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Candidates with the right combination of hard and soft skills make ideal employees for any job role at any company. However, finding such candidates is easier said than done. The traditional recruitment processes are a trial and error method, and hence, there is an equal chance of a bad hire as there is of the best fit. Bad hires can prove costly in many ways to the company.

Psychometric testing can prove to be the answer to a few key hiring related issues. These tests are an objective, unbiased method to evaluate the personality, behavioural and cognitive skills of candidates. The test results present an overall picture of the skills, abilities, behavioural traits and motivating factors of candidates which makes it easier for recruiters to select the right talent that will fit a job role in an organisation.    

Certain personality traits, communication skills, soft skills and a few other qualities are essential in the field of sales as it is a job that involves a lot of interpersonal interactions. A psychometric test for sales recruitment can help decision-makers select candidates who will prove successful in a sales job.

Importance of Psychometric Tests in Sales Hiring Process 

There is a list of typical personality characteristics that employers seek in sales professionals. Being self-motivated and competitive, taking charge of the situation and having interpersonal and rapport building skills are some of the basic requirements to succeed in the field of corporate sales. By conducting a sales psychometric test, recruiters can assess these skills in the list of applicants for the sales executive posts. Based on the test results, the recruiters can easily decide on which applicant to call for the next round of interview. The psychometric test for sales executives, therefore, helps recruiters and hiring managers focus their time and attention on candidates who are most likely to succeed in the role.      

Psychometric tests for sales recruitment involve verbal and numerical reasoning and personality profiling that offer additional insight into the candidate’s knowledge, skills and behaviour traits. Armed with this powerful insight, employers are more likely to make the correct hiring decision. The right fit between the candidate and job role is sure to boost productivity and growth for the organisation and favour employee retention.

Applications of Psychometric Sales Skill Tests

Psychometric test for sales recruitment consists of well-designed questionnaires and other test types that deliver reliable and valid insights about the candidates’ traits and skills. By analysing the test results, recruiters can come to an unbiased and correct hiring decision that is in the interest of the organisation as well as the candidates. Such information is hard to gauge via the traditional recruitment processes.

Sales psychometric tests prove extremely useful during campus hiring, which involves a huge number of candidates. Conducting a psychometric test for sales executives can help screen out unsuitable candidates right at the start so that recruiters can focus their attention on the most deserving candidates. Similarly, lateral hiring for any open sales position can also benefit from the application of sales psychometric test.   

Organisations can also use these psychometric tools to support, expand or focus their training and development to improve sales outcomes from the sales teams.

MeritTrac Platforms for Psychometric Sales Skill Tests

MeritTrac assessment solutions are designed for precision, reliability and convenience for all the stakeholders involved in the process. We design the right test based on your unique and specific requirements. MeritTrac assessment platforms are designed with a whole lot of advanced technical features to take care of seamless assessment administration. The highly adaptive platforms are designed for easy setup and use. Our assessment platforms will help simplify test administration across the employee life cycle, starting from selection and recruitment to training and development. Two of our popular assessment platforms that are used for sales psychometric tests are discussed below:


Pariksha is an innovative assessment platform that is suitable for recruiters and L&D teams. The platform allows the user to create, design, schedule, test, and deliver results. The features of this platform are:

  • Adaptive and cloud-ready
  • Mobile ready
  • Multiplatform
  • Plug and Play option


This platform helps screen and filter candidates who meet the job skill requirements. In-built analytics allow recruiters to make informed hiring decisions. The platform comes with a plug-and-play feature that enables access via any device. The test catalogues can be tailored according to the hiring and workforce development requirements. A user-friendly interface makes it easy for the candidates to take up the test. This positive experience also contributes to employer branding, thereby improving the chances of better future referrals.


1. What is a sales psychometric test?

A. The psychometric test that helps identify and assess the skills and personality traits required for success in the sales is called sales psychometric test.

2. Why are psychometric tests for sales executives used in recruitment and training?

A. These tests allow for an unbiased and objective analysis of the candidates applying for the sales posts and/or existing sales executives. The results delivered by these tests, therefore are free from personal bias or prejudice. In addition, the results and the comprehensive report make it easier and quicker for the recruiters to take the right decision.

3. What is the use of a psychometric test for sales recruitment?

A. Employers take the help of psychometric test for sales recruitment to do the first-level screening and shortlist candidates for sales job roles. The interviewers can focus on limited but talented candidates which make decision making easy and also brings down the hiring time.

4. What are the factors assessed and measured during the sales psychometric test?

A. Psychometric test for sales recruitment measures the numerical and verbal ability that is a part of the aptitude test. It also does personality profiling that delivers valuable information about the personal traits and characteristics that are otherwise hard to decipher.

5. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s sales psychometric tests?

A. Our assessment tests are designed by subject-matter experts. Further, the tests are backed by scientific research and are based on advanced technology to deliver reliable results.