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Recruitment is an important task for any company, big or small. It paves the way to build the human capital of the business which is the basis of success and growth. But these are hard times to find quality talent. The online application process has opened up channels for candidates to apply from anywhere, anytime conveniently. However, not every applicant is genuine or suitable for the roles that are being hired for.

Many candidates submit their resumes to every available open job roles without even going through the job description completely. That results in many unsuitable applicants who simply don’t have the qualification and capability for the role. Similarly, it is also comparatively easier for applicants to fake their skills and experience and apply to positions for which they are not fit. A simple way to filter out these applicants right at the beginning is by conducting an aptitude test for interview.

An aptitude test for interview allows recruiters to analyse a candidate’s ability to perform specific tasks and react to a range of different situations. Rather than prior knowledge and experience, an aptitude test for interview determines a candidate’s innate ability at a particular skill and competency. There are different kinds of aptitude tests suited for different job roles and positions and each of them has a standardised method of administration and scoring.

Aptitude Tests Can Help Find the Right Hire for Your Company

When recruiters receive applications in huge numbers for job postings put up online, it becomes difficult for them to filter out the unsuitable applicants from the truly capable ones. Therefore, they end up wasting their time on unsuitable candidates and may cause the recruiters and hiring managers to burnout. It also delays filling up the open position which affects the productivity, growth and the bottom line of the business.

Further, when using traditional methods of hiring and recruitment, there are chances that candidate without the right skills may get selected which causes many problems for the business as well as for the employees. Low employee engagement and retention are the common issues associated with wrong hires. After having invested their time and effort on a hire, it is costlier to let them go and start the entire process all over again.A simple solution to the entire problem lies in conducting an aptitude test for interview before engaging with the applicants in any way. The performance of applicants in the aptitude test and the results act as a filter for recruiters to pick the suitable ones with whom they can conduct a face-to-face interview.

The test can dramatically bring down the workload of recruiters and let them focus their time and attention on only the candidates who matter. It also improves hiring quality. Both these factors result in quickening up of the entire recruitment process, resulting in filling up the open job position quickly with the right talent. Overall an aptitude test helps bring down the time, cost and effort involved in recruitment.

Applications of Interview Aptitude Tests

Online assessments can play a helpful role in recruitment. By conducting an online aptitude test right at the initial stage, a candidate’s suitability and competence for the job role is determined. The standardised method of administration, scoring and the quantification and comparison of the results with other test takers allows the selection of truly capable candidates. Such candidates are more likely to succeed in the job. So, using such tests is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the recruitment process.

MeritTrac Platforms for Interview Aptitude Tests

MeritTrac seeks to make recruitment a breezy affair that delivers reliable results, and all our efforts focus in that direction. We offer a complete recruitment assessment solution that begins right with administering the right assessments, analysing the performance and presenting the results with comprehensive reporting for recruiters to make an informed decision.

We have several scientific and adaptable platforms that are well suited for recruitment. Pariksha, SmartTest, CodeTrac and Authess are some of them that can be used to conduct an aptitude test for interview and select suitable candidates for the next level of recruitment. Recruiters and hiring managers can choose one or more of these platforms to suit their requirements.



1. What is an aptitude test for interview?

A. The test allows recruiters to:

  • Measure the ability of a candidate to perform specific tasks that are critical to the job role
  • Gauge the candidates reactions to a variety of situations that he/she may encounter as a part of their job performance.

2. How is an aptitude test for interview useful?

A. By determining a candidate’s innate ability at a particular skill and competency, an aptitude test for interview is able to predict job success of the candidate which improves the chances of hiring the right person for the role.

3. What is the modus operandi of an aptitude test?

A. The test has a standardised method of administration and scoring and allows the quantification and comparison of the results with other test-takers. This ensures that only the truly capable candidates get selected for the next round of recruitment.

4. Why go for MeritTrac’s aptitude test for interview?

A. MeritTrac offers end-to-end solutions for a company’s recruitment strategy. Our assessment platforms are designed to handle every stage of recruitment, right from administering the appropriate online assessments to proctoring, analysing, and reporting. Our expertise, experience, and certified processes ensure a seamless and reliable recruitment output.