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A finance manager test is a crucial tool for organisations looking to recruit the right individuals to manage their financial needs. This test helps recruiters assess the technical know-how and financial accounting skills of potential employees.

Benefits of Finance Manager Skill Assessment

Let’s explore the benefits of using a finance manager skill assessment test.

Strategic and analytical skills

A successful finance manager requires a good understanding of strategic and analytical skills. Skill assessment finance manager Tests can be a great tool in assessing the impact of such skills to understand if someone is suited for the job.

The tests assess how well the individual can strategically analyze financial data and provide insights about business decisions.


In financial management, the ability to adjust quickly and effectively to changing circumstances is an invaluable skill. Every day brings new obstacles, opportunities, and objectives that need to be taken into account, such as shifts in the economic climate, advisor roles absorbing more responsibilities, or technological advancements dominating the sector.

To prosper in this dynamic profession, not only do finance leads need to anticipate changes but also respond quickly with effective solutions.

Leadership skills

Working as a finance manager at a senior level comes with added responsibilities and the ability to have a significant impact on any organization. Those in a position of leading financial teams, need to think carefully and strategically about how best to manage their team of accountants or finance officers.

Developing an understanding of different leadership styles, organizational culture and project management approaches are all essential for this role to ensure successful outcomes for themselves and their teams.

Our Financial Manager Online Test Includes

Here are the top traits of finance managers that our financial manager skill assessment will assess.

Interpersonal Skills

Our skill assessment finance manager test is essential in ensuring candidates are a great fit for the position, as it not only assesses their financial knowledge but also evaluates their interpersonal skills. From customer service to problem-solving – the test’s questions will measure a candidate’s ability to interact effectively with team members and clients, allowing us to decide if they have the necessary communication skills and personality traits for the role.

Communication Skills

An effective finance manager must have top-notch communication skills to be successful. Our finance manager test was designed to assess the communication proficiency of potential finance managers, establishing whether they can interact productively with department heads, colleagues, and customers.

Presentation Skills

Our finance manager test will be comprehensive, utilizing assessments to determine a candidate's presentation skills as well as their ability to analyze financial data and create sound fiscal strategies. Those taking the test should be prepared for multiple types of questions and evaluations designed to give an accurate picture of their abilities and how they would fit in your team.

Finance Software

Our finance manager test provides employers with a reliable way to check whether candidates possess the necessary knowledge to effectively utilize finance software within their future roles.

MeritTrac Advantage

Our finance manager test is the best because it offers a comprehensive overview of a candidate's skills and capabilities. It has been carefully designed by experts to assess a wide range of quantitative and qualitative competencies, as well as individual character traits essential for successful financial management.

In addition, our extensive data bank allows us to update and refine the test over time, unveiling any potential changes in the industry or the field. This ensures that our candidates receive an up-to-date, accurate evaluation suited to their qualifications.

How does MeritTrac's Skill Assessment for Finance Manager Work?

Our skill assessment for finance manager is specifically designed to assess the abilities of candidates with prior financial experience. It includes questions and exercises that cover a variety of topics, from budgeting to forecasting, with an emphasis on understanding the financial fundamentals. With a range of topics and difficulty levels, the test provides an accurate picture of each candidate's ability to respond naturally to challenges in a finance role. Moreover, our finance manager test evaluates business acumen, resource management skills, and strategic decision-making capabilities – essential skills for any successful finance manager.


Our finance manager test is designed to provide an overall assessment of a candidate's ability to effectively fulfill the role of a finance manager. Get started today!



1. What skills should a finance manager have?

A. A finance manager is a professional who should possess a broad range of skills to effectively succeed in the role. These include good commercial acumens, such as an understanding of balance sheets and company finances; strong analytical and problem-solving skills to analyse financial data; excellent communication and interpersonal skills to liaise with stakeholders; and being proactive, organized, detail-oriented, and self-disciplined.

2. What type of questions does this assessment include?

A. This assessment seeks to identify your current level of understanding across various topics. The psychometric tests are designed to assess the knowledge and skills you possess, as well as whether the behaviours you exhibit align with performance expectations. In the assessment, you may be asked for your opinion on certain topics or to explain how you would handle certain situations.

3. What kind of reports do I get for post-test completion?

A. After you have completed a post-test, you will receive an automated report that assesses your results. This report includes valuable insights into how much data was collected and how the test interacted with users.