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10x Organizational Productivity Psychometric Assessment

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10x Organizational Productivity Psychometric Assessment

Date: 26/12/2017 | Category: Corporate , Psychometric Assessment

In today’s highly competitive corporate world, HR professionals tend to depend on intelligent assessment methods such as psychometric tests to find the right candidate for the right job. What if, besides the process of candidate selection, corporate can implement psychometric tests and their various benefits in attaining an in-depth understanding of workforce preferences. By doing this, not only are they opening the doors to continual use of psychometric tests as a tool to design a streamlined team, it will also reap continual benefits to the organization after the ideal set of employees have been hired.

While the adoption rate for psychometric tests in corporate India has a huge scope for improvement, with just 58% having implemented some type of psychometric assessments, they have also shown decreased usage within an employee’s actual work cycle.

Not only do they help in identifying an employee’s qualities, values, preferences and attributes, they also uncover what aptitude can be assigned to what role or project, thus boosting both employee engagement and overall productivity

Corporate Assessment

Let’s begin with the most common use of psychometric tests by corporate, recruiting new talent. While identifying promising new talent that can be considered an asset addition is what any HR professional aims for, there are numerous takeaways psychometric tests offer about candidates such as behavioral traits, abilities, value systems, etc. With MNCs worldwide relying heavily on assessments to find talent that fits their work culture and environment, corporate in India are slowly warming up to the viability of these tests in finding talent that’s the right fit and works innovatively to fulfill the organization’s strategic goals in the long run. Collaborating with a scientific assessment partner is essential now, more important than ever before. This is because a good fit will bring to the table more ideas, more ingenuity and more productivity than a candidate, who does not see eye to eye with the workings of the organization.

According to a recent study by SHRM & MeritTrac showed that only 58% of organizations use scientific assessment tools & even then only in select stages of hiring.

A satisfied and engaged workforce also depends on the tactics that the management and HR professionals rely on to motivate them. Identifying traits of the candidate, understanding what motivates them and then acting on the same to boost productivity and improve their morale is essential. Psychometric tests can reveal information of great consequence when it comes to workforce related strategies, right from what motivates a particular individual, their expectations from a job role or the organization, how to approach team work and change. All of this benefits corporate performance in the long run, with employees that are constantly motivated and growing in their roles.

94% of best in class organizations leverage behavior assessments, compared to just 65% of all others – Aberdeen Group.

This article is the first of a two-part series on how organizations can 10x their productivity with psychometric assessments. Stay tuned for the second part of this blog, coming soon.

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