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Organisations have hierarchies and ranks of positions for performing different and critical functions. The role of a manager is a unique one that serves as a bridge between the senior management and middle and lower-level management. A manager is the one who translates the higher-level strategies and goals envisioned by the senior management into operating plans to drive the business. In that way, a manager is accountable to the senior executives for performance and on the other hand is responsible to the lower levels for guidance, motivation and support.

Selecting the right candidate for the managerial role is absolutely critical for the growth of the organization. The traditional methods of hiring and recruitment do not help the recruiters make the right selection consistently. A psychometric test for managers is a fairly accurate means to predict the ability of the applicant to fit and succeed in the role. Given the time, effort and expense involved in the whole recruitment process and the importance associated with the managerial role, it makes sense to use this as a means of candidate selection that delivers the right results.

Skills that Psychometric Tests for Managers Evaluate

We have already discussed the uses and advantages of using a psychometric test for managers. Now, let us look at the list of skills that the test assesses in a candidate to predict his/her success in the managerial role:

  • Personality: These skills give clear insight to a candidate’s personality. By understanding the personality traits, recruiters can precisely and confidently gauge a candidate’s behaviour at the workplace in various managerial roles and situations.
  • Logical reasoning: Logical reasoning helps a person observe and analyse the facts and phenomena to reach a conclusion that is purely based on the input. Strong logical thinking and reasoning skills positively impacts a person’s decision making abilities which is quite desirable to have in a manager. Therefore, by measuring a candidate’s logical reasoning, a psychometric test for managers can help you select a candidate who can take the right decisions based on facts rather than emotions and gut feeling.  
  • Leadership skills: A manager is the leader of his/her team. He/she should be able to inspire and motivate the team. A manager should possess the skills and ability to coach and guide the members of the team and help them work together and achieve the goals. A psychometric test for managers evaluates various personality traits and abilities that predict the success of the candidate in the managerial role. 
  • Cognitive skills: The ability to learn, analyse, reason, evaluate and decide are some of the important cognitive skills that are quite essential and desirable for a manager to possess. A well-developed psychometric test for managers includes questions and scenarios to test these skills and abilities of the candidate and help recruiters make the right selection.

Every organisation is unique in its own way and there may be several managerial positions within the company. A tailor made psychometric test for managers designed for a specific role and requirements will go a long way in improving the quality of managers hired. It will automatically translate to improved productivity, growth and ultimately soaring bottom lines.

Applications of Psychometric Tests for Managers

Making the right selection of candidates who suit the company culture and the role requirement helps the business flourish. The traditional methods of hiring and recruitment are quite unstructured and depend a lot on the gut feeling of the recruiters and hiring managers. Thus, they deliver inconsistent results that affect the business in a lot of negative ways. A psychometric test for managers, on the other hand, is a structured, reliable and accurate way of selecting the job-fit candidates.

This test can also be used for workforce development. It helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing employees so that the L&D department can design the right training program for the employees.

MeritTrac Platforms for Psychometric Tests

MeritTrac offers complete assessment solutions for workforce development and recruitment. Right from designing the appropriate psychometric test for managers based on the company and job role requirements to taking care of the complete exam administration, we support you at every step. MeritTrac offers scientific and highly adaptive platforms that make assessments a breeze for everyone involved in the process. Easy setup and use are the hallmarks of our assessment platforms that will simplify the training and/or recruitment process.


This platform is designed for recruiters to screen and filter candidates meeting their skill set requirement. The easy-to-use interface allows the candidates to take up the test conveniently, while the in-built analytics allows recruiters to make the right hiring decisions. The plug-and-play feature of this platform enables access to the platform on any device. The psychometric test for managers includes test catalogues that can be tailored according to the unique hiring and workforce development requirements of any company and job profile.

Management Success Profile (MSP)

A smart assessment tool from MeritTrac, MSP allows recruiters shortlist candidates for managerial roles including frontline supervisors, managers and senior managers. MSP helps in improved hiring decisions that are accurate, reliable and quite effective.


1. What is a psychometric test for managers?

A. It is a scientific method of measuring the managerial attributes that include the skills and personality traits of the candidates to decide on their suitability to the managerial roles they have applied for.

2. Why are psychometric test for managers used?

A. The test helps make informed hiring decisions to improve the accuracy of candidate fitment to the job role.

3. What is the advantage of psychometric test for managers?

A. By improving the quality of hiring, the psychometric test for managers helps select the right candidate for managerial roles. It translates to increased productivity, employee engagement and growth.

4. What are some of the skills tested by the psychometric test for managers?

A. Personality, leadership and cognitive skills and logical reasoning ability are some of the skills evaluated by a psychometric test for managers to identify job-fit candidates.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac Psychometric Assessments?

A. Our psychometric tests for managers are designed by experienced psychometricians, statisticians and subject-matter experts. The tests are based on scientific research and the platforms are designed using advanced technology to deliver reliable results and analytics.