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A robust employee evaluation process is the need of the hour. Periodic performance reviews have become essential for organizations to measure the skills of their employees. The various parameters in a performance review help to check if employee skills are at par with the latest industry standards. Periodic evaluation is essential because it not only helps to determine the quality of the output produced by the employees but also helps to match the efforts with client expectations.

Not only that, but employee evaluation also helps to cut down on the new talent acquisition needs of an organization. The performance reviews help to identify and promote high performing existing employees to new roles and responsibilities. This automatically reduces the need for hiring new talent. The time, cost, and effort put into assessing an employee is less compared to sourcing, evaluating, hiring, and training new talents.

A properly conducted employee evaluation process also boosts the morale of the employee as they are given opportunities to grow in their careers through training programs.

How to Conduct an Effective Employee Evaluation

Traditional methods have less scope as it does not give comprehensive information on several evaluation parameters, including employee skills, potentials, and talents. Unlike traditional methods that use manual data collection of employee performance, online tools help to measure employee performance accurately against several parameters. It provides organizations with a clear idea of employee fit and their potential to grow in their respective roles.

Employee evaluation has become such an essential factor that many tests and assessment platforms offer expert employee evaluation services. These services make use of modern tools and technologies to measure various skills, abilities, and knowledge of an employee.

Modern evaluation tools help to measure accurately:

  • How well an employee can perform their job
  • What is the difference they make to the job
  • What is the quality of their work output
  • What systems or protocols do they follow
  • How can they increase the output without compromising the quality
  • Are they able to finish work within the given deadline, and 
  • How are they able to meet and exceed your expectations

With a wide range of features such as performance tracking, assessments for skill measurements, auto evaluation of assessments, quick and comprehensive report generation, etc., these online tools pave the way for a fair and accurate employee evaluation.

In an automated evaluation process, there is minimal employer intervention, and hence there are minimal chances of biased-base performance reviews. This assures the employee that the data regarding their contributions are accurate and are visible to their superiors. When decision-makers view the data in the reports, they can promote the right candidates and provide performance appropriate salary increments.

Employee Evaluation using Online Platforms

Many online platforms simplify the sensitive process of employee performance evaluation with the help of scientific assessment tools and techniques. The key features of these platforms are:

  • Wide range of tests and assessments that meet the needs of any domain or any area of specialization
  • Options to choose from a personality test, leadership skills test, behavioral test, cognitive ability test, and more that can be combined with domain assessment tests such as Java test, Python skills test, C++ test, Sales competency test and more. 
  • Options to customize the test as per the organization's unique employee evaluation requirements
  • Automated and quick result generation for timely and informed decision making
  • Comprehensive report generated on strengths and weaknesses of employees that can be used to customize training needs
  • Create effective training programs based on the results and feedback
  • Better opportunities for employees to understand their skill level and to gain recognition for their contributions
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Leveraging MeritTrac to Manage Talent Development

MeritTrac Platforms for Employee Evaluation


SmartTest is a talent assessment software that helps you evaluate employee skills in a short time. It offers a wide range of test catalogs and superior employee assessment analytics that helps to filter high performing employees easily. The top features of SmartTest are:

  • Unique test catalogs for IT, management studies, cognitive assessments and more
  • Customize tests as per your evaluation needs
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Plug and play options
  • Built-in analytics


CodeTrac is an online coding platform that facilitates full-stack software development tests. Organizations across the world make use of CodeTrac to assess their employee’s programming skills and coding expertise. You can administer aptitude tests and project-based domain assessments through CodeTrac. The platform features an integrated development environment (IDE) for building, compiling, and testing stages. Employers can use the reports and analytics features of CodeTrac to evaluate if a programmer's skills match their expectations. 


SpeechTrac is an automated spoken English assessment platform that can evaluate an employee’s English language speech fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary skills. It can be used to measure communication skills against 40 phonemes. SpeechTrac features a Patented Carnegie Speech engine and pinpointing technology that automatically identifies defects in reading and impromptu speech, which are hard to detect using traditional speech evaluation methods.  


1. How can MeritTrac’s assessment platforms be used for evaluating employees?

To function in their respective roles, an employee must possess certain job-specific technical and soft skills. It is essential to periodically evaluate these skills not only to ensure that the employee can perform the job but also to provide training in areas that they lag. Traditional evaluation methods do not support accurate analysis of employee performance. With MeritTrac’s assessment platforms, you can accurately measure employee skills and abilities, provide training to bridge skill gaps, make lateral hiring decisions, and assure your employees of a data-oriented and unbiased performance review process.

2. What are the types of questions featured in MeritTrac’s skills assessments?

MeritTrac’s aptitude tests, psychometric tests, domain assessment, cognitive assessment, communication assessment, etc., feature multiple-choice, and multiple answer questions, situational judgment type questions, true or false questions, fill in the blanks, etc.

3. Do employers need technical knowledge to administer tests on MeritTrac platforms?

No, it is relatively easy to administer tests and assessments on MeritTrac platforms. You do not have to rely on HR executives or employees with technical expertise to deliver the tests. The test results are auto evaluated, so you can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the employees.

4. What are the USPs of MeritTrac’s assessment solutions?

  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2008, and CMMI Level 5 certified organization
  • Wide range of assessment solutions to simplify employee performance evaluation 
  • Options to create and deliver unique test catalogs
  • Features questions curated by subject matter experts, psychometricians, and statisticians