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Assess your patient service skills with our online Healthcare Assessment Test. Developed for healthcare employees, it measures the ability and desire of applicants to provide excellent patient service. Identify areas for improvement in clinical, technical, and support roles. Take the test now and revolutionize your caregiving!

What can be measured and analyzed through our healthcare assessment test?

Our online healthcare assessment test offers accurate, reliable measurements that help recruiters find the right candidate for the job role.

Demonstrating Respect

Respect is a core value of healthcare, and successful job applicants recognise this. Displaying respect for patients and colleagues leads to a desirable atmosphere, where staff can collaborate effectively to meet the needs of their patients.

Our healthcare assessment test measures respectful behaviour and attitude toward others as it is essential for providing compassionate care.

Interpersonal Communication

Effective communication with patients and coworkers is an essential skill for any healthcare professional. Healthcare employers must be able to trust that their employees possess the knowledge and interpersonal awareness necessary to build positive relationships with patients and colleagues alike.

This is why our healthcare assessment test evaluates applicants on their aptitude for interpersonal communication. Our testing results provide employers with a comprehensive understanding of an applicant’s ability to interact positively with others which helps ensure that they only hire candidates who will represent the institution well.

A focus on quality

Whether it is the care we give to patients or the way we interact with coworkers, job applicants must commit to quality.

That's why we have included such questions on our healthcare assessment test - to ensure that the people we hire are dedicated to delivering top-notch care and fostering positive relationships with their colleagues.

Service Mindedness

We believe that providing quality care requires more than just technical medical knowledge; it requires an understanding of the needs and emotions of all those directly affected, being able to use interpersonal skills to build trust, establish rapport and respond to any arising issues promptly.

Our assessment test extensively measures this skill set, helping us select only individuals with a sound understanding of customer service in sensitive environments.

Topics Covered by the Healthcare Aptitude Test

Here are some of the common topics that are covered in our Online Psychometric Test for Healthcare.

Demonstrating Respect

Our healthcare assessment test helps ensure that all employees are equipped with adequate knowledge to provide respectful care to patients while also keeping their individual needs and values in mind.

We believe that promoting respect establishes trust and encourages healthcare team members to work together to optimize the best quality outcomes for their patients.

Quality Orientation

A quality-oriented approach to patient care focuses on providing consistent, high-level care to all patients, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.

Doing this requires healthcare professionals to pay attention to not only the basics of treatment but also a patient’s individual needs.

Patient Centricity

Patient centricity is a central focus in modern healthcare, and its importance is demonstrated through our healthcare assessment test.

Understanding this core pillar of patient care is essential for any health professional, allowing them to provide the best treatment and services to their patients.

The MeritTrac Advantage

Our healthcare assessment test is the gold standard in the domain of employee healthcare assessments. The test utilizes cutting-edge technology and a variety of adaptive measures to provide an unsurpassed level of accuracy and insight into an employee's competencies.

With our exam software, employers can get a better picture of who would be best suited for particular roles within their organizations, as well as provide guidance to assist workers in honing their professional skills to meet their goals.

How does MeritTrac's Healthcare Assessment Test Work?

Our healthcare assessment test is designed to ensure that employers can recruit the best possible healthcare employees for their organization. By utilizing a comprehensive testing system, employers can obtain accurate and efficient results based on the performance of potential candidates.

Our Psychometric Test Questionnaire involves a detailed analysis of multiple traits, including communication skills, problem-solving capability, interpersonal abilities, and knowledge about health care services. The results of the assessment have consistently been proven to provide vital information that helps employers identify the ideal candidate when selecting and training staff members.



1. What is a healthcare aptitude test?

A. A healthcare aptitude test is an instrument used to measure a person's potential for success in the healthcare industry. This type of assessment focuses on qualities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and professional knowledge.

2. What do you mean by healthcare assessment?

A. Healthcare assessment tests provide employers with a powerful tool for determining an employee's eligibility for specific job positions and whether they are qualified to meet the demands of their role.

3. What are the 4 principles of healthcare assessment?

  • Demonstrating Respect
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • A focus on quality
  • Service Mindedness