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Young graduates enter the job market every year, bringing with them new ideas, and great enthusiasm. While there are lots of potentials, it is quite difficult to analyse what type of job skills a graduate has. Recruiters who make a hiring decision based on resume and academic qualifications find that most of the entry-level candidates switch jobs within 6 months to a year. Traditional recruitment methods such as written tests and face to face interviews do not reveal the whole spectrum of skills a candidate may or may not have. Even if they do have the desired skills, job suitability, and company culture fit is another challenging area to assess. 

To make informed decisions when hiring fresh graduates, recruiters must have all the candidate related information they can have. A scientific approach to analysing subject knowledge, behavioural traits, communication skills, you the advantage of focusing on the best candidates and selecting the potential high-performers. 

During the pre-screening stage of your recruitment process, you can ask a few standard interview questions for freshers. The responses can be seen as an indication of how much the candidates are willing to learn, have the capability to take criticism, and work in a challenging environment. These insights are very crucial as it will determine if the candidates can perform on the job, learn from mistakes, accept feedback, and confidently make contributions to the team they are working for.

Basic Interview Questions to Ask While Recruiting Freshers

Here is a list of basic interview questions for freshers. The responses of each candidate may vary based on their experiences. An ideal response must include how their experiences, skills, and qualities make them suitable for the open job position.  

Tell us about yourself

Analyse how confident the candidate is when answering this question. They must be talking about their education, their achievements, etc. This can open up further discussion on their job suitability.

What are your strengths?

Check if the candidate’s strengths will help them meet the challenges of the job role. 

What are your weaknesses?

A candidate mentioning they do not have any weakness can be seen as an indication of nervousness or arrogance. A few candidates may be open about sharing their weaknesses, and most of their responses will not be job related. This interview questions for freshers helps you understand how well a candidate can answer a difficult personal question without it affecting their chances of getting selected.  

What do you know about our organisation?

A candidate who is truly interested in the job role will have a basic understanding of the business in general and may also be able to tell you the latest updates.  

Why should we hire you?

The candidates must be able to describe how their skills are relevant to the job in a convincing manner. They should also demonstrate their willingness to work in the job role.  


What are your hobbies?

This interview question for freshers can help you understand the candidate’s personality, talents, passion, etc.

Why do you want to work with this organisation?

The answer reveals how much a candidate knows about the organisation’s background, core values, business operations, services, etc.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

This question can reveal how long a fresher candidate may work in your organisation and what plans they have for their career. Check for answers that might indicate the candidate just want to gain a few years’ experience in your organisation and switch jobs in the near future. 

What are your salary expectations?

This is a commonly asked interview question, and most candidates would have a clear idea about the take-home salary they want. Look for opportunities to negotiate if the candidate does not quote a reasonable salary. 

Do you have any questions for us?

You can end your job interview with this basic interview question. The candidate may take this as an opportunity to clarify any doubts regarding the job.

Advantages of Using MeritTrac’s Online Assessments for Hiring Freshers

Few candidates buckle under the pressure of entering the workforce and may not have developed all the skills required to attend an interview confidently. This is where MeritTrac’s online assessment platforms can benefit both the candidates and the recruiters. With online assessment platforms, fresh graduates can attend a range of aptitude, behavioural, cognitive, psychometric, and domain-specific skill test before attending a face to face interview. With the right strategic tools, recruiters will have all the insights they need and will have complete control over who you're hiring. Fresher candidates who may seem nervous during face to face interviews will have their test results to validate their skills. This way, recruiters will not miss out on talented candidates who may lack in a few areas where they can be trained on the job.

MeritTrac Solutions for Large-volume Hiring

Our online platforms such as Pariksha, SmartTest, SpeechTrac, etc. simplify your high volume hiring needs. You can assess hundreds of candidates for an open position at the same time. No more skimming through resumes to find qualified candidates. With our technology that makes it easy to assess candidate skills online, you can manage a large number of applicants and streamline your recruitment process

Pariksha is a hybrid scientific assessment platform that helps create, design, schedule, and deliver tests online. The platform offers customisable test catalogs, easily integrates with external tools, has adaptive testing features, provides multi-platform support, and much more.    

SmartTest comes with a vast range of 10,000 test catalogues. It delivers superior candidate assessment analytics for performance benchmarking.  

CodeTrac is a coding skill assessment platform that can help evaluate code correctness, patterns, and efficiency. The platform offers over 350 domain-specific tests, so you can use test-based or project-based coding questions.

SpeechTrac is a spoken English assessment platform that is used to measure verbal abilities such as speech fluency, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. The patented technology highlights issues in reading and impromptu speech. You can also test the candidate’s verbal skills against 40 phonemes. 

LearningBranch can help you evaluate writing skills, comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The Willow™ Intelligent Voice Analysis measures critical metrics during a live performance. The detailed reports help you make a quick and bias-free decision making.

Behavioural Assessments offered by MeritTrac follow an evidence-based methodology. It provides insights on a candidate’s generic personality, motivation, and EQ. The platform features sales situational personality, customer service orientation, generic personality, and leadership style questionnaires.