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CSS, better known as Cascading Style Sheet, enables structured separation of content on a web page. This separation format enables displaying the content on a web page in different styles, fonts, layouts and colours, making it easier for a visitor to read through the content. In other words, CSS plays a major role in determining the presentation of web pages. CSS is supported by mark-up languages like HTML, XHTML, XML, SVG, and XUL. 

CSS is used to style the views and layouts on eCommerce websites. This programming language also finds application in designing the user interface of social media platforms. It is also essential for maintenance, function and accessibility of web pages. Simply put, any organisation that builds web pages requires CSS programmers.

Online Assessment Tests Can Help You Find the Right Talent for Your Project

In this highly competitive market, it is very important for organisations to have the right talent in order to get the best results. So, recruiters need to look for candidates with the right talents and skills. It is not just enough if a programmer has the knowledge and expertise of CSS programming; he/she should also have skills such as creative thinking, communication skills and logical reasoning. The most important attribute is that the candidate should be a team player. However, it can be difficult to identify if a candidate has all these essential skills in a regular interview. This is where online assessment tests come in. 

A CSS online test can be developed with objective-type questions based on the project. These scientifically-developed tests help assess a candidate’s skills and expertise in applying their coding knowledge in real-time situations. The problem that most hiring managers face is that candidates have theoretical knowledge and certification for CSS coding. But, when it comes to real-time situations, the coders are not able to translate their theoretical knowledge into practical applications. A CSS online exam with problem-solving and coding questions can effectively evaluate these abilities in a candidate.

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions

MeritTrac’s CSS online tests allow recruiters to find job-fit programmers for their organisations. Whether you are hiring freshers or experienced candidates for senior positions, our CSS online exams can help you find the right candidates. The online tests can be customised based on the job profile and the expected skill sets. These assessment tests also prove useful during internal training or transfers. HR or L&D teams can administer these tests to evaluate the knowledge and expertise in CSS coding of existing employees. Based on the test results, training programs can be organised. If your company has a new project that requires advanced CSS coding expertise, then these tests will help you filter out employees who have the required skills. CSS online exams not only help you find the right talent but also remove personal bias and prejudice from the decision making process.

MeritTrac Platform for CSS Programming Assessment

MeritTrac’s CodeTrac is an assessment platform that is designed for administering coding tests. This performance-based platform allows recruiters to evaluate the coding skills of candidates. The platform has integrated coding tests that can be customised based on the job profile or project requirement. The best part of using this platform is that even recruiters who don’t have any technical background can administer CSS online tests. 

Once the candidates take up the test, the platform automatically evaluates the answers and gives you the results. It can also give you a rank-wise list to help you make informed hiring decisions. 

The unique features of this assessment platform are:

  • Uniform coding structure
  • Project-based testing
  • Extensive programming language
  • Unified assessment platform
  • Auto evaluation
  • Full-stack software development assessment


1. What if a candidate browses the internet to find answers while taking the test?

The online platform disables web browsing or tab change options while a candidate is taking the test. So, the candidate will not be able to check for answers online during the test.

2. What are the benefits of MeritTrac’s Assessment Tools?

MeritTrac’s Assessment tools help you focus on relevant coding skills, save on recruitment time and money, enhance hiring accuracy, and eliminate human bias.

3. How will MeritTrac help improve my hiring accuracy?

MeritTrac assessments help you select the best of the best candidates based on skills, abilities, and personality. The test scores and transparent analytics negate human bias.

4. How MeritTrac’s assessment solutions help an organisation identify skill gaps?

Our assessment platforms have domain-based tests that can be administered based on specific project requirements. The results will give a better insight into the learning gaps.

5. Do we need any specific software or programs to administer these assessments?

No. Our CodeTrac platform is designed to run on both Linux and Windows platforms. It is also designed to be cloud and mobile-ready. So, you don’t need any special software to administer CSS online exams using CodeTrac platform.

6. Will I be able to access the results of an assessment test at a later date, say a month later?

Yes. You can access your test results even after a month by logging into your account.

7. How will CSS online tests help me find job-fit candidates?

Every organisation wants a candidate who fits in naturally and performs well in his/her job role. These assessments help you recruit the right candidate as they help you evaluate a candidate’s knowledge of coding and his/her ability to apply it in different situations to find solutions. Project-based test allows recruiters to evaluate a programmers competence and capability to work on a project.

8. Who creates the assessment tests on MeritTrac’s platform?

We have an in-house team of experienced educators, statisticians, psychometricians, subject matter experts and trainers who work together to create these assessments based on the organisation’s hiring needs.