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As the experienced baby boomers are exiting the workforce, recruiters are strengthening the workforce by hiring millennials with sophisticated skills. Unlike earlier years, recruiters face an extremely competitive market when it comes to hiring freshers. Over the years recruiters visit a number of different colleges to hire and train unskilled and semi-skilled candidates. But in spite of investing a lot of time and effort on-campus recruitment and offering highly lucrative jobs to selected candidates, recruiters are struggling to achieve results through this method of hiring. Let us explore the challenges in campus hiring and how to win the war for talent with the help of online assessment platforms.

Campus hiring process

Campus hiring is usually a mass recruitment process where a lot of money, time and effort are involved. The process involves analyzing a candidate’s educational qualifications, conducting a series of aptitude tests, domain assessment tests, group discussions, technical interviews, an interview with hiring managers, and a post-placement discussion. 

Campus hiring strategy in India

Over the years, the campus hiring strategy of corporates in India has been to contact a select few colleges during the hiring season. The recruiters get in touch with the college’s placement cell or with concerned authorities and express their interest to participate in the campus drive. The college then informs the respective department heads who will provide the details to the students.

Campus hiring tools

MeritTrac’s end-to-end assessment platforms help to find right-fit and even specialist candidates during entry-level campus hiring. It helps you find candidates with unique talents, in-depth technical knowledge, and an interest to learn and participate in special projects. 

MeritTrac helps recruiters hire in a more relaxed and organized manner and gives them the freedom to multitask or focus on core tasks. The top four MeritTrac assessment platforms that can improve the efficiency of your campus recruitment process are listed below.

Learning Branch

Learning Branch is an automated web-based assessment and training platform that can be used to evaluate the listening, speaking, and writing proficiency of entry-level talent. Learning Branch can help you to:

  • Streamline and speed up the pre-hire assessment process
  • Measure comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, multitasking, writing and soft skills.
  • Receive accurate bias-free results for efficient decision making
  • Use of Willow™ Intelligent Voice Analysis that facilitates the auto evaluation of key metrics during a live performance.
  • Tools to train freshers in voice, grammar, and culture of countries like Australia, UK and USA.


SSPQ can be used during campus recruitment to evaluate the top six personalities a front-end sales agent should possess. Sales Situational Personality Questionnaire SSPQ can help you to:

  • Use situational judgment type questions
  • Measure organisation skills at work, motivation, sociability, flexibility integrity, and stress tolerance
  • Benchmark scores against an ideal candidate profile
  • Analyse candidates based on descriptive feedback


CodeTrac is an online coding platform that offers over 350 domain tests. It can be used to assess the basic to advanced developing, testing and debugging skills of candidates. Some of the top features of CodeTrac are:

  • Assess end-to-end full-stack software development skills
  • Extensive programming language library
  • Customise coding according to hiring needs
  • Project-based test structure
  • Auto-evaluation features
  • Uniform coding structure


SpeechTrac is an automated spoken English assessment platform that can be used to measure a non-native English speakers’ speech fluency, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Some of the top features of SpeechTrac are:

  • Evaluate communication skills against 40 phonemes
  • Patented Carnegie Speech engine and pinpointing technology to detect faults in reading and impromptu speech
  • Conduct tests remotely

Campus hiring policies

The policies for Campus hiring differ from one organization to another. The policy sets down general guidelines on preferred hiring practices for recruiting entry-level candidates. This promotes consistency in the methods used in the campus recruitment process.

Campus hiring planning

A lot of time, money, and effort is invested in mass recruitment processes like campus hiring. This makes it extremely important to plan the process. 

Right from selecting the colleges to getting the required permissions, every step in your campus hiring plan should be completed before the proposed recruitment drive date.  

Campus hiring trends in India

Compared to the last decade, recruiters experience more success with campus recruitment processes today. The main reason for this upward trend is due to the introduction of online assessment platforms

Recruiters can now assess a range of skills through one platform, and the express result processing system gives them the advantage of quick and informed hiring decisions. 

Campus hiring benefits

One of the significant benefits of hiring from campus is to strengthen your workforce with candidates who bring a new perspective to work. 

