organisation. Recruiters also highly value employees who can use their computer knowledge to improve productivity and to contribute toward innovation. Below is a list of must-have skills for a candidate to be computer literate.

Microsoft Office: Most originations make use of Microsoft Office products to perform basic to advanced tasks. Some of the common products used are MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Some of the common tasks performed using these tools include writing and formatting text, creating visually appealing slides with tables and charts, calculating or analysing a large number of data, and sending e-mail communication. Each of these tools may have unique job-related functions, so you can assess your candidate on such specific skills and knowledge.

Internet and web skills: A basic understanding of how to do research using the internet is vital in today’s world. Web skills are crucial for many jobs like marketing, sales, research, designing, etc. A candidate with exceptional web skills will know what keyword to use or how to use web shortcuts to be more productive in less time.

Email: Written communication between colleagues, superiors and even clients happen through email. A computer-literate candidate would ideally have an email ID and understand the process involved in e-mail creation, email etiquette and use of appropriate business language.

File Management: Companies emphasis on proper management of files to locate necessary documents easily. So, the candidate you hire must know how to create folders and name them, convert files from one format to another, Zip and extract files, check for file sizes and other properties.

File Sharing: File sharing may happen over e-mail or cloud. A candidate must know how to attach files to an email or upload/download files from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Social skills: Social media skills include knowledge of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and an understanding of their relevance with the job they do. Social skills is also crucial for networking with colleagues and like-minded people and to participate in the organisation’s social media activities.

Applications of Computer Tests

It is difficult for recruiters to source, recruit, process, and onboard right-fit candidates using slow and less reliable traditional hiring methods. The reason why so many recruitment processes struggle to succeed on a continuous basis is that they fail to make use of online assessment platforms. Investing in the latest assessment techniques is an ideal step forward to find candidates who are computer literate. An online computer test assessment ensures that only the right candidates enter the workforce. You can use these tests to not only assess a candidate’s computer proficiency but also systematically develop the capability of employees through training and development programs. There are many online assessment platforms that can be used to administer a basic computer skills test.  Such online platforms can improve the outcomes of your recruitment process whilst saving you time, effort and money.

MeritTrac Platforms for Computer Tests

MeritTrac’s assessment platforms let you administer critical tests that are needed to explore and examine computer literacy and related capabilities of job aspirants. It can also help you predict how well a candidate can perform and evolve in a role in the next few years.  Top organisations around the world have benefited from MeritTrac’s validated tests for assessment. The top three assessment platforms and tools that are best suitable for basic to advanced computer assessment are listed below.

CodeTrac is a unified assessment platform that offers over 350 test domains to assess the coding, testing and debugging skills of candidates. Some of the top features of CodeTrac are:

  • Extensive programming language library
  • Customise coding according to hiring needs.
  • Project-based test structure
  • Uniform coding structure
  • Auto-evaluation features
  • Assess end-to-end full-stack software development skills

Written English Test is a communication assessment suite that can be used to check the written communication skills of candidates. It can be used to check grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation skills and content of candidates.


1. What is the benefit of using MeritTrac for computer test?

A. MeritTrac’s assessment platforms make it easy for you to identify right-fit candidates with the help of questions and practical tools. It’s auto evaluation and report generation features help you make quick and accurate hiring-related decisions to drive recruitment success.

2. What types of questions are used in an online computer proficiency test?

A. Some of the common question types used in computer assessment are multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, fill in the blanks, true or false questions, and more.

3. How do computer test help in workforce development?

A. A computer knowledge assessment helps find out skill gaps in the existing workforce. The results of these assessments can be used by training/HR teams to create customised training programs to fill the skill gaps.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s computer test?

  • 350 plus domain tests and other assessment platforms
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 certified
  • Empowers on-demand mass hiring
  • Delivers auto evaluation and quick result tabulation