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An online exam is an exam which is conducted with the help of the Internet. It is helpful for remote learning, where candidates can appear for exams anywhere and anytime. The online examination system is a computer-based test system that can be used to conduct computer-based tests online. This exam system uses fewer resources and reduces the need for question papers and answer scripts, coordinating with examiners, arranging invigilators, scheduling exam rooms, and more.

An online exam is conducting a test online to estimate the knowledge of the participants on a provided topic. In the olden days, everybody had to gather in a classroom a few times to take an examination. With online exams, students can do the exam online, in their own time, with their own device (laptop/desktop/mobile phone), regardless of where they live. You only required a browser and an internet connection.

Some Of The Advantages Of Online Exams Are Mentioned Below:

  • The expense of the examiner and the student who is giving the exam is reduced.
  • Online examinations help students in improving their time management skills.
  • In most online examinations, answers are already installed in the background process. (Hence, as the time-bound reaches zero, the answers get submitted, and just in a minute, the result is displayed on the screen.)
  • It saves paper and time.

Different between online exam vs offline exam:

Offline Examination:

  • The offline exam is the traditional way of conducting tests with the offline question paper and OMR-based answer sheets.
  • Candidates are provided with the complete questions in the form of question papers and an OMR answer sheet for marking the answer.
  • Offline examinations are mostly prevalent in testing where the answer has to be essay-type or descriptive in nature, as questions in online examinations are MCQs.
  • The offline exam required a largely administrative and operational setup.
  • Arrangement of question papers and answer sheets takes high cost.
  • The cases of question paper leaks and the security of questions are some of the big problems in offline exams.

Online Examination:

  • An online examination is basically an exam conducted on a computer with no physical question paper.
  • Online examinations are tests with MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) where candidates have to choose the correct answer among the multiple (3 or 4) available options and mark it on the virtual answer sheet.
  • Online examinations, also known as Computer Based Test (CBT), are beneficial to the organisers as it has zero risks on the security or cheating front, are a safe and reliable exam mode, and reduce the time to check answers and prepare the result.
  • The operational, administrative and logistics costs are less in online exams than in offline ones.
  • It takes less time to check the answer sheets & preparation of results.
  • Questions and students' answers can be saved and stored for a long time in an online examination.

So, from the above facts, an online examination is much better than an offline examination.