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Just-in-time Question Papers

Deliver question papers smoothly and with zero leakage for high-stake examinations.

Online Question Paper Solution

Just-in-time Question Papers for Secure Examination Delivery

Examinations in India are increasingly becoming large scale, thanks to the rapid growth in population and gross enrolment ratios. Coincidentally, examination paper leaks have also shown an alarming growth, maligning the reputation of examination bodies and resulting in late session completion and re-examinations for students.

MeritTrac’s Just in Time - Question Papers (JIT-QP) is a unique solution that aims to address the vulnerabilities in the traditional model by leveraging innovative technology to curb question paper leaks in high stakes examinations. With our online question paper solution, you can eliminate any security breaches and fraudulent misuse of the question papers. While traditional modes of exam administration can be subjected to such problems, MeritTrac’s online JIT online question paper solution mitigates all these risks with a secure question bank management solution. The online question bank solution allows authoring multiple test questions in a highly secure environment. A final question paper is created with a series of these questions that are selected based on predefined rules. The question paper is encrypted and released just in time for the examination. Access to the online question paper is given to authorized personnel only. This reduces the risk of tampering and leaks at the question paper preparation and distribution stage.


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question paper safety

Delivers the online question paper in an encrypted mode just a few hours before the exam

vulnerabilities in delivery

Ensures safe online exam test paper handling across the development, printing, logistics and storage lifecycle

Restricts access

Only the Controller of Examination is allowed to select the final online question paper and distribute the same to authorised representatives at test centres

Enables random selection

The final online exam test paper is selected randomly by a computerised algorithm from multiple sets of question papers created by the Question Bank Manager

Why MeritTrac

45 million assessments delivered
1 lakh question papers transferred online – 20,000 students assessed
Subject Matter Experts author question papers in highly secure and monitored facilities

The Question Bank Manager creates multiple sets of question papers

Data is securely uploaded with restricted access available only to the Controller of Examination or authorized personnel

The final question paper is selected by the Controller of Examination and encrypted in question packs

Authorized representatives at test centers use passwords to unlock the paper sent to pre-registered mobile numbers

Question papers are printed (according to the classroom and seat allocation) in secure strong rooms under continuous surveillance

Printed papers are packaged by classroom and made available only at the time of examination

We are one of the
most trusted brands

We are one of the
most trusted brands


A large Indian conglomerate

“MeritTrac has supported us in identifying a large pool of managerial talent using assessments than relying on their longevity in the organisation.”

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