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A skilled and motivated workforce is the foundation of smooth business operations and long term success of any company. Hiring the best-fit candidates with domain knowledge, skills and behavioural traits is crucial for any organisation. Assessment tools play a critical role in helping recruiters understand candidates’ cognitive and behavioural capabilities and to make the right hiring decision.

MeritTrac has the latest assessment tools that you need to recruit and retain talents. Our holistically designed assessment tools spanning domain knowledge, specific job skills, cognitive and behavioural abilities enable recruiters to build a comprehensive understanding of a candidates’ job suitability and career aspirations. Our quick assessment results give critical inputs to the HR and L&D teams, helping them plan effective employee development programs.

How can Assessment Tools Make Your Hiring Quick and Accurate?

With MeritTrac’s assessment tools covering different areas of the employee cycle, HR teams can easily identify, solve and prevent any pitfalls surrounding employee hiring, training, and performance. Our scientifically designed assessment tools can help in simplifying, securing and accelerating assessment delivery through easy online access and smart features. Our tools can easily integrate with other systems and enable device-agnostic test-taking experience and smooth information exchange to enhance QTI compliance. MeritTrac’s unified assessment tools can help the test administrators in seamlessly authoring, designing, scheduling and delivering tests, while the analytics and reporting features of the tools enable fast result tabulation and report generation.

Applications of Assessment Tools

Some of the key applications of assessment tools are:

  • Identify employee training needs across cognitive, domain-specific, communication and behavioural categories, and customise training programs depending on the outcomes

  • Leverage the assessment tools to identify high potential candidates during campus or lateral hiring

  • Harness assessment insights to create a highly engaged, dedicated and productive workforce

MeritTrac Assessment Platforms

MeriTrac’s assessment tools can precisely assess skills of the candidates across the employee life cycle - from hiring to training, retention and development.  Our expert team of statisticians, psychometricians and subject matter experts have designed these technology-led assessment tools for various types of recruitment needs including fresher, on and off-campus and lateral hiring.

Our skill assessment platforms are as follows:


This hybrid assessment platform is designed scientifically to create and deliver online assessment tests in a convenient manner.

The unique features are:

  • Can be used on cloud, on-premise or hybrid models and even on Smart devices
  • Plug and play options available
  • Supports both Linux and Windows
  • Capable of integrating with any existing system
  • Fast results and report generation


SmartTest is the perfect platform for screening the right candidates and identifying best-fit talents during workforce development training programs. The plug-and-play feature of this platform enables use on any device. The accurate reports and analytics let employers make wise decisions without any kind of personal bias.

The unique features of this assessment platform are:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Customised test catalogues
  • Simplified test delivery
  •   Assured security
  • Reduced time


This performance-based coding platform provides real-time feedback to aid the companies in assessing employee’s coding skills for performance benchmarking. This platform is integrated with domain-based assessment tests to assess complete full-stack development competency and benchmark it with the industry standards. By leveraging CodeTrac, recruiters can bridge the skill gaps for employees if any. It is capable of creating customised coding scenarios as per business requirements and tailor both pre- and post-training requirements.

The unique features of this assessment platform are:

  • Integrated assessment platform
  • Auto evaluation feature
  • All-inclusive software
  • Uniform coding structure
  •   Extensive programming language library
  • Project-based testing


As the name suggests, this platform can evaluate the spoken English skills of non-native English speakers. It can help companies on two main levels. First, it can boost fresher-level and lateral hiring outcomes by assessing the candidates for their spoken English skills. The assessments can be based on different parameters like pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and fluency. Second, it can help the learning and development teams in assessing the communication skills of employees. 

The unique features of this assessment platform are:

  • Reduce assessment time, cost and effort
  • Enhance employee assessment efficiency
  • Administer tests and access in-depth reporting anywhere and anytime
  • Identify the training needs
  • Improve workforce development programs



1. Why do recruiters prefer MeritTrac’s assessment tools?

A. MeritTrac’s assessment tools are highly preferred because of the following reasons:

  • ISO certified tools for testing and assessment
  • In-depth expertise in testing and assessments for all kinds of hiring needs
  • Efficient end-to-end assessment tools to analyse domain knowledge, specialised skill sets, cognitive competence and personality
  • Experienced in-house test content research and development team working on assessment and test methodologies

2. What type of assessments are available, and how do they work?

The different types of assessments are:

  • Cognitive assessment: It assesses the candidate’s cognitive skills
  • Domain assessment: It measures candidates' domain-specific skills
  • Communication assessment: It assesses candidates' language skills particularly written English, spoken English and listening comprehension skills.
  • Behavioural assessment: It analyses candidates' personality as well as behavioural traits relevant to the job profile.

3. What are the benefits of using assessment tools for candidate screening?

A. There are many benefits of using assessment tools for candidate screening:

  • Focuses on relevant skills
  • Removes any human bias
  • Saves time, efforts and money
  • Right candidates are selected for the job roles that lead to a happier work environment and eventually employee retention

4. Why is it important to assess the skills of candidates during the recruitment process?

A. The behavioural, communication, teamwork, and decision-making skills of a candidate are highly crucial for effectively performing and completing tasks. Properly assessing the skills are very important for cultural fit and to predict a candidate’s job performance in the future.