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Corporate Lawyer Assessment Test:

A corporate lawyer is an attorney who is responsible for overseeing a company’s legal affairs. Corporate law is all legal matters pertaining to a corporation. A corporate lawyer assessment test helps law firms, company legal departments, and corporate senior counsels hire a corporate lawyer. It is done by identifying if the corporate lawyer has the necessary skills, knowledge, and aptitude for the job.

What is the traditional corporate lawyer assessment process before hiring?

Check specializations

Organizations understand if the corporate lawyer is a generalist or a specialist. The latter could specialize in contracts, business organizations, taxes, licenses, real estate, and intellectual property.


The corporate lawyer’s experience is verified. Recommendations are taken.


A corporate lawyer should have the standard educational credentials and professional licenses.

What are the issues with the traditional corporate lawyer assessment process?

  • Lack of understanding of corporate lawyer to company fit.
  • Unable to deep-dive into the personality of the corporate lawyer.
  • Unable to map behavior with current organizational behavior requirements.
  • Unable to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Who is eligible for a Corporate Lawyer Test?

  • Partner – Law firm

    A corporate lawyer who is also a partner of a firm is a shareholder of the firm. It could also be that this person is an important stakeholder and has voting rights.

  • Assistant Lawyer

    An assistant law professional assists senior lawyers. This corporate lawyer is one step from becoming a corporate lawyer manager or senior manager.

  • Law trainee

    A law trainee can be an intern or apprentice who is on contract. A law firm can use an online corporate lawyer assessment test to induct law trainees too.

Types of aptitude tests for Corporate Lawyers

  • Verbal tests

    Corporate lawyers spend a large portion of their working hours talking to clients, external vendors, government entities, and several such internal and external entities.

  • Critical Reasoning

    A corporate lawyer is required to have reasoning skills that are based on facts. This professional should have a practical, objective, and non-biased mindset. A critical reasoning and comprehension skill test assesses this aspect in a candidate.

  • Situational judgment

    All types of situations will require the same approach. A situation judgment test along with a psychometric assessment helps in estimating the corporate lawyer candidate’s skill at handling complex situations.

MeritTrac platform for Corporate Lawyer Assessment Test

MeritTrac online assessment software is used by companies, corporate lawyers, exam agencies and corporate law firms to hire corporate lawyers and law trainees. MeritTrac assessment platform is a suite of customizable solutions. Each solution checks skills, abilities, knowledge areas, aptitude, and several other attributes of a candidate. An organization can use any or all of these modules in a customized way to deliver a case-by-case basis corporate lawyer assessment test.

Advantages of using MeritTrac

  • Comprehensive suite of solutions for workforce development, organizational hiring, role-specific hiring, and online assessment for corporate lawyers.
  • Corporate law MCQ questions with answers and assessments to check aptitude, attitude, communication, reasoning, and behavioral skills.
  • Solutions can be tailed for all types of sectors and companies. Be it the government, educational, or legal sector.
  • All solutions are backed by artificial intelligence algorithms, data science, and machine learning technologies.



1. What is the Corporate Lawyers Assessment test?

A. A corporate lawyer assessment test is designed to hire a corporate lawyer based on many other important criteria other than experience and education. This type of hiring helps organizations find the best-fit corporate lawyer or law firms to find an able partner or trainee.

2. How is Corporate Lawyers Assessment useful?

A. A corporate lawyers exam helps hiring parties get a complete and comprehensive understanding of a candidate based on data analysis. Without this type of assessment, it is difficult for a law firm to understand the personal aspirations, strengths, and areas of improvement of a candidate.

3. What are the benefits of online corporate lawyer exams?

A. Online proctored corporate lawyer exams check if a candidate possesses personality and cognitive skills to function as an effective corporate lawyer.