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The world of marketing is undergoing massive changes since the internet boom. Digital marketing has become very prominent and is being preferred over traditional marketing methods. Today’s marketing professionals are extremely career-oriented and work hard to make their mark. No matter the processes or platforms used, marketing skills will always be in demand for the long term. If you wish to recruit marketing executives for your organisation, there are a few skills and traits you must look for.

Technical and Soft Skills Required for Marketing Executives

Marketers have to promote your business and describe the benefits of products and services to customers. In contrast with door to door and other traditional marketing methods, digital marketing involves the use of social media channels, websites, and more. The type of marketing professionals who will excel in a specific role also stems from factors like:

  • Industry or sector
  • Business model
  • The way the marketing department currently operates, and 
  • The degree of involvement with different departments

Irrespective of this, there is a list of technical and soft skills a recruiter must assess to find a job-fit candidate.

The top soft skills a marketing executive must have are:

  1. Critical thinking: Marketing executive’s have to formulate strategies to promote the products and services of the company. Critical thinking skills are necessary for a marketer to create a strategies which take the organization to the next level.
  2. Communication skills: Marketers are going to be communicating regularly with customers, clients, vendors, and different departments within and across teams. So they must be able to convey information, ideas, and thoughts in a way that is easy to understand. 
  3. Writing skills: Marketers require a superb command of the English language to write emails or letters to customers, vendors, and team members. 
  4. Self-confidence: Possessing this skill is an indicator of having control over their tasks. Confidence and humility stem from their capability to make superior decisions. 
  5. Learning new skills: Marketing executives must show interest to analyse different areas of their work and acquire new skills.
  6. Ability to act as a liaison: Marketers must be able to serve as a connection between an organisation’s internal teams and customers to facilitate research, marketing, and promotional initiatives. They should also assist marketing managers in meeting critical business targets.
  7. Interpersonal and problem-solving skills: Talented marketing executives must possess the ability to work in a multicultural environment and interact with different teams and divisions to effectively resolve problems. 
  8. Product knowledge: Marketing executives must possess extensive knowledge and information about the products. They must synthesize this information and highlight the benefits to the customers.

Marketers must display a high degree of technical proficiency and use technology to improve and enhance existing processes. Each business will often have a personal set of necessary technical skills. Recruiters can analyse a range of the below-listed skills according to the marketing job requirements. 

The key technical skills a marketing executive must possess are:

  1. Ability to create strategic and creative marketing campaigns
  2. Complete knowledge of Market Intelligence factors such as the latest trends, competitor activities, and knowledge about customer preferences. 
  3. Market Mapping to understand the position of the product in the market. 
  4. Ability to use marketing MIS tools 
  5. Knowledge of Online Reputation Management (ORM) techniques, including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Reputation Management (RM)
  6. Manage all the details concerning content creation for the current digital advertising and marketing landscape
  7. Knowledge of Mobile Marketing strategies
  8. Manage social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions - Hiring and Workforce Development

Making hiring-related decisions is usually not as straightforward as you have to consider many aspects. It's a good practice to do an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s capabilities when hiring for marketing executive roles. Assessments from MeritTrac, feature sophisticated tools that facilitate easy test administration, auto evaluation, result tabulation, and more. This cuts down your hiring time, the cost involved, and the resources that you invest in the recruitment program. The test results and the detailed reports make it easy to find candidates who display all the desired qualities. Existing members of your marketing team might have all the core skill sets, but they may perhaps lack the experience or expertise in a couple of areas. Assessment platforms from MeritTrac can be used to identify such employees, and they can be trained with a comparatively quick and low-cost learning and development program.

MeritTrac Solutions for Recruiting Marketing Executives

SpeechTrac is an automated spoken English assessment platform. It is commonly used to measure a marketing executive’s speech fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. 

Some of the key features of SpeechTrac are:

  • Assess communication skills against 40 phonemes
  • Patented Carnegie Speech engine and pinpointing technology detects faults in reading and impromptu speech 
  • Conduct tests remotely

SSPQ, more commonly known as the Sales Situational Personality Questionnaire, can be used to evaluate a candidate’s sociability, integrity, motivation, flexibility, organisational skills at work, and stress tolerance. The top features of this questionnaire are: 

  • Assess six crucial personality traits
  • Use situational judgment type questions 
  • Suitable for different marketing roles 
  • Provides descriptive feedback for detailed analysis 
  • Benchmark scores against the ideal candidate profile


1. How can MeritTrac’s assessment platforms be used for hiring marketing executives?

A marketing executive must possess specific technical and soft skills to do a successful job. It is not easy to identify these skills through simple written tests or face to face interviews. Skill assessment tests such as SSPQ and SpeechTrac can give you an accurate and descriptive analysis of knowledge and expertise.

2. What are the types of questions featured in MeritTrac’s marketing skills assessments?

MeritTrac’s marketing assessments feature multiple choice and multiple answer questions, true or false questions, fill in the blanks, etc.

3. What are the USPs of MeritTrac assessment platforms?

  • Author unique test catalogues
  • Evaluate analytical, verbal, and other skills
  • Online and computer-based tests 
  • On-screen marking solutions
  • Remote monitoring of tests
  • Auto evaluation for quick result generation
  • Supports multiple web-enabled devices