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Digital marketing helps businesses reach a much larger and wider audience. Strong Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a prerequisite for a strong digital presence. SEO is the process of optimising the website and its content for easy indexing by search engines that helps provide users with the most relevant result listings for their search terms or keywords. SEO professionals make use of their skills, techniques and experience to make web pages rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for more visibility and popularity.

The importance of SEO skills demands making the right choice of candidates during recruitment. SEO assessments and interview questions help recruiters assess the desirable skills and choose the right talent from the list of applicants for any SEO role at the organisation.

SEO Interview Questions and Answers

Following is a list of a few of the frequently asked SEO interview questions:

1. Which on-page element is the most important from the SEO perspective?

  1. a)   The meta keywords tag
  2. b)   The title tag
  3. c)   The headers (H1, H2, H3, etc)

Ans.: b)

2. Which form of redirect/meta tag transfers the maximum authority to the directed page?

  1. a)    Canonical
  2. b)    302
  3. c)   301

Ans.: c)

3. Which of these factors will have the maximum effect on page ranking for local-focused queries?

  1. a)   Correctly formatted address on the website that can be crawled
  2. b)   The number of Facebook fans the page has in the area
  3. c)   The location of the website’s server
Answer: a)

4. The acronyms PA, DA, and PR expand to:

  1. a)   Personal authority, domain authority, parked rename
  2. b)   Page authority, domain age, page rank
  3. c)   Page authority, domain authority, page rank
Answer: c)

5. Which of the following tactics negatively affect a page’s search rankings?

  1. a)   Adding navigation links to your page’s template
  2. b)   Having the same colour for the text and page background
  3. c)   Links to the page from other websites
Answer: b)

6. The three latest and largest algorithm updates Google has released are:

  1. a)   Venice, Pippa, Orca
  2. b)   Vince, Panda, Penguin
  3. c)   Chrome, Blue Steel, Titan
Answer: b)

7. What is the number of characters recommended for Title Tag?

  1. a)   120
  2. b)   250
  3. c)   70
Answer: c

8. Name the free tool that can help identify which city in the world has the largest search for the keyword – “Infinity War”?

  1. a)   WordTracker
  2. b)   Alexa
  3. c)   Google Trends
Answer: a)

9. Optimization strategies in an unknown area of reputability are termed as:

  1. a)   Blue hat techniques
  2. b)   Orange hat techniques
  3. c)   Grey hat techniques
Answer: c)

10. Which of the following statements about RSS is true?

  1. a)   It is an XML form
  2. b)   It is Real Time streamlined syndication
  3. c)   Displays static information
Answer: a)

11. The time period required to get a Google page ranking is:

  1. a)   2 week
  2. b)   2 months
  3. c)   More than 3 months
Answer: c)

SEO Skills to be Evaluated during Recruitment

SEO interview questions must be chosen carefully to evaluate the following SEO skills in the candidate applying for any SEO position in the company:

  • Technical knowledge: Knowledge and experience of working with HTML tags and codes are vital. The recruitment tests and SEO interview questions must be able to test the candidate’s technical knowledge and application.
  • Working with Excel: Keywords, links and other research items are stored in Excel which is quite a capable tool for long term SEO strategy. Therefore MS Excel is another important technical skill to test.
  • Content knowledge: Content being the king helps any site climb up or down the SERP ladder. Content knowledge helps know and detect new trends in the field of online content and hence is a vital skill to test.  
  • SEO tools: Knowledge about various SEO tools such as Google Analytics and SEMrush help the SEO expert gauge the performance of the website from time to time.
  • Personality skills: Willing to learn and remain updated, critical thinking capabilities, prioritisation, patience, adaptability and flexibility are some of the personality traits that help a person succeed as an SEO expert. A well-designed personality test can help test these skills in the candidates.

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions - Hiring and Workforce Development

Recruiters can use end-to-end assessment solutions from MeritTrac to measure the SEO skills and knowledge of the candidates. It helps select the right candidates for a face-to-face interview. Our SEO tests can be tailored to suit the unique skill requirement of any organisation. The list of SEO interview questions helps recruiters conduct interviews quickly and reliably for the job role.

We even have solutions for workforce development, so that your employees can better their skill set and help the company reach newer heights.

MeritTrac Platforms for SEO Assessment – Pariksha, SmartTrac, Authess

MeritTrac offers adaptive platforms that allow easy setup and smooth delivery of any SEO test. Check out the following MeritTrac platforms to make recruitment and training a breeze:

  • Pariksha is a hybrid scientific assessment platform from MeritTrac for easy, quick and secure tests. Creation, designing, scheduling, delivering, analyzing and reporting the results are all easily accomplished with MeritTrac’s Pariksha. It even offers facilities such as remote delivery and invigilation with or without the Internet, easy integration with external tools, cloud and mobile-ready, multi-platform and plug and play.
  • SmartTest allows recruiters to screen and shortlist candidates from a crowd right away. Plug and play, wide range of test catalog and superior candidate assessment analytics for performance benchmarking make SmartTest useful for recruiters.
  • Authess: It is an experiential case-study based assessment platform. It helps recruiters measure the competencies of candidates in diverse role-based real-world situations and hire the best choices.