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Java 8 includes huge upgrades to the Java programming model and is packed with new functionalities, language features, and library classes. The improvements include Lambda Expressions, Functional Interface, Stream API, Nashorn, Method References, JavaScript Engine and more. As it has many advantages over previous versions, employers prefer to hire candidates with knowledge of this new platform. They determine candidate suitability by assessing their knowledge on the above-listed features of Java 8.

Do you want to hire candidates who are skilled in the recent version of this programming language? We simplify this task for you by presenting some of the questions for Java 8 assessment test and interview. If a potential candidate is able to crack the Java 8 online assessment test, then you can consider selecting him/her for the next round of interviews. If you are considering online assessment platforms for Java 8 test administering, then these questions can be part of the pre-screening process to eliminate under qualified candidates. These Java 8 interview questions can also be used to assess the candidates' knowledge in a face to face interview.

Java 8 Interview Questions

Here we have listed some of the standard Java 8 interview questions and answers that can help you gauge a candidate’s knowledge of the subject. You can also choose to ask other relevant questions that may stem from the answers given by the respondents if you decide to use these in face to face interviews.


Q1. What are the characteristics of a Lambda expression, and why is it used?

Answer: Lambda enables functional programming for writing better codes and also supports parallel processing. Optional type declaration, parentheses around parameter, curly braces, and return keyword, are some of the characteristics of a lambda expression.


Q2. What is Stream Pipelining in Java 8?

Answer: Streams in Java 8 enables function programming and use of Lambda expressions.   A stream pipeline includes intermediate operations that return an instance of a stream and a terminal operation which returns a final value and terminates the pipeline.


Q3. How are intermediate and terminal operations different?

Answer: Intermediate operations like filter, map, and flatmap returns a Stream and allows for further operations if required. Data can be processed with these operations only when there is a terminal operation like forEach, reduce, collect, sum, etc. These operations give a definite result, terminate the pipeline, and starts stream processing.


Q4. What is StringJoiner?

Answer: StringJoiner belongs to java.util package and is used to combine different strings into a single string with delimiters, and also with prefixes and suffixes. It uses two different constructors for this purpose. The constructors are Public StringJoiner(CharSequence delimiter) and Public StringJoiner(CharSequence delimiter, CharSequence prefix, CharSequence suffix).


Q5. What is Nashorn in Java?

Answer: Nashorn is a Javascript processing engine that has been brought in place of Rhino used in JDK 7 Java platform. It provides better runtime performance as it directly complies codes in memory and it passes bytecodes to Java virtual machine.

Parameters for Evaluating Java programmers

Some of the top parameters to evaluate a programmer’s responses to Java 8 questions and coding skills are listed below.

  • Analyse the application of functional paradigm or OOPs
  • View the number of lines in code and determine if it could have been shorter
  • Examine the type of data structure used for problem-solving
  • Check if the codes are easy to read, understand, and maintain
  • Evaluate if the codes have the quality of extensibility
  • Assess the quality of the Build Scripts
  • Check the quality, readability and coverage of unit tests

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions

MeritTrac’s online assessment solutions let you administer tests online, invigilate remotely, get instant results, and make quick hiring decisions. These solutions are the result of years of scientific research and the adept use of modern technology to simplify global recruitment needs. MeritTrac is a leader in assessment solutions, and companies around the world use them to analyse the IT, managerial, and even behavioural competencies of people who seek employment with them.

Online assessment platforms can cut the result waiting time in half as the responses to test questions are auto-evaluated in minutes. This way, both recruiters and candidates can move on to the next level as per the test results. These tests also provide elaborate reports based on performance benchmarking which makes it easier for recruiters to understand the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. 

During a performance appraisal, employees are usually left to wonder why they did not get the promotion or pay hike they hoped for. When Java 8 test report obtained through an online assessment platform is shared during feedback sessions employees can identify their strengths and weaknesses for themselves. It turns their discouragement into motivation and gives them the clarity to take the next step.

MeritTrac Platform for Java 8 Programmer Assessment

CodeTrac is MeritTrac’s unique domain assessment platform that has been used to deliver over 3 lakh IT assessments. Its main advantages are customisable coding scenarios for identifying domain-specific talents and its auto evaluation for quick result tabulation. CodeTrac has become a standard tool used in many pre-hiring processes to find candidates with desired Java 8 skills. Be it hiring individuals who can write simple codes or work on highly complicated projects, CodeTrac helps to assess the technical capabilities of a candidate efficiently and in time.

Some of the other salient features of CodeTrac include:

  • Comprehensive programming language library
  • Full-stack software development assessment
  • Highly adaptive platform seamless test administration
  • Integrated assessment platform for coding, compiling, and testing
  • Designed to give precise, reliable test results.
  • Real-time feedback mechanism for performance benchmarking

With its quick result turnaround and in-depth insight reports, MeritTrac’s CodeTrac can make a tremendous difference to your Java 8 developers recruitment efforts.