Entry-level candidates also show an eagerness to learn, which makes it easy to teach them new skills. It is also seen that they accept feedback and have the ability to learn from their setbacks.

Campus hiring best practices

While campus hiring policy and strategies may vary from one organization to another, there are a few best practices everyone can follow to achieve maximum results.

  • Build a positive brand image for your organization
  • Create pre-placement presentations that stand out from the crowd
  • Replace traditional recruitment methods with smart interview tools and online assessments
  • Analyze if existing hiring practices are at par with the current trends 

Campus Hiring Challenges

Some of the primary reasons for the failure of campus recruitment initiatives and poor offer acceptance rates are listed below.

  • Students have the option to attend multiple interviews during campus recruitments. If your recruitment process is slow, then there is a higher chance for you to lose talented candidates to competitors or other organisations. The delay may be due to inefficient hiring processes. Switching over to an online recruitment platform can speed up your hiring by helping you focus on multiple candidates at the same time.
  • Another challenge when hiring unskilled or semi-skilled candidates is not being able to identify their hidden skills effectively. Most of the time, recruiters are able to assess entry-level talents based on their academic skills and a few written tests only. Replacing this with customisable online aptitude tests can help identify specific skill sets of candidates.
  • The traditional pen and paper recruitment method is labour-intensive and less secure. It will be a difficult task to analyse thousands of applications and written tests manually, especially during mass hiring scenarios like campus recruitment. It is of paramount importance to employ secure online assessment platforms to evaluate such data accurately and in less time. This leads to faster and more efficient recruitment decisions that benefit both candidates and recruiters.
  • Finding candidates with high employability skills and a better probability for cultural fit is especially challenging while recruiting freshers who are not exposed to a workplace environment. You can overcome this challenge with the help of cognitive and behavioural aptitude tests administered through online assessment platforms. These tests make it easy for you to identify entry-level talents who are job-ready, are willing to learn and can adapt to change.
  • Millennials who are not satisfied with an employers' recruiting and onboarding processes may report a poor candidate experience. You can resolve this with the help of easy to use assessment platforms, quick evaluation tools and open communication and feedback channels. This will create a positive test-taking experience and will encourage candidates to recommend your organisation to their peers. 
  • Most recruiters depend on the insights received through online aptitude tests to make quick and accurate hiring decisions. You can also obtain such valuable and reliable inputs by making use of online recruitment for your campus recruitment needs

Campus Hiring Checklist

  • Conduct a meeting to discuss the campus hiring plan 
  • Determine the campus hiring strategy
  • Decide on the salary, job roles, and responsibilities
  • Ascertain the key traits and skills you expect from the candidates
  • Select the best campus hiring software or online assessment tools
  • Narrow down on the colleges you want to focus on
  • Get in touch with college authorities for permission
  • Advertise the recruitment drive dates
  • Conduct the recruitment drive
  • Roll out offer letters and speed up your on-boarding process


What is the benefit of using MeritTrac Platforms for Campus Recruitment? 

MeritTrac’s assessment platforms make it easier to look beyond a candidate’s academic skills and hire based on knowledge of basic tools and techniques, workplace etiquette and interpersonal skills. You can also use the platforms to assess domain-specific knowledge, behavioural traits, communication skills, and more.

What types of questions are used in MeritTrac Platforms for Campus Recruitment? 

You can customise domain-specific and other online aptitude tests for Campus Recruitment with multiple-choice questions, multiple answer questions, fill in the blanks, true or false questions, and more.

How does Campus Recruitment help in workforce development?

Campus recruitment is crucial for bringing in young talents with a fresh perspective into the workforce. This leads to better ideas and innovations, which is critical in avoiding stagnation and improving business growth. Young recruits are more equipped to use sophisticated tools and software which ensures higher productivity in less time.

What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s online assessment platforms?

  • Administers competency-based assessments
  • Empowers on-demand mass hiring
  • Delivers auto evaluation and quick result tabulation
  • 350 plus domain tests and other assessment platforms
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001, and CMMI Level 5 certified