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Recruitment processes that comprise only of interviews often emphasize more on subjectivity and don’t look much into the job fit. These traditional recruitment processes don’t consider important factors such as logical reasoning, communication skills, a strong hold of basic mathematical concepts, domain knowledge and much more. Such IT job interviews usually end up wasting the recruiter’s valuable time when the candidates who get through the interview are often found to be not fit for the job role. 

Implementing aptitude test for IT jobs is recommended due to the cost and time commitments needed for training new hires. The well-crafted aptitude test by MeritTrac will make your recruitment process both time and cost efficient and ensure that you hire the best candidate for your organization. Recruiting the right candidates will also boost efficiency and productivity besides ensuring job satisfaction.

Find the Right Talent during High Volume Hiring

Whether you want to hire high volumes of candidates in a short time or find the right candidates for hard-to-fill positions, MeritTrac can assist you with assessment solutions that can be customised based on the requirement. Our scientific assessments will also help you build talent pools or streamline your recruitment procedures.

The biggest challenge that recruiters face during high-volume hiring is managing the huge pool of candidates and streamlining the recruitment process. MeritTrac offers end-to-end recruitment solutions that will help you with large volume hiring. From authoring and designing the tests to delivering them, the platform helps in seamless test management. You can conduct the tests online or in a test centre based on your convenience.

Once the student logs onto the platform, candidate verification and authentication are done. The candidate then takes up the test. After the test is completed, the answers are digitally evaluated and the results published almost immediately. You can select candidates who have performed well in the online aptitude tests for IT jobs for the next round of tests or interview. These tests will greatly reduce the time and effort required while hiring a huge number of candidates at the same time. MeritTrac’s online aptitude test for IT jobs will make the high volume hiring process quick and hassle-free for both recruiters and candidates.

At MeritTrac, we have an expert in-house test content research and development team for designing assessment and test methodologies. IT organizations can use our tests to evaluate workplace thinking style, willingness to learn, generic personality, leadership capabilities, customer service orientation and other cognitive and aptitude skills.

Applications of IT Aptitude Tests

IT recruitment solutions by MeritTrac are scientifically designed to accurately assess a candidates’ skills according to the job roles. Our aptitude tests can be used for campus hiring, lateral hiring and workforce development.

MeritTrac Platforms for IT Aptitude Tests

MeritTrac assessment platforms are designed for efficient test administration. Our platforms are designed to be used across multiple platforms and even have plug and play option. These platforms allow you to administer tests online or on a mobile phone.


This next-gen assessment platform contains more than 10,000 assessments tests in different domains. Recruiters can choose a domain or aptitude test and customize it as per the job requirements. The accurate reports and analytics help recruiters select the right candidates without any personal bias.

The top features of this assessment platform are:

  • Tailor-made test catalogues
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Simplified test delivery
  • Assured security


This performance-based coding platform is capable of giving real-time feedback which can help companies test a candidates’ coding skills. Integrated with domain-based skill assessment tests, this platform can help assess candidates coding knowledge and skills and benchmark it against the current industry standards. By leveraging CodeTrac platform, IT companies can create personalized coding scenarios based on their work requirements and tailor both pre- as well as post-training requirements.

The unique features of this assessment platform are:

  • A unified assessment platform
  • All-inclusive software
  • Uniform coding structure
  • Auto evaluation
  • Project-based testing
  • Extensive programming language library



1. What is an aptitude test?

A. Aptitude test is a systematic means of analysing a candidate’s potential to perform specific tasks and react to different kinds of situations. Since these tests assess the innate ability of the candidate at a certain competency, no prior knowledge is assumed.

2. Do aptitude tests for IT jobs consist only of multiple-choice questions?

A. No, aptitude tests may also have multiple answer questions, true or false, fill in the blanks and hands-on coding questions.

3. What are the advantages of choosing MeritTrac’s recruitment solutions?

A. The advantages of choosing MeritTrac’s recruitment solutions are as follows:

  • ISO certified procedures for testing and assessment
  • In-depth expertise in analysing different recruitment needs
  • Smart automation platforms for accurate and seamless assessment delivery
  • End-to-end assessment solution to assess domain knowledge, particular skill sets, cognitive ability and personality
  • Highly expert in-house team for developing assessments and test methodologies

4. How will MeritTrac assessment solutions improve my recruitment ROI?

A. We have a huge bank of assessments that have been created by academicians, statisticians, psychometricians and subject matter experts. These tests will help you filter out candidates who don’t meet your specific skill requirements. It will help reduce the time and effort required for recruitment. Also, the tests are domain-specific and will help you identify candidates who are talented and make the perfect match for the job role.

5. What are the different types of aptitude tests for IT jobs?

A. The most common types of aptitude tests are listed as follows:

  • Numerical reasoning tests: These tests require the candidates to answer questions based on figures, charts and statistics.
  • Verbal reasoning tests: The verbal reasoning tests can assess verbal logic and capacity of the candidate.
  • Intray exercises: In this assessment, a project-related scenario is presented to the candidates and they are assessed on their efficiency to prioritize their tasks.
  • Diagrammatic tests: These type of tests can measure the logical reasoning of the candidates under stringent time conditions.
  • Situational judgement tests: The tests assess the candidate’s wise judgement in resolving different work-based problems.
  • Inductive reasoning tests: The candidates are assessed on their ability to see the underlying logic in the given patterns.
  • Cognitive ability tests: It is the measurement of general intelligence which comprises of many different categories of aptitude test.
  • Error checking tests: This unique type of aptitude test focuses on the candidates’ ability to identify errors in complicated data sets.