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The hiring of skilled employees to create a robust workforce is a time consuming and an expensive process. Recruiters need a well-planned hiring strategy in which domain assessment forms an important part. The key to better hiring is to focus more on the candidate’s competencies rather than credentials. This is where online assessments can help. 

Your business requirements decide the type of assessments that need to be administered to choose the right type of candidate. For IT companies, online coding tests can help with candidate assessments for recruitments and workforce development. Due to high popularity and wide use of C++, this domain assessment test is of great use for recruiters to screen aspirants in the first level of recruitment.

Build a Skilled Workforce with MeritTrac’s Technical Assessment Tests

The scientifically designed assessment solution by MeritTrac can help you administer the domain tests for large groups of aspirants. The quick and easy results and report tabulation can help you select the most qualified candidates for the next stage of the interview.

The assessment test research, development, and innovations team at MeritTrac comprise of acclaimed testing experts, psychometricians, statisticians, and technologists. MeritTrac’s test delivery capability is also unrivalled in the industry with its ability to deliver computer-based assessments in more than 350 cities. This capacity enables corporates to leverage our technical assessment solutions for recruiting candidates from anywhere in the country. With a strong understanding of the IT industry, MeritTrac has been successful in envisaging the ever-evolving talent management priorities.

Application of C ++ Programming Domain Assessment Tests

Our C++ programming domain assessment is specifically designed to measure the proficiency of candidates in C++ programming language. MeritTrac’s online C++ test utilises proven methods to ensure you can reliably conduct pre-hire testing of candidates. With this powerful blend of performance and knowledge-based approach, you can cut the recruitment time and effort in half.

Perfect for pre-employment testing, pre-training testing, post-training testing, and workforce planning, MeritTrac’s C++ programming domain assessment test ensures that you select the best candidates and conduct the right level of training for your employees. With robust reporting, you will have a detailed analysis of test results, which will help you make better hiring decisions and predict employee’s success on the job.

MeritTrac Platforms for C ++ Programming Assessment Tests

 MeritTrac’s domain assessment tests are underpinned by its cutting-edge technology platform CodeTrac. This is an intelligent assessment platform that comes with an auto evaluation feature for recruitment and evaluation of industry-specific talent.


This performance-based coding platform can be used for administering the C++ test. Its unique real-time feedback mechanism allows recruiters to assess the candidates’ coding skills for performance benchmarking and effective recruitment.

The salient features of CodeTrac are:

  • Integrated assessment platform for building, compiling, and testing stages
  • The platform comes equipped with an all-inclusive software development feature that allows full-stack software development assessment
  • An auto evaluation function provides you with the results quickly and easily
  • With a wide-ranging programming language library, conducting assessments in different coding languages is possible

MeritTrac Advantage

The advantages of using MeritTrac’s assessment platforms are

  • Scientifically designed assessment solutions that enable you to test a large number of candidates at one time
  • Auto analysis of results and quick turnaround time enable you to select the right candidates on time
  • Get greater insight into the candidate’s potential for success
  • Track progress of teams and individuals
  • Identify the areas where training is needed
  • Compare your employees to others in your industry
  • All our assessment tests are customisable and can be changed as per the recruitment needs.


1. Why is CodeTrac platform the best for C++ programming assessment?

A. This highly innovative performance-based coding platform has delivered more than 3 lakh IT assessments so far. It offers an integrated programming environment, thanks to its intelligent auto-evaluation feature. CodeTrac can assess candidates’ end-to-end full-stack C++ programming capability and benchmark it with industry standards. By leveraging CodeTrac for C++ programming assessment, IT organisations can design an efficient talent recruitment cycle and also bridge the skill gaps for the existing employees if any.

2. How does CodeTrac work for domain assessment of a candidate?

A. It works in the following way:

  • Initialise CodeTrac assessment platform and view the test instructions
  • Choose Multiple choice questions based or test case based type of assessments
  • Access the source file to start live coding in a specially designed Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Examine the programming instructions and save the project
  • Organise and run the programs
  • View assessment results of the candidates and submits the assessment

3. What type of questions are featured in MeritTrac’s online domain assessment tests?

A. MeritTrac’s online domain assessment tests mainly comprise of multiple answer questions, multiple-choice questions, true or false, fill in the blanks and hands-on project-based coding questions.

4. Why choose MeritTrac’s recruitment assessment solution?

A. Some of the USPs of MeritTrac are:

  • ISO certified procedure for testing and assessment
  • In-depth expertise and rich experience in testing and assessments for all kinds of hiring needs
  • A unique suite of end-to-end assessment services to analyse domain knowledge, specialised skill sets, cognitive competence and personality
  • Dedicated in-house test content research and development team for developing  assessment and test methodologies
  • Intelligent assessment automation platforms for seamless assessment delivery on a large scale