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Marketing managers must possess a combination of technical and soft skills to perform job-related tasks and manage their teams efficiently. A good manager will be able to use their people skills to motivate their team, come up with new ideas, and produce better output.

Hiring marketing managers with the right skill sets is vital for the growth of the organisation. Recruiters prefer to use research-backed tests to evaluate a job applicant’s knowledge, expertise, and skills. The most critical technical and soft skills that employers look for are listed below.

Technical and Soft Skills Required for Marketing Managers

  • Communication skills: Communication skills involves more than speaking a particular language. It also includes presentation skills and writing capabilities that are vital for interacting with clients, vendors, and different teams within the organisation. 
  • Work ethics: Managers must lead by example. By being dedicated to their work, meeting deadlines, taking initiatives, and being reliable, they motivate their team and help them to excel in their personal and professional life.  
  • Time management: Seasoned marketers know the importance of time management and its effect on work-life balance. Possessing the ability to prioritise important work and delegating work to the team is a must-have skill for every marketing manager.
  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills: A marketing manager must be able to lead their team in the right direction by making use of their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Being able to think and act logically in the face of a problematic situation paves the way for conflict resolution.

A marketing manager must possess knowledge of modern marketing methods including, digital marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and more. Some of the top technical skills and expertise that need to be assessed are: 

  • Knowledge of various business models
  • Brand building skills
  • Knowledge of online marketing techniques
  • Expertise in social media/digital marketing strategies 
  • Ability to create and manage social media page accounts
  • Knowledge of SMM Storytelling, SMM tools, and platforms to achieve marketing goals 
  • Promote online campaigns 
  • Analyse responses to social media strategies 
  • Ability to improve lead generation 
  • Improve the brand’s social media presence
  • Expertise to market a business through SMS, Mobile Ads, etc.
  • Ability to conduct online search and display campaigns
  • Decide on text-based ads/ standard banners/rich media ads that can help achieve marketing objectives.

Applications of MeritTrac Assessment Solutions

A scientifically designed marketing skill assessment solution gives recruiters the advantage of making hiring decisions on time. MeritTrac offers assessment platforms with advanced tools to analyse all the above listed technical and soft skills of candidates. You can further refine your search by including customised interview questions to find the best match for the job role.

You can also make use of the skill assessment test for workforce development. If your current employees have all the desired skill sets, you do not have to search for ideal candidates in the job market. Hiring top performers within your organisation for the marketing manager role will ensure less cost, time, and effort spent on recruitment, less training, and low attrition rates. This will ensure improved productivity, employee growth, and sustained growth of the organisation. The assessment platforms can also reveal employees whose skill sets are not up to the latest industry standards. With the data available through the test results, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of such employees and train them accordingly. This will ensure the employee’s professional development and improve work quality too. 

MeritTrac Solutions for Hiring Marketing Manager

MeritTrac’s suite of assessment services can help you manage the recruitment processes in a quick, convenient, and secure manner. Dimension 8, SSPQ, SpeechTrac, LearningBranch, and Authess are popular MeritTrac platforms used by recruiters to hire marketing managers. You can use these platforms for scientific measurement of skills during pre-employment screening, talent, and soft assessment. 

Dimension 8 can be used to evaluate eight crucial behavioural aspects that would have stemmed from biological or environmental factors. The test features 65 questions to assess a candidate’s creativity, adaptability, sociability, persuasive skills, and more. You can use this test to analyse the EQ levels of intermediate to mid-level marketing managers across industries.

LearningBranch can be used to measure the listening, speaking, and writing proficiencies of marketing managers. It features Willow™ Intelligent Voice Analysis that auto evaluates key performance metrics during a live performance. You can also measure vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, writing, and soft skills. This automated web-based assessment and training platform can help you streamline your assessment process by providing accurate and bias-free results for efficient decision making. 

Sales Situational Personality Questionnaire can be used to evaluate the six personality traits every marketing manager should possess. You can make use of situational judgment type of questions to measure motivation, organisation skills at work, sociability, stress tolerance, flexibility integrity. You can benchmark the test scores against an ideal candidate profile and find the right fit for the job. 

SpeechTrac is used to evaluate a non-native English speakers’ speech fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. This automated spoken English assessment platform helps to evaluate communication skills against 40 phonemes. Its Patented Carnegie Speech engine and pinpointing technology identify faults in reading and impromptu speech, which are otherwise difficult to detect. 

Authess helps to identify candidates who have the skills to handle different work-related situations. This experiential case-study based assessment platform determines job suitability by evaluating the response to these situations. You can also create custom case-study based assessments and compare evaluation results against a benchmarked candidate profile.


1. How can MeritTrac’s assessment platforms be used for hiring marketing managers?

To be hired as a marketing manager, a candidate must possess a range of job-specific technical and soft skills. Traditional hiring methods do not support accurate analysis of these skills. With MeritTrac’s assessment platforms, you can test a large number of candidates at the same time and also get all the details you need to make a hiring decision.


2. What are the types of questions featured in MeritTrac’s marketing skills assessments?

The questionnaires and tests feature multiple-choice, and multiple answer questions, situational judgment type questions, true or false questions, fill in the blanks, etc.

3. Do recruiters need technical knowledge to administer tests?

No, you don’t need any technical expertise to administer tests through MeritTrac platforms. The test results are auto evaluated, so it is easy to filter qualified and unqualified candidates.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s assessment solutions?

  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2008, and CMMI Level 5 certified organisation
  • Offers assessment solutions to simplify the recruitment process 
  • Create and deliver one of a kind test catalogues
  • Expert-curated questions 
  • Quick and easy result generation