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Examinations are a means of assessing a student’s learning, understanding, progress and potential in a field of knowledge. In an educational setup, examinations can also help instil a sense of discipline amongst students. From a teacher’s point of view, exams are a validation of the effectiveness of the teaching process and help adjust the pace and method of teaching to suit a group of students. As examinations are very crucial, they must be conducted with a lot of care and preparation.

Question papers are one of the most important components of any examination. But generating them is not an easy task for educators. Putting together a set of exam questions is challenging and extremely time consuming for teachers. The questions must cover the entire scope of the syllabus while giving optimum weightage to every topic. At the same time, the question paper should be challenging enough for the entire group of examinees to demonstrate their capabilities suitably. Developing a question paper keeping all these factors in focus is not an easy task. Educational institutes can benefit by using a subject matter expert who can author the question papers based on predetermined factors. Also, multiple sets of questions papers can be created, so that all students get different versions of the same question paper, which can help reduce the chance of students copying during an examination.

There is also the risk of examination paper leaks which not only tarnish the reputation of the examination bodies but also cause a delay in conducting the examination and also publishing the results. The efforts of months of preparation that went into the exam paper setting simply go down the drain. A question paper delivered just a few hours before the exam can help bring down the chances of malpractices to a large extent.

MeritTrac Solution for Just in Time Question Paper

MaeritTrac’s JIT-QP that expands to Just in Time – Question Papers is a solution to several of the question paper-related woes. We have leveraged innovative technology to curb the malpractices such as question paper leaks. Our JIT-QP is a true blessing for high-stakes examinations. The salient features of JIT-QP are: 

  • Subject matter experts author question papers in secure facilities.
  • The question bank manager is used to create multiple sets and versions of question papers.
  • The question papers are encrypted in question packs.
  • Data is securely uploaded with restricted access available only to the controller of examination or other authorised personnel.
  • Access to the final question paper is provided only to the controller of examination who distributes it to authorised representatives at the test centres.
  • Encrypted question papers are delivered just a few hours before the exam, which results in improved question paper safety.
  • Authorized representatives at test centers need to use passwords to unlock the paper sent to pre-registered mobile numbers.

MeritTrac has combined the best features of the online question paper generator to develop our own just in time questionnaire, which will make examinations safe, secure, quick and a breeze for everyone.

Benefits of Using Just in Time Question Paper

Let us look in detail at the many benefits of using a just in time questionnaire:

  • First and foremost, a just in time questionnaire is delivered online in an encrypted format just a few hours before the exam which improves the question paper safety manifold.
  • Restricted access provided to a limited set of people also brings down the chances of any malpractices.
  • A just in time questionnaire enables random selection of questions from a vast question bank already created and stored. It helps create question papers that show almost nil pattern or repetition and without any human bias or prejudice.
  • A just in time questionnaire allows wide portion coverage with optimum weightage for every topic.
  • It saves the human time and effort involved in formatting, organizing and distributing question papers manually.
  • The automated question paper generation process is quick and accurate allowing for the streamlining of the entire examination process.
  • The results of the exams are also generated instantaneously and automatically, making result declaration a breeze.


1.What are the benefits of an online question paper generator?

Ans. An online question paper generator helps cut down the human effort involved in creating, organizing, formatting and distributing question papers while also making the whole process foolproof.

2.What is the need for a just in time questionnaire?

Ans. With the examinations becoming increasingly large scale and the risk of exam paper leaks greater than ever, just in time questionnaire seeks to address the vulnerabilities of the traditional model with the help of innovative technology.

3.How does an online question paper generator help in creating a well-designed question paper?

Ans. Pre-made question formats that include true or false, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks and more definitely boost productivity. Questions can be imported into organised question banks and categorized as per subject, question type, question difficulty and more to access them easily and quickly anytime.

4.How does a just in time questionnaire ensure the security of exam question papers?

Ans. Password protection, restricted access, and other such features ensure enhanced security of the question paper at every stage. Further, these question papers are usually delivered in an encrypted formatted, just hours before the start of the exam preventing any chances of leaks.

5.Why go for MeritTrac’s JIT-QP?

Ans. MeritTrac’s JIT-QPs are designed based on our extensive experience in conducting assessments. The platform is very reliable and has been used to deliver question papers for thousands of examinations