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A basic understanding of math concepts is necessary for any business-related job profiles. And then there are analytical jobs where an extensive knowledge of math-related concepts and an analytical mind are necessary to perform tasks. Organisations around the world are relying on online aptitude tests to assess job seekers math and analytical skills. These tests generate detailed evaluation reports with critical information required for decision-making.

Assessing Math Skills for Domain-Specific Job Profiles

The success of a business depends on the skills of its employees. Hiring candidates who do not have the right math skills required for the job can lead to poor quality work output and can result in distress. Online platforms can help administer pre-employment math aptitude tests to evaluate math and analytical skills. The aptitude test commonly includes basic to advanced questions relating to number/alphabetic sequences, algebra, statistics, data interpretation through graphs or figures, probability, permutations and combinations, profit and loss and more. These questions are applicable for screening candidates applying for various job vacancies. Employers can use these pre-hire tests for analysing the skills of candidates for entry-level positions as well as advanced job profiles like AI and ML analysts, programme analysts, software testers, statisticians, investment analysts, and financial planners.

Applications of Mathematics Aptitude Test

With innovative online platforms that are scalable and customisable, recruiters can identify candidates with the right math skills that are perfect for the needs of a particular team or department. The question types and difficulty levels can be set by the recruiter to further customize the hiring according to specific job role requirements. The tests are delivered through web-enabled devices and offer remote invigilation and auto-evaluation options. It will significantly reduce the time and effort required for recruitment.

These mathematics aptitude tests can also be used to develop the existing workforce.  The test results open up the opportunity to provide adequate training and bridge any skill gaps in current employees. It provides ways to leverage the talent of new and existing employees as an organisation evolves.

MeritTrac Platforms for Mathematics Aptitude Tests

Online aptitude test platforms are making a significant impact on the recruitment scene. They are primarily adopted by corporate organisations that are open to the idea of using online tools for identifying skilled candidates. Scientifically backed platforms make it easy to select right-fit candidates by offering quick and easy test administration and evaluation. Despite the increasing popularity of assessment platforms, many organisations are not able to narrow down a platform that best suits their requirements. The reason is that what works for one organisation’s hiring needs may not necessarily work for another.

Research-based hiring solutions like MeritTrac assessment platforms have transformed the workforce of over 400 businesses over the last 18 years. MeritTrac’s Pariksha and SmartTest platforms help recruiters assess hundreds of applications during the pre-employment stage.


Pariksha can help administer mathematics aptitude test with the freedom to author, design, schedule, and deliver tests.

Key features of Pariksha are:

  • Administer exams on any web-enabled devices
  • Remote invigilation to avoid unsupervised test attempts
  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms
  • Report generation and quick result-tabulation


SmartTest gives you the option to administer competency-based automated assessments through catalogue section, candidate mapping, and test delivery.

Key features of SmartTest are:

  • Plug and play feature across platforms and devices
  • Performance benchmarking with candidate assessment analytics    
  • Secure assessment delivery and smooth test delivery

The MeritTrac Advantage:

MeritTrac’s smart hiring platforms offer 350 plus test domains to assess the skills of a candidate or current employees. The main advantages of MeritTrac are:

  • Questions curated by experts
  • Quick turnaround of results
  • Over 10,000 assessments
  • Advanced response processing
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 Certified
  • Regularly updated questions



1. What are Mathematics Aptitude Tests?

A. Mathematics aptitude tests help evaluate job seekers’ basic to advanced math skills. The duration and difficulty level of each test may vary according to work experience or job specifics. The results of these tests help identify and hire potential prospects who have exhibited exceptional math skills compared to other applicants and filter out candidates with less than desirable math skills.

2. Why are Mathematics Aptitude Tests used for Recruiting and Training?

A. Online aptitude tests trump over the unpredictability of face to face interviews. Recruiters are relying on online tests to assess the abilities and competencies of a candidate. These tests also help trainers check the math skills of a company’s existing workforce and identify skill gaps.

3. How can the results of a Mathematics Aptitude Test be used by companies?

A. The results of the tests are accurate, reliable and unbiased. The analytics will give recruiters a clear idea of the candidate’s math skills. It will help recruiters identify the right candidate for the job profile.

4. What are the Mathematics Aptitude Tests Used in Recruitment?

A. Mathematics aptitude tests not only cover basic math problems but also delve into complex concepts, depending on the job role. These questions are presented in the form of problem-solving, and objective type questions.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac online Mathematics Aptitude Test?

A. MeritTrac provides its users with the following features and flexibilities:

  • Author and deliver one of a kind test catalogues
  • Simple, easy, and quick result tabulation
  • Supports web-enabled multiple-devices