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1 Year of Making India Employable

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1 Year of Making India Employable

1 Year of Making India Employable

Date: 17/08/2018 | Posted by: MeritTrac | Category: Employability , Education

MeritTrac launched AceTrac in 2017 to assess the employability skills of students during their graduate study. The platform helps to address the common concern of companies that entry-level job applicants do not have the communication skills or behavioural traits that make them job-ready from day one. AceTrac is a platform that helps corporates to recruit highly employable graduates by assisting the students to become job-ready. By focusing on improving employability quotient, student communities and educational institutions can fulfil the shortage of qualified candidates who match corporate expectations. 

With a majority of Indian graduates falling short on in-demand skills and failing to find suitable employment, AceTrac aims to provide them with a solution of skilling by way of assessments and analysis. In just one year, AceTrac has significantly changed the approach to placements for many institutions. 

Meet the AceTrac Express

AceTrac has been making waves and changing the face of India's employability. AceTrac utilizes the power of assessments, analysis, and feedback to help students be job-ready as well as career-ready. The AceTrac journey begins when the student enrols in his or her graduation course. The three-stage AceTrac assessment program comprises of diagnostic, review, and employability assessment. The programs measure progress in employability parameters such as communication skills, cognitive abilities, behavioural traits, personality, and more during the graduation course. 

Students can track their performance on the AceTrac platform using their login details. Educational institutions can review student performance and progress through the analytics reports provided on the AceTrac dashboard. This helps to provide appropriate training needs that cater to each student's unique learning needs. Corporates and HR personnel who subscribe to the platform receive access to communities and colleges with highly employable students.

What Powers AceTrac Express

  • Diagnostic Assessment: Students in the first and second years of graduation are evaluated, and their strengths and areas of improvement are identified. The feedback from the diagnostic assessment helps educational institutions to create the right training interventions and develop employable skills and qualities in students. The primary function of the diagnostic assessment is to provide detailed reports to identify areas of focus and highlight in-demand skills that employers look for. 
  • Review Assessment: In 6-9 months after the diagnostic assessment, student's progress and level of employability are measured again through a review assessment. The second assessment not only measures progress but helps to fine-tune training needs.
  • Employability Assessment: The final assessment is conducted 2-4 months before placements or a few months before graduation, and it highlights strengths and areas that can quickly be improved. The employability test is crucial as the results will indicate a student's fit and readiness for the workplace.

The AceTrac Journey of Making India Employable

  • Students adopt the AceTrac approach toward employment and work-life. 
  • Spoken English tests assess and improve their communication abilities. 
  • Cognitive assessments help gauge problem-solving skills useful at any stage in their career.
  • By the time they graduate, students enter the job market with confidence in their skills and abilities to build a successful career.
  • Technology assessments provide insights into focus areas, and industry-specific skill sets that they need to work on. 


64 percent of students believe AceTrac helped them sharpen their all-round skill-sets.

7 out of 10 institutes got more significant exposure to potential recruiting companies. 

22 percent increase in placement for students from participating institutes 


With comprehensive assessments conducted early in the program, AceTrac gives students the right insights that can help them improve various skills and make them gainfully employable. Hiring companies also have been able to successfully onboard the right talent by subscribing to AceTrac. Making India employable and complementing India's skill building initiatives has been the main objective of the AceTrac platform, and it achieves this by systematically improving the job-readiness of candidates.  

1 Year of Making India Employable
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