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Hiring and recruitment are important processes as they aim to bring in talented people into an organisation. Employees are the backbone of any business helping the company soar new heights by enhancing productivity, growth, and success. It, therefore, goes without saying that such processes should be planned well and carried out with the utmost care in order to deliver effective results and derive maximum benefits.

In the process of hiring and recruitment, the idea is to get to know the candidates well and compare their qualifications, skills and traits against those required for the job role. A job-fit candidate can do wonders for the company and self whereas a mismatch is a problem in every aspect.

The traditional methods of hiring and recruitment involve the use of resumes and interviews. They neither yield the best insight about the candidate, nor do they allow for reliable and right hiring decisions. In fact, resumes can be misleading, candidates may put up their best for interviews, and interviewers get blinded by their own set of biases and prejudices. All of these factors contribute to an unpredictable hiring decision, which is usually a hit-or-miss case. In addition, the traditional method is unstructured, time-consuming, effort-intensive and expensive. That is where the new age online test for recruitment comes in handy.

Benefits of Online Recruitment Tests

Following are some of the important benefits of online test for recruitment:

  • An online test for recruitment is usually based on extensive scientific research that gives validity and reliability to the results.

  • The objective nature of the online test for recruitment provides concrete results that can be standardised across all the applicants and compared against the norms and requirements of the job role.

  • The valid, reliable, accurate and numerical results delivered by the online test for recruitment can be used by the recruiters and hiring managers to arrive at an informed and justifiable hiring decision.

  • Online test for recruitment can be automatically and even remotely administered via the Internet anywhere, anytime.

  • It delivers the results promptly and acts as the first level of screening to instantly filter out unsuitable candidates helping the recruiters focus their time and attention where it matters most.

  • By these means, an online test for recruitment results in reduced time, effort, and expenses.

  • All in all, the entire hiring and recruitment process gets streamlined. The quick candidate selection and filling up of the vacant position with the best talent helps the company reap the benefits almost faster with increased workforce productivity.

Applications of Online Recruitment Tests

Online test for recruitment is the best choice for any business. Irrespective of whether there are a lot of applicants such as during campus recruitment or limited numbers such as during lateral hiring, a well-designed online test for recruitment can help recruiters make the correct and best candidate selection. In addition to reliable results, the whole process becomes simple, quick, and economical.

The benefits delivered by an online test for recruitment are not only limited to the company and recruiters, rather they extend to the candidates as well. They can also save on effort and time by taking up the online test for recruitment as per their convenience of time and location. The overall positive experience contributes toward positive employer branding helping the company get more and better future referrals.

MeritTrac Platforms for Online Tests

Businesses can streamline their hiring processes using MeritTrac’s online test for recruitment. Our scientific assessments perfectly complement any company’s well-planned recruitment strategy. Our assessments can help sort the right talent from the pool of applicants for the next round of recruitment, so recruiters can focus their time and attention on the candidates who matter.

MeritTrac’s online test for recruitment is adaptable to any company’s unique hiring needs. We also take care of the entire assessment process right from test content designing, administering and evaluation to analysing and reporting. Our proven assessment solutions allow recruiters to effectively test cognitive, communication, behavioural and domain knowledge skills in the candidates. Recruiters can make the right choice of candidates by basing their decisions on the results delivered by MeritTrac’s online test for recruitment. These tests are quick and reliable and supported with thorough analysis and comprehensive reporting.    

Pariksha and SmartTest are some of MeritTrac’s popular and proven assessment platforms that take care of the entire assessment process efficiently. They are designed to cater to substantial assessment volumes. The platforms speed up exam administration, enhance the corporate assessment process, improve candidate evaluation, reduce costs and enhance the hiring quality. Plug and play, mobile-ready, multi-platform use and remote assessment are some of the other salient features of MeritTrac assessment platforms. Our ISO 9001:2008, ISO27001:2013 and CMMI Level 5 certified processes for testing and assessments help recruiters hire with confidence.



1. Define an online test for recruitment?

A. Online test for recruitment is a preferred pre-screening method administered by recruiters via the Internet. Employers and recruiters rely on the test results to decide on whom to call for a job interview.

2. How does an online test for recruitment improve the hiring process?

A. It cuts short and simplifies the tedious and stretched out recruitment process by making it easy to find the right candidate from a vast pool of applicants.

3. What are the other advantages of an online test for recruitment?

A. It delivers quick, reliable, and credible results making the whole process convenient and painless for both the candidate and the organisation.

4. What are the different skills assessed by the online test for recruitment?

An applicant’s knowledge, technical skills, soft skills, cognitive ability, behavioural traits and language proficiency are some of the skills assessed as a part of the initial screening process.

5. Why go for MeritTrac’s online test for recruitment?

We have in-depth expertise, dedicated content research and development team, a suite of assessment services, scientific assessment platforms and certified processes. Our assessment solutions are proven to ensure a seamless and reliable recruitment process so that businesses can hire with confidence.