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When working in an organization, possessing control over emotions is a significant capability. The way you manage your responses towards the situations majorly reflects the gateway to your success. Such control is what we call emotional intelligence (EI).

An emotional intelligence assessment test is an exceptional tool to identify the emotional capabilities of employees and how these impact their job performances.

Building Skilled Workforce with Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test

In order to keep an organization's culture happy and productive, the workforce needs to have a hold on their emotional well-being. The employees with strong emotional intelligence are high on leadership and stress management.

The Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test helps organizations to evaluate their employees based on their ability to handle stress and other behavioral factors. The better the emotional intelligence of the workforce, the more healthy and productive an organization becomes.

Methods to classify the Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test

Emotional Intelligence is best assessed on the basis of its classified methods. These methods provide clarity and better results for any organization. Take a look:

Ability EI

Here, an employee is evaluated on their ‘ability’ to handle real-time situations. They are presented with different scenarios, wherein, their answers identify their predicted emotional response to the situation.

Trait EI

Employees with high Trait EI are considered to have a solid hold on their behaviors. These measures work attitudes like job satisfaction, commitments, etc.

Mixed EI

Mixed EI is a collection of emotional intelligence questions and answers that are subjected to measure social skills followed by competencies that embrace an employee’s performance within an organization

How Does Assessment Work

Here is a step-by-step process for emotional assessment tests.

  • There are miscellaneous statements in an emotional intelligence aptitude test
  • Questions are divided into categories that analyze key segments of emotional and behavioral changes
  • The answers are divided into categories like agree, strongly agree, etc. for you to respond
  • Confidentiality is maintained throughout the test. Your results will not be disclosed openly
  • When completed, do not forget to download your emotional intelligence test report

It is highly recommended you select the answers that closely relate to your situation. Do not give random responses as this may have an impact on your results.

MeritTrac platform for Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test

MeritTrac platform is an ideal choice for organizations seeking to identify the emotional intelligence level of their employees. Its online emotional intelligence test software is crafted with the best of the techniques that deliver accurate results.

Likewise, the quantitative test by the MeritTrac platform is widely used under the staff development programs.

Not only does MeritTrac identify the key improvement areas, but also, recognizes the prime strengths that can be used for the betterment of both organization and personal performance.

MeritTrac Advantage

With a trusted clientele from different industries, our Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test is a must-try. Our strength lies in our customized tests that are conducted for workforce development. Our recruitment software is one such tool that is working wonders for organizations by making the recruitment process easier.

Our assessments are designed to find the perfect fit for your organization. Our assessment tools identify skills, competencies, and administer them with the finest precision.



1. What is an Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test?

A. An Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test is conducted to assess an employee’s hold to their emotions and how they respond to different situations. The test is divided into segments that measure the social skills, competencies, and emotional well-being of an individual.

2. How is the Emotional Intelligence Assessment Test useful for hiring?

A. With a considerable upsurge in competition across industries, organizations are hiring individuals with high emotional intelligence and capabilities. An emotional intelligence assessment test measures an individual’s emotional capabilities.

Thus, recruiters proceed with hiring following the results. Emotional Intelligence has become a part of the recruitment process due to changing work cultures and mechanisms.

3. What is the scope of MeritTrac Emotional Intelligence Assessment MCQ tests?

A. The MeritTrac Emotional Intelligence Assessment MCQ tests are a must-try as they bring out the most accurate results. Their assessment test is divided into segments that evaluate abilities, traits, social skills, and emotions.

MeritTrac Assessment tools are widely accepted across industries during their recruitment processes, staff development programs, and other corporate platforms.