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Candidates with the right skill set for the job role and who can also blend with the company culture make the best employees. They have the potential to take the organisation to newer heights. But finding such candidates is a real challenge for recruiters. Traditional recruitment techniques and processes are lengthy and turn out to be expensive for the organisation. In addition, they do not always help select the right candidate. Recruitment assessment tools can help speed up the recruitment process while making it economical and reliable too.

Assessment tools for recruitment and selection measure the job-specific skills of applicants and help select the right-fits who match the selection criteria. In this way, interviewers and hiring managers can focus their time and attention on prospective hires.  

Speed Up Your Recruitment Process with Assessment Tools

The most convenient way to hire better candidates quickly is to use assessment tools for recruitment and selection. They are simple, quick, reliable and make life easier for everyone involved in the recruitment process including recruiters, interviewers, hiring managers and the candidates.

Recruiters just have to send the candidates a link to the appropriate online assessment tools for recruitment. The candidates can then take the test at their convenience and comfort. Most of the online assessment platforms offer remote proctoring that enables recruiters to monitor the assessment from a different location. Thus recruitment assessment tools save time and effort of both the recruiters and the candidates.

Following are some of the major benefits of using assessment tools for recruitment and selection:

  • Ready-to-use skills tests: Every job requires a specific set of skills and recruitment assessment tools offer tailor-made tests to evaluate them. Irrespective of how many candidates need to be assessed, these tools deliver the results quickly and reliably to help recruiters make a confident selection.
  • Great candidate experience: A good candidate experience contributes towards positive employer branding, which is crucial for the success of the recruitment strategy. With their convenience and effectiveness, assessment tools for recruitment and selection help to spread a good word about the company’s recruitment process and in turn, fetch better referrals.
  • Time-saving: Online assessment tools for recruitment deliver prompt results cutting down on the waiting time and speeding up the recruitment process. Quicker hiring helps recruiters pick the best of the lot early on. Filling up the vacant posts faster leads to enhanced productivity. So it is a time-saving affair all the way.      
  • Prevents cheating: Online assessment tools for recruitment are completely secure and allow for remote proctoring, thereby preventing the possibility of cheating and/or use of unfair means to attempt the test. Hence these recruitment assessment tools deliver reliable and credible results for confident hiring.  
  • Comprehensive report: These assessment tools for recruitment and selection deliver a comprehensive report in addition to the test results, including a quick analysis and a section-wise analysis. Recruiters only need to read through the report and make the right decision.
  • Free from biases: These recruitment assessment tools are free from human biases, judgements and errors, thereby ensuring the right candidates are selected for the position.

MeritTrac Assessment Tools

MeritTrac recruitment assessment tools let organisations revamp their hiring processes. A well thought out recruitment strategy can help attract the right talent. while MeritTrac’s scientific assessments can help identify, select, retain and develop talent for the company’s growth and success.

Whatever a company’s unique hiring and workforce development needs are, MeritTrac is capable of supporting them with adaptable assessment solutions. Our proven solutions allow for the testing of cognitive, communication, behavioural and domain knowledge skills in candidates. Quick and reliable results with an accurate analysis and comprehensive reporting help recruiters make the right choice of candidates from the vast pool of applicants.

Our assessment tools for recruitment and selection cut short tedious and long-winding processes allowing the recruiters and hiring managers to focus their time and effort where they are more required. Pariksha, SmartTest, CodeTrac and SpeechTrac are some of MeritTrac’s popular and proven assessment platforms. They are designed to cater to huge assessment volumes. They are capable of speeding up exam administration, enhancing the corporate assessment process, improving candidate evaluation, reducing costs and enhancing the hiring quality by improving candidate fit.

MeritTrac Advantage

MeritTrac’s online assessment tools for recruitment are delivered via secured platforms to assess candidate skills accurately. Our assessments are backed by scientific research and designed by a team of experts. Fresher hiring, on and off-campus recruitment and lateral hiring, whatever be the hiring need of an organisation, MeritTrac has the right assessment tools for recruitment and selection.  

Our ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013 and CMMI Level 5 certified processes for testing and assessments will help recruiters hire with confidence. Plug and play, mobile-ready, multi-platform use and remote assessment are some of the unique features of MeritTrac assessment platforms.


1. What are recruitment assessment tools?

A. Assessment tools help measure the job-specific skills of the candidates and make it simpler for recruiters to select the right-fit candidate.

2. How do online assessment tools for recruitment help improve the hiring process?

A. Assessment tools make the tedious recruitment process easier by distinguishing candidates with the right skills from a vast pool of job applicants.

3. What are the other advantages of assessment tools of recruitment and selection?

A. Assessment tools of recruitment and selection deliver quick, reliable, and credible results and make the whole process easy and efficient for both the candidate and the organisation.

4. What are the different skills assessed by the recruitment assessment tools?

A. Applicant’s intelligence, subject knowledge, technical skills, soft skills, cognitive ability, behavioural traits and language proficiency are some of the skills assessed as part of the screening process.

5. Why go for MeritTrac’s recruitment assessment tools?

A. Our in-depth expertise, dedicated content research and development team, suite of assessment services, scientific assessment platforms and certified processes ensure a seamless and reliable recruitment process.