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The number of students seeking admissions in universities and colleges has reached an all-time high. To streamline the admission process and to select students with the right knowledge and skill has become a less daunting task thanks to a range of entrance and pre-admission assessment tests employed by academic institutions. Assessments are also conducted during each semester to evaluate a student’s understanding of a subject and their learning progress. A student’s job readiness greatly depends on their academic skills and cognitive abilities.

Applications of Student Assessment Tests

Assessment of Student Learning helps teachers and students measure the learning progress with regard to the subjects taught in class. A high assessment score points at academic brilliance, while an average or low score highlights problem areas that may need improvements. Providing accurate assessment results is very crucial as students need to identify where they are excelling and where they are lacking. There are many online student assessment platforms used by educational institutes for entrance and semester examination needs.

Entrance Exam

Students prepare for entrance exams after their 12th board exams to gain admissions for various types of UG courses and jobs. These All India level (National Level) or State Level exams and college-specific entrance exams are highly competitive and are effective tools to test a student’s ability to perform. Some of the common entrance tests in tops fields are Engineering: JEE Advanced, JEE Main; Architecture: National Aptitude Test; Medicine: NEET- UG, AIIMS-MBBS; Law: LSAT; Design: NIFT, NID. The student must meet the expected cut-off mark or percentage in the entrance test to gain admission in a college of their choice or study their course of choice.

Term/Semester Exams

The semester exams are conducted in a college as per university norms at the end of each term. These tests aim to assess a student’s understanding of the various subjects that were taught in a class during a particular semester. The score on these assessments is crucial for students to graduate. A low score may indicate at the need to rewrite the failed exam to clear the arrear. Arrears that are not cleared on time may delay the student’s chance to graduate on course completion. Bias and error-free assessments are thus crucial for the student’s academic success and better career prospects.

Campus Placements

Students aspiring to work after completing their graduation prepare in advance for campus interviews. Leading IT and tech organisations are known to flock campuses to find a young generation of talents for their organisations. The assessment questions in these interviews are often tailor-made to match the cognitive skills and work abilities of freshers with internship or zero work experience.

MeritTrac Offers End-to-End Student Assessment Solutions

The academic success of both students and their respective educational institutions depend on fair and error-free assessments and evaluation practices. MeritTrac has come up with a number of innovative solutions to address some of the main challenges and problem areas in the field of assessment.

MeritTrac's student assessment solutions help to efficiently measure student abilities, reduce the manual work involved in pen and paper assessments, to prevent loopholes in question paper distribution systems and to offer a unified student management platform for test perpetration, delivery and assessment.

MeritTrac Solutions for Student Assessments

MeritTrac has assessed over 20,000 thousand students and delivered over 45 million assessments worldwide. TracMarks, Just-in-time Question Papers, and AceTrac are some of the unique products designed to specifically meet requirements in the assessment field.


Examinations help to measure a student’s understanding of subjects, processes, and methodologies taught in a classroom setting. Exam papers are highly valuable as they play a role in determining a student’s future. While manual evaluation of exam papers has been an age-old practice, it has raised several security concerns. An online authoring and marking solution like TracMarks can help digitise evaluation and bridge any gaps between examiners and educational institutions. This one of a kind on-screen marking solution saves time, energy and cost by:

  • Creating scanned copies of answer scripts and preparing them for digital marking
  • Distributing scanned answer copies electronically to examiners
  • Enabling on-screen marking
  • Providing options to include edit marks, comments, and suggestions for student reference
  • Dashboard to monitor examiner’s evaluation progress
  • An internal communication system for collaborative work and easy coordination with examiners at different geographical locations.

Just-in-time Question Papers:

Examination paper leaks leading to delays and re-examinations have become common news. Such leaks impact the institution and greatly damage the morale of hard-working students. MeritTrac’s JIT (QP) was ideated to solve this very problem.

The key features of JIT (QP) are:

  • Questions created by SMEs in highly monitored environments.
  • Multiple question paper sets created for exams and securely uploaded with restricted access given to the Controller of Examination or other authorised personnel.
  • The Controller of Examination selects the final question paper, which is encrypted and sent to authorised representatives who can access it only with passwords.
  • Question papers are printed in a secure environment and are distributed during the exam.


Looking for the best tool to measure a student’s employability quotient? AceTrac could do just be the right employability assessment platform for your hiring needs. This platform has helped deliver behavioural, cognitive, management and IT assessments to simplify hiring, especially during campus recruitment.

Some of the key features of this platform are:

  • Connects employable candidates with recruiters
  • Identifies job-ready candidates
  • Pre-assessed talent pools to save time and simplify the hiring
  • Helps to create job-ready communities
  • Does an in-depth analysis to measure student performance



1. What are Student Assessment Solutions?

A. Recruiters and educational institutions use student assessment solutions to measure a student’s knowledge of subjects they wish to or are specialising in, asses their academic progress or ascertain their job readiness.

2. Why are Student Assessment Solutions Used for Recruiting?

A. These tests can help fill the employment gap in the job market by filtering out and recruiting the right students who are fit and ready for starting a career.

3. What are the benefits of Student Assessment Solutions?

A. These tests ascertain how well a student is able to grasp new ideas, and if he or she possesses the skills to transition into work-life effortlessly. Most of the student assessment solutions are delivered through secure online platforms reducing chances of impersonation or bias. The results make it easy for a student to identify areas they excel and need to excel in, and helps recruiters find the right-fit candidates.

4. What are the USPs of Student Assessment Solutions?

A. MeritTrac provides its users with the following features and flexibilities:

  • Supports multiple devices
  • Online tests and report delivery systems
  • Create or customise unique student assessments
  • Saves time and effort while checking for academic progress and employability fit