In very simple terms, an online assessment may be defined as an evaluation of a person’s abilities, behaviours and/or characteristics. This test is conducted over the Internet by using available web technologies. An assessment may set out with clear objectives such as:

  • To test the knowledge or learning of a candidate.
  • To select suitable candidates from a huge pool of applicants.
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the test taker
  • To identify specific personality and character traits 
  • To provide clues in career counselling and identify the suitable training, job or career for the test taker.

Online assessments are becoming quite popular and are being used quite extensively in various sectors including education, government and corporate companies. The corporate sector has taken up to online assessments with quite a lot of enthusiasm and in a huge way. These online tests have some clear benefits over the traditional methods of assessment both for the corporate entity as well as the candidates themselves.

Benefits of Online Assessments

There are plenty of benefits of having an online assessment as compared to traditional assessment and we have listed below a few of them:

  • The assessments are evaluated and the results are delivered almost instantaneously which quickens the evaluation process and saves time.
  • It is generally developed after extensive scientific research that lends validity and credibility to the online assessment.
  • The impersonal nature of the online assessment makes it reliable and removes the chances of biases and prejudices.
  • The results are thoroughly analysed based on several factors such as test start time, end time, time spent on each question, the order of attempting questions and more. It helps present a complete picture of the candidate’s abilities and competency.
  • The results are compiled in the form of a comprehensive report that assists recruiters in making informed hiring decisions.   
  • Hiring decisions based on a well-developed online assessment are more likely to be accurate.
  • Online assessments can handle large applicant pools in a short time.

The benefits of online assessments are not only limited to the recruiters, but even the candidates also benefit from them as follows:

  • They can be taken anywhere, anytime without any geographical barriers.
  • Some of these assessments are time bound.
  • Help save the travelling time, cost and other associated expenses.
  • Candidates can take up the online assessments in a familiar, stress-free environment.

As we can see, online assessments help streamline the entire sourcing and recruitment process. Quick candidate selection and filling up of the vacant position with job-fit talent helps the company with increased workforce productivity and improved bottom line.

Applications of Online Assessments

As far as the corporate sector is concerned, online assessments have the following applications:

  • Campus recruitment: Companies tend to conduct campus recruitment to hire fresh talent for entry-level positions. An online assessment can help them manage the huge numbers by acting as a first-level screening. At the end of this screening, the recruiters will have a manageable size of candidate pool with the right talent for them to select the job-fit candidates for open positions.
  • Walk-ins: Similarly, when open positions are notified and a huge number of applicants apply, an online assessment can prove useful in quickly selecting the candidates with the right skill sets.
  • Workforce development: A suitably developed online assessment helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s workforce. It can be used by the L&D department to come up with the right training program to fill the gaps.
  • Succession planning: At an individual level, an online assessment can be used to assess an employee and plan his/her career progression.   
  • Brand promotion: By simplifying and quickening the whole recruitment process, companies give a better experience to the applicants. It helps promote the company to the group where it matters and positively impacts the employer brand which further helps in attracting high-quality talent in future.

Online Assessment Platforms for the Corporate Sector

There is a dearth of quality talent in the market and a quick and streamlined recruitment process is the only remedy to the situation for any corporate company. MeritTrac’s end-to-end online assessment solutions are designed with this sole aim. Our online assessment platforms are scientific in nature and highly adaptable to varied recruiting situations. SmartTest, CodeTrac, SpeechTrac, SSPQ and Learning Branch are some of the platforms we have for the corporate sector. Companies can choose one or a combination of these platforms to meet their unique recruiting needs and training requirements.


1. What is an online assessment?

A. An online assessment is an evaluation of a person’s abilities, behaviours and/or characteristics conducted over the Internet with the help of web technologies.

2. What differentiates an online assessment to pen-and-paper assessment?

A. A pen-and-paper assessment requires extensive human effort, time and money in order to maintain the reliability, integrity and accuracy of the assessment. An online assessment once properly designed can quickly deliver accurate and reliable results with minimum human intervention.

3. What are the advantages of an online assessment for a corporate company?

A. An online assessment acts as a first-level screening to select the right talent from the pool of applicants. It delivers quick, reliable and credible results, making the whole recruitment process absolutely convenient for the recruiters.

4. How do the candidates benefit from an online assessment?

A. A candidate applying for an open job position at a company can take up the online assessment anywhere, anytime. Only on clearing the online assessment, the candidate has to travel to attend the face-to-face interview. Therefore an online assessment helps candidates perform their best and saves them from unnecessary travel and expense.

5. Why go for MeritTrac’s online assessment?

A. We have in-depth expertise, dedicated content research and development team, suite of assessment services, scientific assessment platforms and certified processes. Our assessment solutions ensure a seamless and reliable recruitment process for businesses to hire with confidence.

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