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All You Need To Know about Technical Screening Test

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All You Need To Know about Technical Screening Test

Date: 21/10/2022 | Category: General

As a job seeker, you may be invited to an interview so the firm can examine the specific skills you emphasized in your application. During the interview, the hiring manager could quiz you on your knowledge of the industry. In reality, both hiring managers and potential candidates may find the entire recruitment process to be time-consuming. Recruiting companies started using technical screening interviews as a powerful tool to help candidates and employers alike determine if they are a suitable response to this issue.


Pre-employment screening is done using a number of techniques by hiring managers and recruiters. For instance, they can use online screening test, remote proctoring, online recruitment software, and online exam proctoring. Businesses usually use some of these strategies to hire because they work better than others to identify the best approach and showcase the best candidates during a manager’s interview.



So what exactly is a technical interview then?

A hiring manager and an applicant for a technical position, such as an IT specialist or a software developer, meet during a technical screening interview. The goal of the interview is to determine the candidate's level of expertise in particular fields, such as coding and product testing. A scenario-based interview may also be used to assess a candidate's problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.


How Technical Screening Test Works for Interviews

The most profound insights into a person's technical ability may be gained by administering technical aptitude tests. Employers may determine if a candidate has the intrinsic technical ability to thrive in a particular profession by using these logically constructed examinations. HR experts can use these assessments as a type of screening to reduce the candidate pool.


These exams can be given to people as the initial stage in the hiring process to weed out undesirable applicants. These tests can aid recruiters in quickly identifying which candidates are fit for the position or role and which are not. These tests are increasingly being used by businesses in the IT (Information Technology) industry and other technical industries to find and choose applicants whose technical skills and personality fit what is necessary for particular roles.


Benefits of the technical screening test

It might be difficult to find a high-level developer that fits both the company's culture and personality. Even if you receive 100 applications, managers sometimes lack the time to review them all, let alone conduct interviews with the candidates. Let's examine the importance of technical screening before technical hiring.

  1. An improved candidate experience

You should speak with a senior developer if you're seeking one. You don't need to waste your time on someone who is lying on their CV in an attempt to get your interest. Until you speak with someone, you can never predict who will attend an interview. You won't waste time talking to anyone who isn't a good match for the position because the technical recruiter will deal with all of these applicants.

  1. Supports a data-driven hiring process

Unfortunately, during the whole employment process, interviews offer the greatest potential for both conscious and unconscious prejudice. There is, however, a fix for this issue. Technical recruiters can provide you with possible employees depending on the caliber of their work because they place a strong emphasis on candidates' talents.

  1. Reduces the time required for hiring

Technical screening drastically reduces the number of qualified applicants, speeding up the recruiting process and easing friction. Tech screening also lowers recruiting expenses by reducing the number of interviews because it filters out prospects. Applicants frequently apply to many positions to enhance their acceptance percentage, making recruiting time reduction vital. According to CareerBuilder's data, job searchers spend an average of 11 hours every week trying to find employment. Streamlining the hiring process is essential since hiring takes longer when you run the risk of losing top talent to your rivals. The review process is streamlined by technological screening, allowing your HR department to concentrate on other phases of the hiring process.


How to Create a Successful Technical Screening Test

Technical screening offers a lot, but how should it be carried out efficiently? Here is a list of the things to take into consideration.


  1. Conduct virtual interview

The COVID-19 black swan event had a significant impact on many industries' business practices and was a major shock to the global economy. Remote jobs and virtual interviews have become commonplace.

Although the requirement for distant employment arose, the change brought advantages that were warmly embraced. The advantages of remote work were recognised and valued by both employers and employees. Therefore, corporate activities are continuing to use remote and hybrid work environments while the world recovers from the epidemic. Virtual interviews will thus continue to be a crucial component of the employment process. Employers may overcome geographic limitations and cut hiring expenses by conducting remote interviews.

  1. Choose the right screening test

Building your own talent pool and finding talent is the first step. Both internally and outside, there are several approaches to finding talent. The first tactic entails assessing the abilities of people you already know, such as qualified candidates from a prior hiring drive or current workers. Employers in the IT industry might also start employee recommendation programmes to motivate their own team members to suggest qualified candidates.

  1. Invite applicants for an assessment test

You may create a pertinent skill test and ask applicants to take it after selecting the best screening instrument. It is laborious to manually invite a vast talent pool, but thankfully, there are various Simulation based automated tools. Employers in the IT industry can invite everyone on the email list to take the exam at once by simply uploading the email list.


How MeritTrac Screening Interview Test Works

To provide the greatest outcomes, technical screening is a thorough, multi-step process that has to be adjusted at each stage.

A comprehensive range of tools and functions are available on tech recruiting platforms like MeritTrac to make your hiring process more efficient. You can find the top talent quickly using MeritTrac.


To discover more about how MeritTract assists businesses with conducting technical recruitment, speak with us.