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Thinking Style Assessment Test:

A Thinking Style test is a tool that can reveal your preferred ways of processing information. The questions are designed to measure your thinking styles and how you deal with different situations. The assessment comes with sample questions and reports that can help you decide what types of things are most important to you. When considering taking this test, try to identify which styles are most dominant in your team. This way, you can make changes to improve your team's performance.

The key to success is to find your dominant style and learn to play to your strengths. For example, a creative thinker can learn how to make a great presentation. If a critical thinker teaches you how to write an argument, you're probably an idealist. Similarly, people with a critical style are prone to making judgments without a clear reason.

Types of Thinking Style Assessment Skill Test

If you are in search of a way to improve your team's performance, you may want to consider taking a Thinking Style assessment. When used effectively, the results of the Thinking Style assessment will improve collaboration, engagement, and performance. 

  •   Analytical or Abstract thinking

Although very few people are completely concrete thinkers, you can learn to become more abstract by reading more and talking to more people. Travelling will also help you develop abstract thinking skills. And while both are valuable ways to expand your horizons and develop new ideas, it's crucial to recognize the difference between the two and how each type of thinking can affect your daily life. 

  •   Logical thinking

A logical thinking test is a type of test that measures a candidate's ability to analyze situations, determine trends, and stay calm under pressure. It also tests a candidate's ability to decipher nonverbal problems. These tests are essential for success in the business environment, where the ability to analyze and process new information is crucial. People with good logical reasoning skills can even have a competitive advantage over other businesses.

  •   Creative

The creative thinking model comprises five facets that support the processes and skills that are critical for creative problem-solving. The principles are flexibly adapted to different learning and assessment contexts, making them suitable for many situations. The creative thinking principles also permit alternative assessment and learning frameworks to follow a principled approach. In the case of creative thinking, the approach of rules can create fertile ground for more creative thinking and better solutions. 

  •   Concrete Thinking

In contrast, concrete thinking focuses on the physical world. The individual will focus on the object's physical characteristics and not the surrounding surroundings. While this may be a good style for making quick decisions, concrete thinkers often encounter social obstacles that make abstract thinking unsuitable. They may prefer to process information in a more logical fashion, such as comparing a car to a car. 

  •   Customer-centricity

In business, customer-centricity is about putting the customer at the centre of everything you do. By understanding the needs of your customers and focusing your efforts on them, you can create more valuable relationships with them and ultimately achieve more revenue and retention. But to achieve this, you need to understand and embrace customer-centricity throughout the organization. In order to implement customer-centric practices, you need to have an understanding of the ways in which your employees think and act.

MeritTrac Platform for Online Thinking Style Assessment Test

The MeritTrac platform for Online Thinking Style tests is a great way to assess your own cognitive style and develop your skills to succeed at your next job interview. The test consists of 14 questions from the areas of Quant, Verbal English, and Logical Reasoning. It is also helpful to read previous placement papers to understand the test pattern.

Unlike traditional tests, the MeritTrac platform for the Online Thinking Style Test also provides data analysis and reporting tools. The platform provides an automated process for evaluating test results and helps you identify whether a candidate is appropriate for the job and needs additional training. As the world's most comprehensive assessment platform, MeritTrac is an ideal choice for online aptitude testing. The company's artificial intelligence algorithms and data science support its test results, so you can trust the results and have peace of mind.

In addition to offering an extensive catalogue of online personality tests, MeritTrac's innovative platforms allow you to design and administer customized tests to assess an employee's ability to learn, motivation, and managerial skills. This helps employers select the best candidates based on these criteria and maximize productivity. There are also many other benefits to using the MeritTrac platform for Online Thinking Style Quiz. The platform is convenient, fast, and accurate and allows you to customize the test for the specific situation you need to assess. The platform also offers cbt test online, a psychometric test online and an aptitude test for interviews.


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1. What is the thinking style?

The attributes of thinking patterns, as well as styles of thinking, are embodied in a person's natural tendency in processing information, which is referred to as their thinking style.

2. What are the stages of thinking?

  • Organize Information
  • Structure Reasoning
  • Consider Evidence
  • Identify Assumptions
  • Evaluate Arguments
  • Communicate Conclusions

3. What is the best thinking style?

The creative thinking style is the best thinking style.